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Aram Andonian and the Talat Pasha Telegrams

Antonio Banderas Succumbs to Turcophobic Pressure

The "Armenian Homeland"

Armenian-Turks Today

"The Blight of Asia"

Boghos Nubar Pasha

Admiral Mark Bristol

Do Turks Hate Armenians?

Armin Theophil Wegner

Is Turkey a European country?

The Good, Bad and Ugly Armenians of the Ottoman Empire


The "Hitler Quote"



American Reports on the Burning of Izmir (Smyrna)

Johannes Lepsius

Leslie Davis and Other American Consuls

The "Mongol" Turks 

Missionaries and Propaganda

Ambassador Henry Morgenthau

The Story Behind Ambassador Morgenthau's Story

Armenian Psychology

Effects of Turcophobia

Rebuttal of Views Expressed by a Turkish "Turncoat" Professor 

Armenian Oral History

Armenian troops in the Ottoman Army

Sworn Statement of Albert J. Amateau

The Trial of Soghomon Tehlirian

Near East Relief

War-time disinformation and "The Blue Book"

Do Greeks and Armenians Make True Americans?

An Example of Armenian Pressure

Heavy Metal Bands Pump Turks with Lead

Turks Argue: Will Truth Prevail?

The Islam Ingredient, and Religion

Prof. Justin McCarthy Agrees There was an Armenian Genocide

Turkey and the Rest of Europe

THE TURK: Lustful and Terrible

The 1989 Sworn Statement of Edward Tashji

Letters of an Armenian to Edward Tashji

How Well Did the Russians Treat the Armenians? (7-2004)

Armenians Prosper in Land of Tolerance (1-2005)

Toynbee and His Blue Books (4-2005)

Dr. Ozdemir's 2005 Conference on Arnold Toynbee (9-2005)

Chart Depicting Wellington House's Reach (4-2005)

Armenian Diaspora in Britain (5-2005)

Theodore Roosevelt and the Armenians (8-2005)

U.N. non-recognition in 1985 (Whitaker) (8-2005)

An Armenian Professor Proves: NO GENOCIDE (8-2005)

The U.S. Senate rejects the Armenians' mandate (8-2005)

Were Armenians in Georgia "Genocide" Victims? (8-2005)

Armenians: "Dupes and Pawns" of the Russians (8-2005)

The Real Genocide of the Armenian people (8-2005)

Comparing "9/11" with the Armenian 'Genocide' (9-2005)

SATIRE: "Alice in Genocideland" (9-2005)

("Alice in Genocideland," Part II) (9-2005)

Revisiting the Armenian Genocide (10-2005)

Exposing the Lies of "Ambassador Morgenthau's Story" (10-2005)

A Convoy, Marching and Massacred (11-2005)

Lord Bryce: "The Historian Who Sold Out" (11-2005)

Who Set the Fire in Izmir ("Smyrna")? (11-2005)

Armenians Whose Views Run Contrary to the Diaspora (12-2005)

A Question of Genocide in Turkey (12-2005)

Ambassador Morgenthau "Proves" There was No Genocide (12-2005)

The Consequences of Treason and Rebellion (12-2005)

Applying the 1948 U.N. Genocide Convention to Armenians (1-2006)

"Prisoners of History" (1-2006)

The First Genocide of the Twentieth Century? (2-2006)

Cartoons (02-2006)

Richard Hovannisian on Lt. Robert Steed Dunn (03-2006)

"Smyrna During the Greek Occupation" (04-2006)

"Jennings of Smyrna" (04-2006)

The April 24 "Date of Doom"(04-2006)

Greek Cypriots Prefer Partition (05-2006)

Ottoman-Armenians vs. Japanese-Americans (05-2006)

Turkish Orphans Forced to Become Armenians(06-2006)

Halide Edib: the "Fatma Gocek" of her Time (with Caveat) (07-2006)

Antranik: Ottoman Rebel and Traitor (07-2006)

The "Black Hand" of the Armenians (07-2006)

Ottoman Official Attitudes Towards American Missionaries (07-2006)

Armenia's Armenians Living in Turkey (08-2006)

Istanbul, Not Constantinople(09-2006)

The Other Side of the 1919-20 Ottoman Trials (09-2006)

Armenian Oral History Proves: TREACHERY & REBELLION (09-2006)

