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 It's difficult to dig up information on Sam Weems. I've been snooping around, uncovering one tidbit after another, and this page is a work in progress.


Sam Weems on Ataturk


Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2001 10:44 AM

Dear Ergun, Nevzat and Bogac:

Some follow up thoughts on the same subject for the brainstorming of all; Permit me to say first of all I am very new to learning about the depth and greatness of Mustafa Kemal Pasha Ataturk. In my reading I conclude that his many qualities will appeal greatly to Americans. Here are just a few examples:

He founded the modern Republic of Turkey...the first Muslim nation to do so. He also insured religious freedom to everyone. Just think of the times and circumstances when he did this! I can't help but think Turkey is a model of excellence for any emerging nation who desires to improve the quality of life for its people.

Americans will respect the basic republican form of government he established. The fact Turkey doesn't allow religion to be a part of actual "governing" is much like here in the US. He had so many modernization reforms.

The reason I came up with the idea of establishing an Ataturk Peace Institute is because of this great man's concept of peace. He said after the Turkish War of Independence: "Peace is the most effective way for nations to attain prosperity and happiness."

The old League of Nations called him a "genius international peacemaker" when he died in 1938. Ataturk also said; "Unless the life of the nation faces peril, war is a crime."

I am impressed by the Ataturk record of women's rights. To think Turkey passed a Civil Code in 1926 that gave women equal rights in divorce, child custody, and inheritance. The entire Turkish educational system became co-educational. Just think, here in the United States, women didn't get the right to vote until 1920.

A look at Ataturk's education concept is proof certain of what a people can do if they learn! Free, non religious co-educational schools are basic to the success to Turkey today.

Just think...he said in 1922, before there was even a Republic of Turkey,--"We shall emphasize putting our women's secondary and higher education on an equal footing with men."

Ataturk's social reforms were amazing when you consider the times and the part of the world where he was. To think he made religious faith a matter of individual conscience and removed the religious influence from government. Remarkable!

He said two things that touches my heart: "The new Turkish State is a state of the people and a state by the people." That could have been said by the founding fathers of the United States of America in 1776. He went on to add; "We are a nation without classes or special privileges. The true owner and master of Turkey is the peasant who is the real producer."

Ataturk replaced the traditional fez with hats, ended the practice of women wearing veils, all individuals took surnames, the Islamic calendar was replaced with the Western calendar.

Ataturk made Turkey a great friend of all Western countries.

Here is another concept that should be shared with Third World countries. Ataturk believed that "In order to raise our new Turkey to the level that she is worthy of, we must, under all circumstances, attach the highest importance to the national economy."

After the War of Independence he said: "Our nation has crushed the enemy forces. But to achieve independence we must first observe the following rule: National sovereignty should be supported by financial independence. The only power that will propel us to this goal is the economy. No matter how mighty they are, political and military victories cannot endure unless they are crowned by economic triumphs."

Personally, I am impressed by all the quality of the Turkish arts. Little did I know that this, too, was an Ataturk concept. "Culture is the foundation of the Turkish Republic," he stated. He added..."culture is a basic element in being a person worthy of humanity."

I can see the Ataturk Peace Institute being the sponsor of any number of Turkish arts programs to go hand in hand with the sharing of his dream of international peace.

His vision of establishing a new language that was "Turkish!" Fantastic achievement!

To think also that it was Ataturk that led the way to abolish religious law and set up a legal transformation that is based on quality that means all citizens are equal under the law. That, too, could come from the United States...smiles!

He stated: "The nation has placed its faith in the precept that all laws should be inspired by actual needs here on earth as a basic fact on national life."

I could go on and on but these are basic thoughts that can be included in the concept within the Ataturk Peace Institute.

What do each of you think should be included?

Best personal regards,



Sam Weems was clearly impressed with the amazing achievements of Ataturk. Weems wished to take his political savvy (he ran for mayor a couple of times) and do something about the way the Turks are constantly under attack. For example, he wanted to make politicians aware of the goods Turkey purchases, as a major trading partner of the United States. $$$ translates to political clout, as the Armenians know so well.

