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Aram Andonian and the Talat Pasha Telegrams

Aram Andonian is the forger who put words in Talat Pasha's mouth. A series of articles by Forgery-Busting Professor Türkkaya Ataöv takes a look at the Armenian's shenanigans, beginning with The Andonian "Documents" Attributed to Talat Pasha Are Forgeries!

  Antonio Banderas Succumbs to Turcophobic Pressure 

The Spanish actor was set to star in a movie version of Ataturk; a thousand fanatical letters, driven by an "irrational hatred for all things Turkish" forced him to chicken out.

The "Armenian Homeland"

A few views regarding the "ancient Armenian Homeland" in Turkey

Armenian-Turks Today 

Are today's 70,000 Armenian-Turks oppressed, as the Diaspora loves to claim? Read a The New York Times report, and the word of recent Armenian Patriarchs... along with the sad letter of Artin Penik.

"The Blight of Asia"

The incredible legacy left behind by a U.S. Consul to the Ottoman Empire, George Horton, who might actually have outdone Henry "Holier-than-Thou" Morgenthau and his pack of Turcophobic U.S. Consuls in terms of pure, raging hatred. One guess as to whom "The Blight" of his book refers to.

Boghos Nubar Pasha

The pasha was one of two Armenian delegations sent to the Paris Peace Conference who graciously provided the rope for Armenians and their supporters to hang themselves with, when they lie about what "innocent victims" the Armenians were.

  Admiral Mark Bristol

Dismissed as "Pro-Turk" by Armenians simply because Bristol was the first high official American to look at the matter even-handedly, his ignored BRISTOL PAPERS (compiled by REAL American eyewitnesses) show the Armenians for what they really were. A letter by Prof. Marashlian follows, along with Holdwater's reaction. Turk-hating U.S. consul George Horton gives his opinion on the Admiral.

Do Turks Hate Armenians?

Since many Armenians can't seem to get the Commandments of Christianity straight, we all know they needed to find a new religion... and hating Turks fit their zealous bill. So how come Turks still don't hate Armenians?

  Armin Theophil Wegner

He was the German medic of likely Armenian descent whose undocumented photographs are often used as "proof" of the Armenian "Genocide"; an examination of the most incriminating of his work, as used in the pro-Armenian PBS program (is there any other kind?), "The Great War."

 Is Turkey a  European country?

A leader of the Armenian butt-kissing French said out loud what the "Christian Club" of the Western European community believes, but rarely declares openly; they would do well to remind themselves as to whom "The Sick Man of Europe" referred to. Other views, including "Deconstructing Gerard."

The Good, Bad and Ugly Armenians of the Ottoman Empire

Arbitrary case histories of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire that either come under the distinction of "The Good" or "The Bad"... if not an Ugly or two.  (And one Great.)


In yet another of the endless attempts to characterize Ottoman Turks as uncivilized brutes, a favorite claim is that pretty Armenian girls were carted away into "Turkish harems," during the Armenian "Genocide." How many Turks HAD harems, anyway? (Besides the Sultan, whose harem had nothing to do with what we associate with harems.)

The "Hitler Quote"

The Hitler Quote is the one big gun the Armenians possess in their sparse evidence for the "Genocide." it always crops up when the Armenians list their reasons for their genocide's occurrence. The idea, of course, is to link the “Armenian cause” to that of the Jewish victims of W.W. II, so that public opinion can more readily swallow the idea of a genocide.


A New York Times account on today's Gallipoli; one report on how bowled over the Allies were regarding the honor of "Johnny Turk"; Armenian treachery did not limit itself to the nation's east... it was to be found at Gallipoli, as well; Lieutenant-Colonel Geehl, a Turkish mine expert, might have altered the course of world history.


If the gendarmes' secret mission was to exterminate the Armenians, like some Oriental SS men that Armenians love to put the gendarmes in the role of, how could it be possible for any of them to have defended the Armenians? (A good few to the point of death.) Several sources shed light on the nature of these poorly paid, irregular forces.

American Reports on the Burning of Izmir (Smyrna)

An American reporter wrote: There was scarcely a newspaper ...in the United States that did not editorially lay that outrage at the door of the Turks...yet, after it had been attested by American, English, and French eye-witnesses, and by a French commission of inquiry, that the city had been deliberately fired by the Greeks and Armenians in order to prevent it falling into Turkish hands, how many newspapers had the courage to admit that they had done the Turks a grave injustice?