Brave Greek-Cypriot of Integrity: Tony Angastiniotis (09-2006)

Turkish Tour Guides Set Armenians Straight (09-2006)

Hatred and Propaganda in Greece Today (09-2006)

Armenian Boys at War (10-2006)

Armenian Question (10-2006)

Dr. Malcolm Yapp's Review of Dadrian's Genocide History (11-2006)

Prof. Heath Lowry on the Burning of Izmir (11-2006)

The Armenian Case is Inconsistent with International Law (11-2006)

British Sent English-Germans to "Concentration Camps" (11-2006)

Killer Armenian Women (11-2006)

Russia's Ruthlessness with Revolutionaries (12-2006)

"In Defense of Armenians" (12-2006)

Anatomy of Hateful Turk-Reportage in the 19th Century West (12-2006)

Admiral Bristol in the Press (12-2006)

"Is Russia the Offender?" (DUH!) (12-2006)

The USA Response to "Modern" Massacre: My Lai (12-2006)

Armenian Grandparents vs. Turkish Grandparents (2-2007)

Feelings on Terrorist Leaders: "All of Us are to Blame" (2-2007)

Turks Offer Help to Excavate Alleged Mass Armenian Grave (3-2007)

Junior Dashnaks (3-2007)

Abu Ghraib and the Armenian "Genocide" (3-2007)

Famine and Disease Affecting Ottomans of "1915" (3-2007)

The Rwandan Genocide and the Armenian "Genocide"(3-2007)

Armenian Intimidation to Suppress Free Speech (5-2007)

Decision for "Genocide": March 1915 or May 1915? (5-2007)

Hurricane Katrina and the "Armenian Genocide" (8-2007)

The Original Documentation for the "Hitler Quote" (9-2007)

Intelligent Design and the Armenians' Genocide (9-2007)

An Honorable Armenian Troubled by Dashnaks & Terrorists (10-2007)

The Ethics of Pro-Armenian Genocidists

Prof. Norman Stone Addresses the ADL's Abe Foxman (10-2007)

Genocide Inflation is the Real Human Rights Threat (11-2007)

The 1919-20 Ottoman Kangaroo Courts (12-2007)

Turkey Paid $1.3M by 1934 to Settle Armenian Claims (1-2008)

Dangerous Devotion: The Cult of the Armenian Genocide (1-2008)

Roots of Anti-Turkish Prejudice (2-2008)

Guenter Lewy: Can There be Genocide Without INTENT? (3-2008)

Lesson of the Boston Massacre to Armenian Genocidists (3-2008)



The 1923 Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni

The Turkish Myth

A Viewpoint from Two College Educators

Letter from Australian Ambassador P. F. Peters

The Relocation Decision: Its Causes and Consequences

A Russian Officer's diary: the Armenians' "Barbarous Cruelties"

The Exchange Between Admiral Bristol and Doctor Barton

British Officer Captain C. B. Norman Unmasks the Armenians

British Author C.F. Dixon-Johnson's "The Armenians," 1916 

Angora and the Turks

Turkey Reinterpreted

An American Missionary Warns of Armenian Terrorism

The Turkish Tragedy

Turkish 'Falsifiers' and Armenian 'Deceivers'

Turkey's Triumph

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh

Captain Emory Niles and Mr. Arthur Sutherland

Stirrings of Armenian Betrayal... in 1878

Strategy to incite disorder to insure reprisals

A Russian General Examines Armenian Events, circa 1900

Pierre Loti's Les Massacres d'Arménie

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnagtzoutiun) has nothing to do any more (7-2004)

"MEN ARE LIKE THAT" -- An Analysis (7-2004)

The situation of the Armenians: By one who was among them (3-2005)

"The Armenians," C.F. Dixon-Johnson (online book) (5-2005)

An Analysis of Contemporary Armenian Loyalty (6-2005)

A German Officer's Eyewitness Testimony (6-2005)

Dashnak Diaspora Domination Detailed by Derounian (7-2005)

Constantinople (6-2005)

Britain and the Armenian Question (7-2005)

Turkey in Travail (1925) (7-2005)

"Protestant Diplomacy": Missionary Influence (8-2005)

Mission Work Reports (8-2005)

One Reason Why the West Dislikes the Turks (9-2005)