Weems envisioned the Ataturk Peace Institute that (it seems) was slated to be set up in Arkansas. He rounded up a few local Arkansans with clout and represented an Arkansas delegation that travelled to Turkey. He came up with the idea to bring an old submarine -- the Razorback -- to the United States. He wanted to set up a political organization to help the Turks, an idea Turkish officials don't appear to have warmed up to. Some of what he has come up with has or is in the process of coming to pass, but the parties involved appear to be not very interested in giving Weems any credit.

Sam Weems was a man of vision, and the rare, great friend of the Turks.


Sam Weems: Convicted Felon?


The following is a slightly modified version of a post that appeared in the Yahoo group, Truth-Anatolia1915:


The Armenian Assembly of America attempted to smear Sam Weems by accusing him of being a convicted felon.

A particularly obsessed Armenian who goes by the handle of Macreau came up with an incriminating article from June 26, 1987's The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, to prove Weems' criminality. Weems' offense, according to the article: "disbarred for mixing clients' money with his own."

Funny thing is, my dictionary defines a felon as one who engages in a felony. Felonies, as opposed to misdemeanors and lesser crimes, involve murder, rape and burglary. You know, really "bad" crimes. If mixing clients' monies with one's own is not a felony, how does that make one a felon?

Is getting disbarred by the state's bar of lawyers the same as a "conviction," as being convicted in a court of law? That's what we keep hearing, that Sam Weems was a "convicted felon." I believe Weems' friend, President Bill Clinton, got disbarred as a lawyer as well, and I don't believe that's equitable with being a convict... I don't think convicts can vote in most cases, let alone get elected president.

The article informs us Weems applied to be reinstated as a lawyer a few times, and since the article was written before the decision was rendered, we don't learn the result of this latest effort. We are also treated to quotes such as "humbling and sorrowful experience," said to have been uttered by Weems. The executive secretary of the state Board of Bar Examiners presented letters testifying to Weems having practiced as a lawyer, which Weems claimed were forgeries... making Sam Weems appear to be more of a lying crook in this slanted article.

I presume this article was dug up by the Armenian Assembly of America who, with their $2.5 million budget, are engaged in conducting expert "smear" research. There is also a 1975 court record of Weems appealing a circuit court decision of his disbarment, where evidently only one justice out of three served as judge. This one was probably gotten from Sinan's "lexis.com."

There are a lot of multi-million dollar Armenian organizations like the Armenian Assembly of America whose job is to dig up or create the dirt. There is not a single Turkish organization that performs a similar job, since Turks don't involve themselves in Armenian-style terror campaigns. (Smearing is the latest technique of Armenian terror, rather then their age-old bombs and bullets... the idea is to scare off people from participating in the genocide debate, and the Armenians have done a masterful job in the last decade or so, along with their "genocide scholar" allies. There are no new generation of non-Turkish historians to take the place of Justin McCarthy, Stanford Shaw and Heath Lowry, which throws serious doubt upon whether these men were paid agents. After all, the money of the sinister Turkish government should be just as good these days to influence new historian lackeys.)

Here is what I have learned:

Arkansas, like Louisiana and a few other states in the deep South, engage in the dirtiest, most underhanded, ornery politics in the nation. Elections can still be manipulated, as demonstrated a few years ago (during the 2000 presidential campaign) even in the comparatively more enlightened Southern state of Florida. The Ku Klux Klan is still active in many of these states, generally in a clandestine way. (While in Los Angeles years ago, friends pointed out establishments featuring signs with three words, all beginning with "K," saying they were fronts for the K.K.K.)

Weems listens as the nun suggests Christians visit these historic Christian sites in Turkey

Weems listens as the nun suggests Christians visit sites in Turkey

The "human sense" I got of Sam Weems from one of his Christian videos is that he was the kindest, warmest most wonderful man oozing with sincerity, and integrity. (The picture illustrates Sam Weems and the nun running the Virgin Mary's last house, located in Turkey.) Even the anti-Weems article paid lip service to this quality, writing, "witnesses said he had a good reputation in the community for honesty and integrity."

Sam Weems was a Democrat working on behalf of the downtrodden blacks of Arkansas. This didn't go well with some of the state's racist Republicans, and they conducted an Armenian-style smear campaign against Weems.