  Johannes Lepsius

Vicar Johannes Lepsius was the one German who supported the Armenian cause with the utmost vehemence; here is an examination of how credible the religious man was, who relied almost exclusively on the Armenian Patriarchate and, to some extent, the reports which Ambassador Morgenthau had shown him.

Leslie Davis and Other American Consuls

Leslie Davis, U.S. consul in Harput from 1915-1917 and frequently termed an "eyewitness," is a "big gun" of the Armenians; he was quoted in at least two biased PBS pro-Armenian TV programs. Who was Leslie Davis? The only information I found were from Armenian or Armenian-friendly sources.

The "Mongol" Turks 

Armenians and Greeks love to equate Turks with Mongols, as they hope doing so makes their racist selves look so much whiter and purer in comparison.

Missionaries and Propaganda

What they wrote was not what one would expect of clergymen. Yet one reason they were so successful is exactly because people expected that clergymen would not lie." — Dr. Justin McCarthy

Ambassador Henry Morgenthau

To the Armenians, Henry Morgenthau was a God... but what kind of a man was the ambassador, anyhow? Examples of the former lawyer's impartial and unclouded thinking are provided by "Shall Armenia Perish?" and by excerpts from his ghostwritten book... followed by Holdwater's analysis.

  The Story Behind Ambassador Morgenthau's Story

I have yet to decide what The Story Behind Ambassador Morgenthau's Story reveals more... what an unethical man of poor character the ambassador was, or why Armenians and their supporters conducted a vicious smear campaign against its author, Dr. Heath Lowry, for what he demonstrated to be such thorough and impeccable research.

Armenian Psychology

Exactly what are the psychological underpinnings that cause Armenians to, en masse, so fanatically obsess over the "Genocide"?

  Effects of Turcophobia 

An informal survey shows Turks are the most hated ethnic group in the United States

Rebuttal of Views Expressed by a Turkish "Turncoat" Professor 

Shedding light on the nature of the Ottoman secret service organization Armenians enjoy likening to the SS, and an actual Talat Pasha telegram expressing where the official's heart really lay.

Armenian Oral History

It's these accounts of "My gran'mama done tol' me..." that fuel the engine of Armenian hatred, in lieu of actual evidence. Additionally, a look behind why New York City's Ellis Island, the historic landmark and museum dedicated to immigration to the USA, wound up as a tool of the Armenians.

Armenian troops in the Ottoman Army

Another Armenian claim is that in the Ottoman Army, they were used as pack animals, or massacred. Many Western accounts shed revealing light, regarding the troops' "innocence"; wrote Arthur Tremaine Chester: "At the front the Armenians used blank cartridges and deserted in droves."

Sworn Statement of Albert J. Amateau 

Rabbi Albert J. Amateau, eyewitness born in the Ottoman Empire, reveals so much... including how fellow (Armenian) students confessed their disloyalty, believing Amateau to be a French Christian. The Armenian students actively participated in secret military exercises, in preparation for their planned, Russian-assisted subversive war against their own country.

The Trial of Soghomon Tehlirian

An in-depth look at what occurred in the case of the German-tried assassin of Talat Pasha, who was allowed to walk away a free man despite having committed murder. The Armenian hero does not even appear to have been punished for shooting and wounding Talat's innocent wife.

Near East Relief

The most successful charity in United States history had an eight-year agenda: portray the Turks as monsters, and separate more Christian sympathizers from their money. It worked like a charm. On this page, the photographs of Francis W. Kelsey are explored, documenting relief work during his "Near East Expedition."

War-time disinformation and "The Blue Book"

An overview of the 1916 British publication (THE TREATMENT OF ARMENIANS IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, 1915-1916), masterminded by Arnold Toynbee and Viscount James Bryce; although discredited, Armenians still cling to the falsified reports more devoutly than they do their Bibles. (Assuming they are devout with their Bibles.) Followed by an interview with ex-Ambassador Elekdag: "The British Have to Apologize."

Do Greeks and Armenians Make True Americans?

Not when their hearts and minds lie elsewhere, often superseding American interests. Andy Rooney of television's "60 Minutes" was in for such an awakening, followed by excerpts from a Mahmut Ozan commentary.

An Example of Armenian Pressure

Here is a puzzle. Can you spot what is wrong with the provided newspaper article? Well, you can bet Armenians can... to the extent of even starting a mini-terror campaign. Followed by the quaint things one discovers when falling through the Internet's Maze of Armenians, capped off by "Jews for Armenians."