Mary Graffam: Witness to "Genocide," or Suffering? (9-2005)

An Armenian Grandmother Vouches for the Turks (10-2005)

National Geographic Magazine Excerpts (10-2005)

1955 Anti-Greek Riots in Istanbul (11-2005)

Mark Prentiss on the Psychology of Turk-Atrocity Stories (11-2005)

C. F. Dixon-Johnson: Letters (11-2005)

Armenian and Western Post War Armenian Statistics(02-2006)

Articles from The Times of London (04-2006)

Letters from The Times of London (04-2006)

Replacing One Monster with Another (05-2006)

Turk Hating Newspaper Confirms: ARMENIAN REVOLT (05-2006)

The Complete Katchaznouni Manifesto (05-2006)

Toynbee's "Nationality and the War" (1915) (05-2006)

Sir Mark Sykes: "Dar-ul-Islam" (05-2006)

Atrocity Propaganda, 1914-1919 (07-2006)

"Empires of the Sand"(07-2006)

"Turkish Sketches" by Rafael de Nogales (08-2006)

Rare Westerner Comparing "Evils" By and Against Turks (1878) (10-2006)

An Austrian Eyewitness: Dr. Stephan Steiner (11-2006)

Missionary Cyrus Hamlin Lashes Out (11-2006)

The "Schizophrenic"  N. Y. Times & the 1895 Armenian Riot (12-2006)

Armenians in the News

Armenian Newspaper Coverage — 1800s

Armenian Newspaper Coverage — 1900s, vs. Turks

Armenian Newspaper Coverage — 1900s, Terror

Armenian Newspaper Coverage — "1915" Decade

Armenian Newspaper Coverage — Miscellaneous

In addition:

Rare Turk-Sympathetic Coverage in the Western Press

Post War Pleas from Ottoman Leaders (12-2006)

The N. Y. Times Allows a Rare "Pro-Turk" View in 1895 (12-2006)

Biased Newspaper Makes Clear: Armenian "REVOLT" (12-2006)

Dr. Nicolas Politis, 1914: "Greece and the Ottoman Empire" (01-2007)

"Foreign Affairs" Examines the Sèvres Treaty in 1920 (01-2007)

Marmaduke Pickthall (01-2007)

Armenian Terrorists Gunning for American Missionaries (03-2007)

N. Y. Times, 1895: Turks Need Protection from Armenians (03-2007)

A British MP's Fair Look at Turkey and the EU (06-2007)

Swedish Explorer Sven Hedin on the Armenians (07-2007)

A French Newspaper Honestly Looks at Armenians (1895)

Newspaper Articles Blow the Lid Off Armenian Propaganda (09-2007)

Dashnaks Threaten European Ambassadors in 1897 (09-2007)

"Prentiss Blames Armenians For Firing City of Smyrna" (10-2007)

H. F. D. Lynch's "Armenia" Reviewed, 1901 (10-2007)

Examining a 1914 News Item: "Armenians Aid Russians"

Armenian Propagandist Stresses Armenian Belligerence (10-2007)

A Rare 1915 News Account Gets the Armenians Right!

One Ottoman-Armenian's Path to Treachery (11-2007)

Woodrow Wilson, Rabbi Wise & the Armenian Mandate

Rare N.Y. Times Armenian Truth and Inevitable Rep-Lie (11-2007)

An Honest Clergyman on the Armenians (01-2008)

Conditions of the W.W.I Russo-Turkish Front (01-2008)

“The New Age” Magazine on the Ottoman-Armenians (02-2008)

C. F. Dixon-Johnson's "The Greeks in Asia Minor" (04-2008)

Lt. Dunn's "World Alive" Documents Armenian Atrocities (10-2008)


The Greatness of Ataturk

A Czarina Gives it Up for Mother Russia!

Armenian collaboration with invading Russian armies

Turning Point for the Nationalist Forces

The Fairness of Ottoman Rule

British and U.S. Archives Vindicate Turks (Malta)

The Anatolian Armenians, 1912-1922

British Propaganda and the Turks

The First Shot

Let Historians Decide on So-called Genocide

Justin McCarthy Speaks Out Against a Genocide Resolution

Russian Ethnic Cleansing, 1915, and the Aftermath

On the Connotation of the Word, "Propaganda"

Tolerance & Fairness, Under the Ottomans


The Heroes of Musa Dagh beat off 4,000 Turks! 

