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 This essay appeared in response to a question regarding the U.N.'s having recognized the Armenian "Genocide." Afterwards, I wasn't sure whether the U.N. declared such a recognition... since the only ones saying so were the Armenian Assembly of America. Four paragraphs into the essay below, the AAA claimed U.N. recognition on or before the year 2000,  and yet U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq declared on October 5th, 2000: "(The) United Nations has not approved or endorsed a
report labeling the Armenian experience as Genocide."


I believe you are asking what is my response to the United Nations' having recognized the Armenian "Genocide." In other words, the U.N. represents the world, and if the world has recognized the Armenian "Genocide," then what more need be said? That proves there must have been a genocide, and there is no need for further discussion. 

In order to answer, we cannot simply look at the end result. This is the kind of case where we would need to examine the history of events that led to the end result. 

The Armenian Diaspora has spread all over the world. We know the one million Armenians in the United States of America (where probably more Armenians live in the world outside of Armenia itself, the latter of which had 3.4 million people in 2000) and the half a million Armenians in France have contributed to immense Armenian influence in those two particular countries. However, when I look at lands I would have never suspected coming across as pro-Armenian... a local Armenian group residing within that land always emerges from the background, as the driving force behind the pro-Armenian activity. 

Here is a description (www.aaainc.org/genocideintro.htm) from the Armenian Assembly of America (with a $2.5 million budget) of the "Armenian Genocide Reaffirmation":  

A growing number of countries and multinational organizations, including the European Parliament and the United Nations, now recognize and reaffirm the Armenian Genocide as historical fact. In 1995 the Russian parliament adopted a resolution on the Armenian Genocide; in 1996 the Canadian House of Commons and the Greek Parliament also adopted similar resolutions. The Lebanese Chamber of Deputies followed in 1997 and in 1998 the Belgian Senate, French National Assembly and the Council of Europe all passed resolutions that reaffirmed the Armenian Genocide. Now members of U.S. House of Representatives are working diligently to ensure Congressional Affirmation of the Armenian Genocide in the year 2000.  

James Rogan

James Rogan

(This particular resolution, out of the many that have been introduced over the years in the U.S. Congress, was brought by Republican James Rogan, representing the 25,000 potential Armenian-American voters from his Californian district, in a bid to help Rep. Rogan's uphill fight for re-election. The resolution almost passed, until President Bill Clinton wisely nipped it in the bud... keeping America's national interests in mind.)

And here is a list  (to 1998) of all the many countires who have mindlessly adopted resolutions to support the Armenian "Genocide," courtesy of a web site from Armenian friends in Greece: http://virtuals.compulink.gr/armen-yth/pages/aguk.htm/. 

On this list, I especially enjoyed the neutral ones from 13 June 1997 The Association of Genocide Scholars ... and from 22 April 1998 The National Assembly of the Republic of Nagorno KarabaghRussia, in particular, should be ashamed for hopping on this bandwagon. Ultimately, the Armenians must accept their own responsibility for their own actions that led to the relocation policy in 1915... however, the Russians (and the British, to a lesser extent) had a huge part to play in using the Armenians as pawns. Russia played a key role in emboldening the Armenians to systematically massacre 500,000-600,000 Turks/Muslims, out of the over 2.5 million who died from all wartime causes. 



Let's examine the anatomy of these resolutions. Case study: America. 

The Armenian lobby in the United States has been resoundingly successful. The main reason: they play the ethnic race/Christian vs. Muslim cards expertly well. No "Muslim" lobby of any power exists to effectively  refute and oppose them, and the Armenians know how to exploit this inequity. 

Just one example of their success: they actually managed to get the U.S. Congress to cut foreign aid to Azerbaijan after the Armenians' sneak, unprovoked attack on Azerbaijan in 1992. The Armenian soldiers, true to their ways, swooped down on the citizenry, and murdered many in the most inhumane of ways (The Armenian-friendly Boston Globe reported in November 21, 1993: What we see now is a systematic destruction of every village in their way, said one senior US official. Its one of the most disgusting things weve seen).... taking at least 20% of Azerbaijan's territory, and driving a million human beings from their homes. Yet, cowardly/self-serving and ignorant U.S. Congressmen decided to penalize Azerbaijan. 

And it's not only because Armenia claims to be Christian like the United States, while Azerbaijan is Muslim. Muslim Azerbaijan has no real lobby in America, but the well-financed Armenian-American lobby has plenty of greenbacks to fill the pockets of unprincipled politicians.  

Here's what Samuel Weems said, in 2002: 

The Armenians have perhaps 40-50 full time professionals in Washington DC doing nothing but working each and every day to undercut Turkey and Azerbaijan and promote themselves for more foreign aid taxpayer funding. Turkish Americans have - 0- staff and office working for them in Washington DC. The Turks really should do more to protect themselves. All they have to do is tell truth! Here is an eye-opening calculation for you: Armenians, in the last 10 years, have probably spent about 14 million dollars to support all the political candidates that they did. When those candidates got elected, Armenia got 1.4 billion dollars in the same 10 years as US Foreign Aid. That is, for every one dollar Armenian Americans "invested", they got $100 back in US Aid to Armenia! 100 to 1 return! This is a better return than Las Vegas casinos! (smiles) Wake up Turkish Americans!. Get involved! 

Now, pro-Armenians may not like Sam Weems, but the only relevant matter is whether these facts and figures are correct. 

Frank Pallone, Jr.

Frank Pallone, Jr.