Heavy Metal Bands Pump Turks with Lead

A report on how some Armenian-American bands inject their message of hate into their songs, insidiously influencing their star-struck fans with the idea of their bogus genocide. Also, Holdwater reflects on Armenian-Loving Jews.

Turks Argue: Will Truth Prevail?

Turks have the cards stacked against them... Armenians and other Turk-Haters enjoy the upper hand with their well funded propaganda, solidly in place for a century or more. Starting with a
New York Times editorial on "Why Truth Matters," the page examines whether Turks will prevail simply by telling the truth. (Assuming Turks get off their lazy butts and begin to tell that truth.)

The Islam Ingredient, and Religion

Naturally, the Armenians have used the "Moslems vs. Christians" card to excellent advantage these many years. A part of them must have yelped with glee during September 11, knowing it would soon be open season on Moslems in the West. Jerry Falwell declares Muhammad a terrorist; a Serb is unleashed with "Sword of Islam"; Sam Weems locks horns with a television evangelist; Two Sides of Religious Terrorism; Is Jerry Falwell Part Armenian? (In the sense of perpetrating a con job... America's founding fathers would have detested the reverend.)

Prof. Justin McCarthy Agrees There was an Armenian Genocide

Most people think of what Hitler did to the Jews when they hear the "G" word, but a legal definition renders the word meaningless. ("The perpetrator killed one or more persons"??) By extension, Holdwater feels the hordes of so-called "genocide scholars" are also mostly meaningless... especially those who unthinkingly or deliberately accept the Armenians' views at the exclusion of all else. Unconscionable.

Turkey and the Rest of Europe

In this remarkable analysis by Anssi Kullberg, we take a look at why the left and the right dislike Turkey, while nations such as Russia are defended by Europe's intelligentsia... and a double standard exists with others, such as France and Spain. The author calls for "some sense of proportionality in exaggerated accusations against some countries and simultaneous toleration, even encouragement, of others’ horrible acts."

THE TURK: Lustful and Terrible

Excerpts from Andrew Wheatcroft's excellent "The Ottomans" allow us to comprehend bigoted and age-old Western attitudes toward the Turks that remarkably exist full-force to this very day.

The 1989 Sworn Statement of Edward Tashji

Edward Tashji, whose commentaries are featured at TAT, prepared this outstanding paper for members of the U.S. Congress, influenced by his family's own experience. What a man... daring to go against the tide.

Letters of an Armenian to Edward Tashji 

A bunch of Armenian-Lebanese came down hard on Mr. Tashji... and it took the instigator five years to see the error of his ways. Remarkable... and quite an inspiration. Every pro-Armenian should read this page.

How Well Did the Russians Treat the Armenians?

When an Armenian wrote in and claimed the reason why the Armenians revolted was because of Ottoman maltreatment, that got me thinking.

Armenians Prosper in Land of Tolerance

Armenians love to claim they were "second class citizens." The record shows frequently they went first class, all the way. How could many Armenian businesses have been allowed to flourish, if the idea was to do away with the Armenians? This page examines some noteworthy examples.

Toynbee and His Blue Books

An examination of Wellington House propagandist, and how he came up with the information for the Blue Books, that Ara Sarafian has gone out of his way to verify. British documents are provided.

Chart Depicting Wellington House's Reach

The propaganda bureau's tentacles extended far and wide.

Armenian Diaspora in Britain and the Armenian Question

A paper written by Dr. Sedat Laciner exploring the operation of British Armenians over the years, and their influence disproportionate to their numbers.

An Analysis of Contemporary Armenian Loyalty

Hrant Dink, editor of AGOS, has certainly opened a can of worms with his 2005 statement, 'I Am a Turkish Citizen, but I Am No Turk.'

Theodore Roosevelt and the Armenians

The charismatic American President is frequently cited in support of the Armenians' genocide. What were the forces that drove Teddy, who... when it came to the Armenians... kept speaking loudly and carrying a small stick?