Ottoman Officials' Defense, from Turk-Unfriendly Sources

The Siege of Plevna

A Concise Wrap-Up of Arguments Against the Armenian "Genocide"

The Destruction of Ottoman Erzurum by Armenians

Realities Behind The Relocation

"Armenian Rebellion"

Secret Treaties to Dismember the Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Army Report on the Armenian Revolt

Exodus of Christians from Anatolia

How do Turks Fit in "The Story of Mankind"? (7-2004)

Armenian Rebel: Gevorg Chavush (10-2004)

Mim Kemal Oke's "The Armenian Question" (10-2004)

The Raid on the Ottoman Bank (1-2005)

The 518,000 Turkish Victims of Armenians (1-2005)

Armenian Patriarchs (1-2005)

Armenian Rebels — Effects & Consequences (3-2005)

French Historian Gilles Veinstein on the Massacres (5-2005)

General Harbord Meets Ataturk (5-2005)

The May 2, 1915 Telegram Leading to Relocation (7-2005)

Armenians Fighting on the Side of the Allies (9-2005)

"A History of Armenia" Excerpts from 1958 (11-2005)

An Armenophile Exposes 1890s Armenian Propaganda (11-2005)

A Register of Mark Bristol's Papers in the Library of Congress (12-2005)

"Armenia's Services in the War" (12-2005)

The End of the Muslim Land and Cataclysm (5-2006)

Armenian Appointment in Ottoman Bank, Oct. 1915 (6-2006)

Talat Pasha's "Black Covered Book" (7-2006)

Jemal Pasha: "Memoirs of a Turkish Statesman" (7-2006)

German Witness Felix Guse: Armenian Uprising (7-2006)

A Soviet-Armenian Historian: LALAYAN (7-2006)

Hrant Sarian's Diary: NO GENOCIDE (8-2006)

Turkish POW Treatment by the British (8-2006)

Armenian Massacres: New Records Undercut Old Blame (9-2006)

Russian Archives "Prove": NO GENOCIDE (10-2006)

Why did Ottoman Armenians & Muslims Become Enemies? (10-2006)

Rebellious as Armenians: Ottoman KURDS

Seeds of Treachery: The Tsar Promises Support (10-2006)

The Armenians and the Porte (1891) (11-2006)

Jeremy Salt's "American Missionaries in Anatolia" (1-2007)

"The Narrative Gap in Ottoman Armenian history"

Armenian Documents Negating Genocide Claims (1-2007)

Resettlement of Ottoman Refugees (3-2007)

Jeremy Salt's "Britain, the Armenian Question...1894-96" (3-2007)

Army Commander's July 1915 Order to Protect Armenians

New Research Refuting the "Armenian Genocide" (4-2007)

"Turks Unfairly Remain a Hated People" (6-2007)

Swedish Explorer Sven Hedin on the Armenians (7-2007)

Armenians in Ottoman Documents (1915-20)

Russian/Bulgarian Extermination of Ottomans, 1877 (8-2007)

"Reformed" Arnold Toynbee on Turkish/Greek Myths (8-2007)

Documents On Ottoman-Armenians, Volume I (8-2007)

Documents On Ottoman-Armenians, Volume II

Documents On Ottoman-Armenians, Volume III

Archival Evidence for Armenian Massacres of Turks (9-2007)

Greek Atrocities in Asia Minor, 1922 (9-2007)

Gaston Gaillard's "The Turks and Europe" (1920) (10-2007)

Archival Evidence for Armenian Massacres of Turks II (10-2007)

Gwynne Dyer on Turkish "Nationalist" Officers, 1908-18 (10-2007)

Allies Promise Istanbul to Russia in Early 1915 (11-2007)

Armenian Rebellions at Sassun (1894 and 1904) (1-2008)

Karabakh Facts by Thomas Goltz (1-2008)

"Armen Garo" Pasdermadjian's 1918 Book (1-2008)

Near East Relief Report from 1921-22 (2-2008)

Stanford Shaw on How Turks Retained Their Country (3-2008)


Armenian Scholars' Disregard for the Truth

Bullied Historians

The Discrediting of Dr. Heath Lowry

Three Professors Attempt to Smear Heath Lowry

Statement of Sixty-nine U.S. Scholars

Turkish Scholars Friendly to Genocide

Ottoman Archives are Fully open

A Tribute to Sam Weems

An Anatomy of a Hearing on the Alleged "Armenian Genocide"

Taken to Court for Saying "No Genocide"

The Armenian Campaign to Prevent Turkish Studies at Universities

Taner Akcam's Ethics as a Scholar

What Can Be Done to Enhance the Image of Turks?