I'm not in a position to say yet whether what we've heard is valid, because unlike some people, I value the cold and hard evidence. However, this much I will say: I'm not sure what we've read in the newspaper account is true. It appears Weems was up against some underhanded scoundrels, the tricks of which are well familiar to Armenian nationalists... a key tool of which can be forgeries.

And this much I will also remind the reader: we know how the Armenians operate. Remember, it's not what the Armenians say that is as important as what they DON'T say. They can dig up a piece of dirt and point to it, ignoring all the other surrounding evidence and general context.

I understand the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette printed a retraction to the VERY 1987 ARTICLE Macreau (also known as "Sinan") presented us with. Do you think the team of researchers of the deep-pocketed Armenian Assembly of America did not encounter this retraction, invalidating what was said before? Of course not. Since they are singers of the "Armenian AND? Anthem," and their duty is to obscure the truth, these deceivers would feel no compunction in strictly presenting the evidence that would serve their purpose, ignoring all the rest.

I'll present that retraction when I'm able to get my hands on it. In the meantime, what I can present is the following:

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock, AR)

Sunday March 22, 1992


On February 5, 1991 the Arkansas Democrat published an article in the state edition of the newspaper regarding the city of Hazen and certain allegations concerning some property owned by the city. The article also referred to Sam Weems and various activities Mr. Weems had been involved in or purportedly had been involved in. The February 5 article contained certain misinformation concerning Mr. Weems, and therefore, a clarification was published in the Feb. 6, 1991 edition of the Arkansas Democrat.

The February 5, 1991 article referring to Mr. Weems should not have contained a quoted reference to Mr. Weems as a felon or crook, but rather the reporter who authored the article should have verified the accuracy, or inaccuracy as was the case, prior to publishing such statements about any individual. To the knowledge of this newspaper, Mr. Weems has never been convicted of any felony in state or federal court and we have no knowledge he is a crook.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sincerely apologizes for the embarrassment caused Mr. Weems as a result of the publication of February 5 and 6 1991.

Can the dirty tricks that were going on be any clearer?

If Sam Weems got on the bad side of the corrupt "power elite," the fat cats who run the newspapers and the courts, can anyone doubt they would be out to get him? Like the villains in a Frank Capra movie?

Is it any wonder Sam Weems challenged how the Armenian Assembly of America libeled him, and threatened to take them to court? I sure wish he could have followed up on that, were it not for his premature death, caused in no small part by his courageous decision to write his book... and the stress that followed, including the many death threats he received from the fanatical Armenians.

Since Turkish people can sometimes be woefully apathetic and ignorant, they should never forget the rare friend they had in the person of Sam Weems. When they see the chance, they should defend his honor and good name, since the job of Armenians is to try and personally discredit those who don't agree with the Armenian perspective... as they persist in doing with Admiral Mark Bristol, and many others.

Here is Weems' letter to
the Armenian Assembly of America's Emil Sanamyan, written on February 17, 2002, where Weems partly wrote, as he presented his side of the story:

PUBLISH! It is to my astonishment that you continue to print and
reprint this false statement...


An earlier Arkansas Democrat-Gazette account from
April 11, 1991


A $15 million libel suit against the parent company of the Arkansas Democrat, the city of Hazen, and a city employee over an article in which he was called "a felon and a crook."

The article tells us Weems was acquitted (in a new trial) of an arson conviction in 1975, but was found guilty of writing a hot check in 1982; the article further states Weems was disbarred in 1973 for mingling clients' money with his own. The rest:

Weems took issue with the Feb. 6 article in the Democrat in which T. A. Cowan, an administrative assistant to the Hazen mayor, was quoted as calling Weems a felon and crook.

The Democrat, Weems said, checked its files to obtain the date of Weems' disbarment and should have known from those files that he was not a felon. Weems also took issue with the form of the correction the Democrat ran at his request Feb. 7, and accused the newspaper of acting maliciously out of a desire to paint him as a "bad guy to be destroyed."

The suit also charged that the newspaper's management regards Weems as "a redneck, segregationist, old guard politician from east Arkansas. Elsewhere in the complaint, Weems accused Hazen officials of conspiring to keep him from regaining his law license, falsely accusing him of taking payoffs in securing a grant for the city, and lying about him in public. The suit seeks $15 million in damages from the newspaper and city, and $3 million from Cowan.







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