U.N. non-recognition in 1985

Prof. Turkkaya Ataov was there! In Geneva, a U.N. Sub-Committee was headed by Benjamin Whitaker... but the Rapporteur went beyond his purpose and pushed his Armenophiliac views. His report was rejected after rigorous debate, yet even today some circles keep claiming the U.N. has recognized the Armenians' genocide. Ataov's 1986 publication, available for the first time on the Internet, tells all. ("WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN GENEVA: The Truth About the ‘Whitaker Report’")

An Armenian Professor Proves: NO GENOCIDE

Sam Weems demonstrates that Prof. Richard Hovannisian uses "two sets of books." One is to proclaim genocide victims... and the same numbers are used to present Armenian refugees from the Ottoman Empire. Do the dead multiply? "Based on this Armenian historian's own account, there just couldn't have been 1.5 million Armenians massacred."

The U.S. Senate rejects the Armenians' mandate

Sam Weems gives a glimpse of the Congressional discussion determining whether the United States should have become embroiled in its first Vietnam. Fortunately, there was one amazing politician in particular, Sen. Reed, who presented some incredible points. He saw through the bias of the Harbord Commission, and made an incredible parallel as to how men would react if they knew their families were being led to the slaughter.

Were Armenians in Georgia "Genocide" Victims?

What happened to the Armenians in Georgia paralleled the fate, on a smaller scale, of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Like the Ottoman Empire, Georgia came under outside attack. Like the Ottoman Empire, many Armenian-Georgians sided with the enemy. Georgia responded by "deporting" many Armenians. Did these rebellious Armenian-Georgians suffer an unknown "genocide"?

Armenians: "Dupes and Pawns" of the Russians

Prof. Richard Hovannisian, from an earlier work before he became so "hardcore," tells us exactly how the Russians had no intention of keeping their promises to the poor Armenians... no surprise, after having double-crossed the Armenians countless times in centuries past! And all this after establishing the traitorous and greedy Armenians had it pretty good in the Ottoman Empire, enjoying what amounted to an AUTONOMY.

The Real Genocide of the Armenian people

Sam Weems explains, through Richard Hovannisian's own history, that there was a real genocide of the Armenian people... it took place within Armenia itself, in the hands of the corrupt and immoral Dashnak leaders, who didn't give a bat's wing for their own people.

Comparing "9/11" with the Armenian 'Genocide'

Let's take a 1998 movie dealing with the effects of Arab terrorism in New York City, THE SIEGE, that was disturbingly prophetic with the events of 9/11. Here's a comparison with the actual 9/11, and the events of the Armenian "Genocide." If America had been in a situation more closely paralleling the Ottoman Empire's dire situation, perhaps there would have been no "deportation"; it would have been, shoot first, ask questions later.

SATIRE: "Alice in Genocideland"

And now for a little mirth, featuring all the lovable characters of GENOCIDELAND. See Alice as she innocently embarks on her quest to find the truth she so honestly seeks. Will the ones she encounters, such as the Mad Peter, the Tanerpillar, and Tweedledick & Tweedledade, do their best to help her out? Tune in and find out.

Revisiting the Armenian Genocide

Professor Guenter Lewy wrote this excellent article appearing in Middle East Quarterly; he examines (1) The Turkish Courts-Martial of 1919-20, (2) The Role of the Teşkilat-i Mahsusa, and (3) The Andonian forgeries.

Exposing the Lies of "Ambassador Morgenthau's Story"

Here is an excellent excerpt from 1925 that exposes what a shameless liar Ambassador Morgenthau was... and the examples have nothing to do with the Armenians. Followed by an article entitled, "Morgenthau's 'Story': A Blueprint for Racism?"

A Convoy, Marching and Massacred

Many uprooted Armenians were forced to travel on foot to the locations they were being transferred to. Was this so that the "extermination plan" could be made easier? Or was this just... the way, for large groups of people to get transferred in areas without the limited railway system? The epic motion picture, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, gives us an idea.

Lord Bryce: "The Historian Who Sold Out"
In this illuminating article by Thomas Fleming, we get an excellent idea of how willingly Lord Bryce bent the truth in service to His Majesty's Government. The article predictably refers only to the case of the Germans, whom Bryce similarly maligned in the Blue Books. Parallels with the Turkish case are examined.

Who Set the Fire in Izmir ("Smyrna")?

TAT's first "Izmir" page was getting too large, so here's a follow-up. Examined are Marjorie Housepian, Ataturk, Times of London reports, the French, Fire Chief Paul Grescovich, Missionary Alexander MacLachlan, and more.