Halil Berktay WANTED Poster (5-2004)

Notes on Samuel Weems (8-2004)

An Interview with Prof. Turkayya Ataov (4-2005)

Israel Charny's Efforts in Stifling Academic Debate (7-2005)

Taner Akcam & a Fellow Terrorist Exchange Views (9-2005)

Fatma Muge Gocek: Responsible for the Armenians' Genocide (1-2006)

1982 Genocide Debate: Libaridian vs. Kevenk(2-2006)

Turkish Taxi Drivers and the "Genocide"(2-2006)

Vahakn Dadrian's Secret (4-2006)

Impressed by an Honest Genocide Conference (5-2006)

Interviews with Dr. Guenter Lewy (7-2006)

Historic First Turk-Armenian Debate on Genocide (8-2006)

Balakian & Hovannisian Gang Up on Lewy's Book (5-2007)

Genocide Scholars Devalue Guenter Lewy's Book (1-2008)

House of Propaganda: The University of Minnesota (1-2008)


Slayer Armenians Reveal Their Turk-Killing Ways

Armenian Forgeries and Falsifications

Massacres by Armenians, Late 19th Century, as told by a Russian

Media Coverage of the Azeri Massacres by Armenians

Armenian-Nazi Collaboration

Similarity between the Armenian "Genocide" and Cyprus

Forgotten Genocides

Stir Caused by "Hitler's Willing Executioners"

Greek Human Rights Violations 

Kurds of Turkey 

An Unknown "Deportation"


Orthodox Modus Operandi for Extermination

Oppression of Eastern Turkestan by the Chinese

The Megali Idea & the Greek Plan to "Yugoslavicize" Turkey

Systematic Rape

A Massacre is Acknowledged

A Massacre at Van

The 1915 Armenian Revolt in Van: Eyewitness Testimony

Documentation of Massacres upon Turks by Armenians

Circassian Genocide?

The Deportation and Fate of the Crimean Tatars

Turkish Oral History (1-2006)

French Moral Superiority: Account of Muslim Massacre (11-2006)

Countering "Greek Genocide" Claims (2-2007)

Ataturk's 1926 "Interview" Proven as Forgery (4-2007)

The Nazis and Their Armenian Supporters (11-2007)

Armenian Atrocities Against Muslim Turks (02-2008)

Afghan Genocide? (03-2008)

A Closer Look at Armenian Photo Fakery (04-2008)



Armenian Terrorist  Groups

The Roots of Armenian Violence

Turkish diplomats killed by fanatical Armenian terrorists

Murdered Turkish Diplomats

Pursuing the Just Cause of Their People

ARMENIAN TERRORISM: "Threads of Continuity"

Armenian Terrorism in the 20th Century (12-2005)

A Case Study in the Punishment of Armenian Terrorists (08-2006)

How One Armenian Justified Armenian Terror (01-2007)

Breakdown of Armenian Terrorist Incidents, 1973-1987 (01-2007)

Armenian Terrorists' Solidarity for Other Terror Causes (01-2007)

Comparing the Black Liberation Army to the Dashnaks (01-2007)

Hampig Sassounian's Parole Hearing, 2006 (11-2007)


Human Rights Scapegoat: Turkey

Inventing history for political ends: N.Y. Governor George Pataki

The "Genocide Resolution" in America Almost Passes

Behind-the-Scenes: 1987 European Parliament Resolution (2-2006)

Conspiracy of Greece and Greek Cyprus to Use the E.U. (3-2006)

Kaloogian: Using Sneaky Dashnak Tricks for Political Ends (4-2006)

Armenian Ethnic Lobbies: "Divided They Conquer" (4-2006)

The First Anti-Turkish Defamation Lawsuit (8-2006)

Examination of the 2007 Armenian Genocide Res. 106 (2-2007)

The Swiss Trial of Dogu Perincek (3-2007)

The Efforts of Two Armenian-Partisan U.S. Congressmen (7-2007)


Jews of Turkey

Turkey's Role as Savior of Many Jews

Turks and Israelis

Jewish Turks — The Khazars 

Story of Turkish Jews

Jewish Spies in Ottoman Palestine (4-2006)

Albert Einstein's Partial Solution to Nazi Persecution: Turkey (11-2006)

Turkey and the Jews of Europe During World War II (4-2007)

Genocide? This American says “NO!” (11-2007)


The Armenian Who Saved Ataturk's Life

KOREAN WAR: Turkish Brigade saved U.S. troops from annihilation

Roosevelt-Ataturk Correspondence

Karagoz, the shadow theater of Turkey

How the "Thanksgiving Bird" Acquired its Name

Some Turkish Cultural Contributions

Friends of the Turks

Islamic Fundamentalism in Turkey and the World

Last Days of the Fez

Turkish Connection to American Indians


Famous Americans Who Fought Turks (7-2004)

Timeline (4-2005)

"New York City And The Armenians," 1924 (4-2005)

No. Cyprus President Denktas' Last Interview in Office (5-05)

On Turks' Kindness to Animals (4-06)

The Arabs, Like the Armenians (4-06)

Armenian Terrorists as Villains in Old Crime Fiction (12-06)

Notes on John Roy Carlson (Arthur Derounian) (12-06)


Armenian FAQ: Arguments to Prove the "Genocide" 

Rebuttal to an Armenian Rebuttal

The 'Armenian Question' Conflict, Trauma & Objectivity

Some Armenian Viewpoints

Head-to-Head with a Rational Armenian<

Dr. Marashlian's Report on an Important "Genocide" Debate

Exchange Between a Turk and an Armenian Apologist

An Armenian Tangles with an Armenian

An Australian and an Armenian Exchange Views

Comments from a guestbook at an Armenian web site

When Marashlian Attacks

Peter Balakian's "THE BURNING TIGRIS"

Part I & Part II


Part III's Chapter 17 on Henry Morgenthau

Chapters 18-22

Part IV: Chapters 23-25

Chapters 26-27


The Peter Balakian Page

Vahakn Dadrian's Genocidal Evidence (9-2004)

A Historian's Analysis of The Burning Tigris (10-2004)

Armenian Rebellion... in the Words of Armenians (10-2004)

Proof of the Armenian "Genocide" in Ninety Seconds (4-2005)

The Key Distortions and Falsehoods in the Methods of the Zoryan Institute (4-2005)

William Saroyan and his take on the Turks (8-2005)

An "Unhateful" Example of Armenian Oral History? (9-2005)

Vahakn Dadrian Objects to Guenter Lewy (11-2005)

Vahakn Dadrian Objects to Edward Erickson (01-2006)

Guenter Lewy Responds to the Genocide Pros (02-2006)

Guenter Lewy Responds to Vahakn Dadrian (02-2006)

Richard Hovannisian Picks a Bone with Armenia (04-2006)

Vahakn Dadrian BUSTED: Halil Pasha (04-2006)

Vahakn Dadrian's Greatest Embarassment (05-2006)

One Reason Why Dennis Papazian is in a Genocide Tizzy (06-2006)

Sizing Up Dadrian: "Too Much Theory... Too Little Facts."(12-2006)

Vahakn Dadrian’s Signal to Noisy Nonsense (02-2007)

Vahakn Dadrian's Shoddy Scholarship Under Fire (03-2007)

Ed Erickson Responds to Vahakn Dadrian's Libel

Richard Hovannisian vs. Stanford Shaw (05-2007)

Doubts on the "Armenian Genocide" Map (10-2007)

1959 Turkish Ambassador vs. "The Armenian Review" (10-2007)

An Honorable Armenian Speaks of Anti-Turkism (03-2008)

History of the ARF Dashnaktsutiun (1890-1924) (04-2008)

K. S. Papazian's Book, "Patriotism Perverted" (04-2008)



Armenian Apologists of Non-Armenian Origin

Samantha Power — Yet Another Armenian Apologist

The Dishonesty of Genocide Scholars

Wise of Elie Wiesel?

Israel Charny: A Man Obsessed?