Armenians Whose Views Run Contrary to the Diaspora
Are Armenians as monolithic a people as a people can get? Of the world's 7 million-plus Armenians, how is it possible that there are hardly any Armenians who speak publicly against the genocide fetish-culture of the Diaspora? There are reasons for this, and it has nothing to do with the genocide being a "reality." On this page, we explore a few Armenians who have gone against the grain. (And when the word "few" is used, that's no exaggeration.)

A Question of Genocide in Turkey

Dr. Gwynne Dyer is back! We all know and love him from his truly honest and objective attempt to check out this genocide story, from his famous essay all the way back in 1973. In this brief article appearing by the end of 2005, Dr. Dyer takes an important look at some of the underlying issues.

Ambassador Morgenthau "Proves" There was No Genocide

 Ambassador Morgenthau reveals an amazing deal he made with Enver and Talat, as reported in a ridiculous article in The Literary Digest of 1915. The only problem is... the deal goes completely against all Armenian genocidal theory!

The Consequences of Treason and Rebellion

 So what do you REALLY think would happen when a minority revolts, especially when their nation is in the midst of a dangerous war? How would any other country handle an insurrection? What does International Law have to say about this? Let's take a look.

Applying the 1948 U.N. Genocide Convention to Armenians

 "Genocide Scholar" Israel Charny tells us what happened to the Armenians was a genocide, according to the U.N. Genocide Convention. Since he's a "genocide scholar," you'd think he would at least get this right.

"Prisoners of History"

 An insightful article by David Barchard, discussing current affairs, including Western public opinion and the persecution of Dr. Justin McCarthy in France.

The First Genocide of the Twentieth Century?

This article by Prof. Guenter Lewy appeared in the Dec. 2005 edition of COMMENTARY Magazine, a journal published by the American Jewish Committee since 1945.


 Revealing and interesting ones.


Richard Hovannisian on Lt. Robert Steed Dunn

 This is an excellent analysis by Prof. Heath Lowry, in exposing Hovannisian's bias and lack of scholarly ethics as a historian. What a pity there have been few such as Lowry who have gone after these agenda-ridden, pro-Armenian "scholars," and no wonder the genocide industry set Lowry in its sights, knocking him out of the debate.

"Smyrna During the Greek Occupation"

 Extraordinary... a 1923 issue of Current History Magazine performed the remarkable gesture of fairness. After publishing a typically biased article emphasizing the brutality of the Turks, which has been analyzed, a little equal time was offered through a most revealing piece written by a Turkish officer. Catch insight regarding the tragedy of Izmir.

"Jennings of Smyrna"

 How one man can make a difference! Ex-Minister Asa Jennings, a Kipling sort of can-do American, takes matters into his own hands by alleviating the suffering of the Greek refugees at the quays of Izmir. A wonderful article written by William Ellis, published in 1928.

The April 24 "Date of Doom"

 Let's take a look at what happened on the greatest religious holiday of the Armenians. How many were arrested? Is it true this was a sinister way of cutting off the Armenians from their leaders... that is, were they all "massacred"? And who was really being considered for "deportation" on that fateful day?

Greek Cypriots Prefer Partition

 Forget about all those U.N. plans hoping to unite the island. The Greek Cypriots really want partition! This marvelous article from a Greek-Cypriot also gives a rundown on the historical realities from the last half-century or so.

Ottoman-Armenians vs. Japanese-Americans

 Both were subjected to a relocation. What were the similarities? The differences?

Turkish Orphans Forced to Become Armenians

 We always hear about Armenian orphans being converted to Islam. It happened, but not as a rule; Turks did not possess the "missionary" instinct to convert. What we never hear about is how the Armenians, when they had the upper hand in Allied-occupied Turkey, "Armenianized" Turkish orphans.

Halide Edib: the "Fatma Gocek" of her Time (with Caveat)

 A look at part of Edib's memoirs reveals what a knee-jerk "liberal" Edib was, denouncing the "genocide," like Fatma Muge Gocek and the opportunistic crowd Gocek symbolizes. However, there was one big, big difference between Edib and Gocek.

Antranik: Ottoman Rebel and Traitor

 A Turkish medical professor, Fevzi Ersoy, submitted a look at Armenian hero Antranik, taking as reference an Armenian site's biography. Antranik was a citizen of the Ottoman Empire. Over the years, he committed many treacherous activities against his own nation, turning on its ear the concept of unarmed, innocent Armenians.

The "Black Hand" of the Armenians

 A look at the terroristic ways of the Armenians' secret societies, and all the violence and ruin they have produced for so long, in particular against their own people... with a comparison to what a Hollywood movie called "Black Hand," a predecessor of the Mafia.

Ottoman Official Attitudes Towards American Missionaries

 Tracing of the relations, history and politics between the missionaries, whom the Ottomans had kindly allowed to move in, and the Ottoman administration.

Armenia's Armenians Living in Turkey

 A look at the thousands of Armenians who have come into Turkey from Armenia, hoping to improve the quality of their lives, and how they get along with the Armenians and Turks of Turkey.

Istanbul, Not Constantinople
It is commonly believed the name change occurred with the formation of modern Turkey. Fact is, the name was "Istanbul" as soon as Constantinople was conquered. In fact, the ones who would become the owners of the city used "Istanbul" as early as the 11th century. Yet even today, some people still insist on using a nearly 600-year-old name for "Istanbul."


The Other Side of the 1919-20 Ottoman Trials

These kangaroo courts constitute the bread and butter of the Armenian genocide industry: we are told that they provide admissions of governors and military officers, and thus "proof." What genocide advocates don't tell you is the way in which these illegitimate courts were conducted, also bypassing the real courts they should be telling us about.

Armenian Oral History Proves: TREACHERY & REBELLION

Straight from the mouths of some babe-killers! Again and again, Armenian "oral historians" prove how widespread their rebellion was, and how so many of them conspired to fight against their Ottoman nation. Some of this testimony is actually pretty incredible, and slipped through the cracks as what is often considered "Turkish propaganda."

Brave Greek-Cypriot of Integrity: Tony Angastiniotis

Tony Angastiniotis is a filmmaker from Greek Cyprus who was once like the rest. Then he found the courage to seek the truth.

Turkish Tour Guides Set Armenians Straight

A couple of letters arrived from Turkish tour guides, and they had one thing in common: they helped make their Armenian-American visitors see light! One of these episodes allows us to take a closer look at the propagandistic charge that Turkey is ruining Armenian churches. Guess who the culprit really was.


Hatred and Propaganda in Greece Today

A Pakistani-American professor documents examples of hatred and propaganda, on a recent visit to Greece and Greek Cyprus. What a terrible pity that wholesale lies serve as the rule, and not the exception.


Armenian Boys at War

Armenian propaganda laments the need for children to have been "deported." Most certainly were innocent. But there were more than a few who were downright dangerous.

Armenian Question

Professor Norman Stone pulls few punches, reacting mainly to the French effort to criminalize "denial." He refreshingly analyzes the politics behind the grimy scenes.


Dr. Malcolm Yapp's Review of Dadrian's Genocide History

Scholars are beginning to trickle in, criticizing Dadrian on his shoddy scholarship. Professor Yapp was one of the first.

Prof. Heath Lowry on the Burning of Izmir

Prof. Lowry tells the Turks to shape up! They have left the field of their own history to be written by unscholarly propagandists such as Marjorie Housepian, whose hijnks Lowry exposes. A wonderful analysis of the Izmir question.

The Armenian Case is Inconsistent with International Law

This must be a first; a "Human Rights" specialist looking at this picture in an impartial and most enlightening way. In an essay entitled "What Can Be Done about Historical Atrocities? The Armenian Case," we discover the politics and inconsistencies of the Armenian genocide movement. Fascinating.

The British Sent English-Germans to "Concentration Camps"

During W.W.I, "all Germans In England [were] to be interned or repatriated"; in other words, the British either deported (in the true meaning of the word) their Germans or sent them to "concentration camps." For no less a reason than Ottomans sent their Armenians away, except that their Armenian community was really disloyal.


Killer Armenian Women

We keep hearing Armenian women were innocent and did not deserve to be included in the resettlement process. Of course, most were not going to pitch in active battle; however, some demonstrated violent tendencies of a disturbing order.

Russia's Ruthlessness with Revolutionaries

The big Russian bear has a reputation for heavy-handedness, and it comes as no surprise for Russia to have dealt with revolutionaries mercilessly. Still, every nation has a right to defend itself against violent, terrorist separatists, and it's only called a "massacre" when the Turks do it. In this remarkable example, however, the trouble-makers Russia went after did not even operate on Russian soil. 

"In Defense of Armenians"

No nonsense man with integrity F. Hopkinson Smith called Armeno-Turkish affairs exactly for what they were, but it didn't take long for The New York Times to step in and try to defend their beloved Armenians!