Michael Chapman's "Armenian Genocide Lesson"

The University of Minnesota's Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS)

WAILS of the Armenians (5-2004)

The Mind of a Pro-Genocide Partisan: Randy McDonald (7-2004)

Richard R. Korn's Flakes (10-2004)

James R. Russell, Pro-Armenian Harvard Professor (10-04)

A Typical "Genocide" Newspaper Article  (12-04)

Rudolph Rummel, Democide Demagogue (4-05)

Is Henry Theriault "brainwashed or something"? (4-05)

The Splendid Fond Fleece: Christopher Simpson (7-05)

Taner Akcam Page Contents:

Of Taner Akcam's "Legends" (9-05)

Taner Akcam Interviewed on Radio (9-05)

Taner Akcam charges Turkish historians with a "crime" (9-05)

A Correspondence with Taner Akcam (and a rescuer) (10-05)

Was Taner Akcam Sponsored by Armenians? (3-06)

Taner Akcam's Prison Sentencing (1-07)

A Shameful Liar: Taner Akcam (4-07)

A Major Whopper of the "Shameful Liar" (11-07)

Sir Martin Gilbert: In the Armenians' Corner(9-05)

The Huff and Puff of Tessa Hofmann (10-05)

Watching "Jihad Watch" (11-05)

Alfred de Zayas: the Armenians' Wet Dream (02-06)

Thomas O'Dwyer's Eyes Smiling Upon the Armenians (04-06)

Henry Morgenthau III: A Chip Off the Old Blockhead (07-06)

Frank Chalk: Chalked Up to Ineptitude (07-06)

Samantha Power's Hell Problem (07-06)

Samantha Power's Hell Problem, Part II (08-06)

Husband and Wife "Historians" Under Armenian Influence (10-06)

Baroness Cox: Sucker? Or Willful Manipulator? (10-06)

Robert Manne the Torpedoes: Full Sleaze Ahead (04-07)

Holstering the Guns of Holger Terp (05-07)

Facing "FACING HISTORY" (06-07)

Justin McCarthy's "Scholarly" Critic: Frédéric Paulin (08-07)

Genocide Pays a Dividend to Samantha Power (10-07)

A Case Made Against "Genocide Deniers" (10-07)

The Ravin' and Rantin' of Gregory Stanton (02-08)

The Kaiser Defect (02-08)



Turks in Western Media

Examples of Biased New York Times Coverage

Missionary Testimony in a Biased New York Times Article 

Turks in American and Western Cinema

Midnight Express

Representation of the Turkish People in "Midnight Express"

Billy Hayes Regrets Midnight Express' Slander



Attila ‘74, The Rape of Cyprus (10-2004)

Turks in American Television

A Rare TV Debate on the Armenian Issue




"Bad" Armenians on American TV?

How to Make Big Money, Fast!




OUT OF REACH (10-2005)

PBS: The Armenian Genocide (Part I) (4-2006)

PBS: The Armenian Genocide (Part I) (4-2006)

PBS Debate: "Armenian Genocide: Exploring the Issues" (5-2006)

Hijacked History: "The Ottoman War Machine"






Three Different Computation Methods for the Armenian Dead 

1880 Ottoman census (Armenians in the Six Vilayets)

Massacres by Armenians of Turks, 1914-1922 (3-2006)






16th Century Pope Proclaimed: HATE THE TURK (6-2005)




Don’t Let the World Forget the Turkish Heroes of Korea

“Hateline NBC” and "Ice Storm — Skate Gate"

The Son of Midnight Express

My Q & A’s With an Armenian

Robert Fisk, a Pathological Liar?

Swedes, the Old and the New

Listen to Your Father, Mr. President, Parents Know Best

Armenians, Come Down From Your Fantasyland

The "Rat" in Egoyan's "Ararat" has Finally Been Entrapped

Barbara Lerner's Friendly Voice is an Inspiration to All Turks



A “Friend of Turks”

Why the Euphemism, Armenian "Hate Merchants"?

We Must Respond Vociferously to Stereotypes and Hurtful Negligence!

A Subject Which Must Not Be Avoided

An Armenian Sponsored Lecture

Religious Freedom and Harmony as Revealed by Seven Candles

What Does April 24th Mean To This Ethnic Armenian?

In The Midst Of War — A Letter And A True Love Story

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