Anatomy of Hateful Turk-Reportage in the 19th Century West

No nonsense man with integrity F. Hopkinson Smith called Armeno-Turkish affairs exactly for what they were, but it didn't take long for The New York Times to step in and try to defend the beloved Armenians!

Admiral Bristol in the Press

A couple of examples of how the great American was depicted in American newspapers; he was recognized as the man of honor and integrity that he was.

"Is Russia the Offender?" (DUH!)

Some rare circles in the West were beginning to get the bright idea that Russia may well have been behind the Armenian agitators.


The USA Response to "Modern" Massacre: My Lai

A newspaper article that looks at the goings-on, followed by an analysis of massacres in history.


Armenian Grandparents vs. Turkish Grandparents

One group spreads hatred; the other is ashamed and keeps silent. But not for the reason you think.


Feelings on Terrorist Leaders: "All of Us are to Blame"

Armenians weigh in on how their fanatical revolutionary leaders ran amuck with their own people.

Turks Offer Help to Excavate Alleged Mass Armenian Grave

If there were 1.5 million Armenian murders, where are their corpses? Ara Sarafian brought up the notion there might be 12,000 somewhere. Yusuf Halacoglu challenged to share in the "discovery."

Junior Dashnaks

An analysis of how the A.R.F. is corrupting young Armenian minds today.

Abu Ghraib and the Armenian "Genocide"

When laws are broken during war, how do governments react? Case study: the "enlightened and modern" United States vs. the "backward" Ottoman Empire.

Famine and Disease Affecting Ottomans of "1915"

Most Ottomans of all stripes died from these non-murderous reasons. A brief look into the causes.

The Rwandan Genocide and the Armenian "Genocide"

Lessons from a valid 20th century genocide lend themselves toward remarkable ironies regarding the Armenians' fable.


Armenian Intimidation to Suppress Free Speech

Beginning with an 1896 example when Armenian extremists went to a U.S. author's house and warned him to stop defending Turks, this page explores mostly modern examples of how Armenians have resorted to their familiar bullying ways to curtail all views other than their warped own.

Decision for "Genocide": March 1915 or May 1915?

Taner Akcam, in his "A Shameful Act," attempted to demonstrate the decision for the resettlement policy occurred in March 1915. Did it?


"Turks Unfairly Remain a Hated People"

Shelomo Alfassa has managed an exceptionally insightful bead on matters in this essay. Another article of his is featured.

Hurricane Katrina and the "Armenian Genocide"

A look at the shocking similarities and ironies.


The Original Documentation for the "Hitler Quote"

So many other silly things said... it is such an obvious forgery.


Intelligent Design and the Armenians' Genocide

False science getting through with thanks to those who have the power, the obsession, and the money.

An Honorable Armenian Troubled by Dashnaks & Terrorists

Michael Danielian had the courage to criticize the Dashnak ideology of his Armenian nation, but he paid a hefty price.

The Ethics of Pro-Armenian Genocidists

Why do so many Armenians and their supporters freely indulge in falsehoods, regarding the "genocide"?

Prof. Norman Stone Addresses the ADL's Abe Foxman

Foxman decided to recognize the "genocide," and Dr. Stone tried to set him straight.

Genocide Inflation is the Real Human Rights Threat

Others are beginning to catch on to the harmful effects of the genocide industry.  Article by Edward Herman.

The 1919-20 Ottoman Kangaroo Courts

Examining the illegitimacy of these courts through comparison with a modern-day example, topping off with Prof. Guenter Lewy's detailed analysis.

Turkey Paid $1.3M by 1934 to Settle Armenian Claims

The long-standing issue that has made so many greedy Armenians' mouths water has already been settled. A quick look at ramifications.


Dangerous Devotion: The Cult of the Armenian Genocide

Ones who look upon genocides with religious fervor, forsaking the facts for faith, may well be regarded as members of a cult.

Roots of Anti-Turkish Prejudice

An obscure 1992 documentary sheds light on the real reasons why Turks have the rotten reputation they have.

Guenter Lewy: Can There be Genocide Without INTENT?

Prof. Lewy reminds the so-called genocide scholars of what lies at the heart of their specialty, appearing in one of their own genocide publications.

Lesson of the Boston Massacre to Armenian Genocidists

Looks like the British soldiers of the Boston Massacre were tried in a U.S. court and found innocent. What does that say for those who blindly accept propaganda?






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