Here is an Armenian Assembly of America page that lends evidence to how frightened Americans should be, demonstrating the lack of objectivity and limited intellectual capacity of their elected political leaders (of course, there are those, like Frank Baloney Jr... others call him Frank Pallone, Jr. ... who might well have been bought by the Armenians): 


Notice how almost all are human rubber-stamps, saying exactly what they've been told, parroting what Armenian-Americans have been moaning about for a century and longer, such as how the Terrible Turk massacred 1.5 million of their Christian forefathers. If they haven't been bought, these people are either Christian sympathizers, or simply naive... they've been hearing a big lie all their lives, and they firmly believe it, by now. 

Adam Schiff

(I would have loved to hear how  Rep. Adam Schiff of California handled his testimony of rattling off an endless list of Armenian victims' names, for dramatic effect. I wonder if he managed, without getting tongue-tied. Rep. Schiff, by the way, was James Rogan's Democratic opponent in the election Rogan hoped to salvage by introducing the genocide resolution. The one thing both men had in common was kissing Armenian buttocks.)

I don't have the time to check the exact figures now, but in the case of the world's second most Armenian-loving country, France (I can't be sure, but perhaps the order of Armenian-loving countries would work out thus: 1. America 2. France 3. Armenia), their Armenian genocide resolution passed when only about one-tenth -- a "skeleton crew" -- of the Assembly people were present. The next time the fuller body of representatives came in for a full day's work, they didn't dare to veto what went on before. There are so many powerful Armenians in France, after all. It's the country where Boghos Nubar began the powerful Armenian organization (the AGBU), that today has an annual budget of 27 million dollars. This is only one of many powerful Armenian organizations throughout the world, albeit likely among the better financed. 



Throughout the world, Armenians have been successful in getting similar resolutions adopted. Many are countries where Turkey is practically a non-entity. It doesn't help that Turkey has no real friends in the world. Even those friends like the United States are only friendly when Turkey acts like a vassal state... as proven earlier in 2003. Every wonderful thing Turkey has done over the years supporting America's interests is quickly forgotten, the moment Turkey steps out of line. (And this particular example was probably the first time Turkey stepped out of line, in U.S.-Turkish relations.) 

It was the United States that put an embargo on Turkey after the Cyprus intervention. It didn't matter that the Greeks broke every rule in the book in years past, violating all the agreements... it didn't matter that Turkish Cypriots were getting massacred in years past, and had the plan to unite with Greece succeeded, every Turkish Cypriot would have been massacred (as Nicos Sampson, the leader, admitted years later in a Feb. 26, 1981 interview with the Greek newspaper, Eleftherotipia), and it didn't matter what Turkey did was legal, as even an Athens court admitted in 1979. No nation has recognized the validity of Northern Cyprus. (I remember reading Bangladesh did, for at least a while..? And North Korea..!) 

So if Armenians have established themselves all over the world and are active on this issue, of course they will succeed in getting their resolutions passed... all over the world. Especially if they are wealthy. The usually apathetic and ignorant Turks who are in these countries are mainly in their own little worlds, and the playing field is wide open for the Armenians. 

Let's put aside the fact that "Resolutions" are worthless and have no legal meaning. These "Resolutions" merely express the thoughts of the officials who vote for them. The sneaky Armenian plan all these years has been to get these resolutions passed, just so they can say, see. The world agrees with us. Next step: reparations and land. 

 (Of course, the Treaty of Gumru that was signed on December 2, 1920 between the young Turkish government and the Armenian Republic declared there shall be no reparations, and we all know Armenia would never dream of breaking her word. This treaty also gave a provision to allow the relocated Armenians to return to their lands within one year. By contrast, according to an addendum to Dr. Dennis Papazian's amazing "What Every Armenian Should Know," "Russia... forbade Armenian refugees...from returning to their lands, which the Russian armies had overrun during the war." Armenians may want to read stories of William Saroyan, such as Antranik of Armenia to get the perspective the real enemy of the Armenians were not the Turks, but the Russians.) 

So let's get to the United Nations' recognition of the Armenian "Genocide." The U.N. is also a political body. if Turkey has no friends in the world, and if the Armenians have sneakily succeeded in getting many countries to adopt these resolutions, how do you think the representatives of these countries are going to vote? Are they going to go against the resolutions their home countries have already passed? Those countries that the Armenians haven't gotten around to passing resolutions yet... the ones that have no affinity for Turkey... how do you think they're going to vote? Why, everybody is saying there is an Armenian genocide, so there must have been one. Is anybody really going to take the time to study this issue? 

"If you tell a lie big enough and often enough and no one challenges you -  a great number of people will believe the lie no matter how big it is."  

If one looks to prove the Armenian "Genocide," it won't do to point to people's opinions formed exclusively by distorted Armenian history, or who have ulterior motives. People of honor and integrity... genuine truth-seekers... have only one place to look: the facts of OBJECTIVE history. 

Do most Western sources that lend evidence... like Morgenthau, foreign consuls, Bryce, the missionaries, Lepsius, the N.Y. Times... have conflicts of interest? Yes, they do. Do most Western sources that lend counter-evidence have conflicts of interest? Westerners who have grown up being told the Turks were cruel savages? No, they don't. Did the "Nuremberg" of WWI, the Malta Tribunal, find the Turks innocent... after nearly two-and-one-half years of desperately searching all documents within reach in Allied-occupied Istanbul (and in other countries), employing a crack team of Armenian researchers? Yes, it did. (Remember, the British could have conducted a mock trial in 1919 and gotten the matter over with as they originally planned.... just like the 1919 Ottoman kangaroo courts. Keep that in mind when you come across Armenian reasons to discredit the Malta Tribunal.) 

I am a truth-seeker... and I hope you are, too. I don't care what the Turkish government says, I don't care what any Turk says... I make up my own mind for myself. The moment I run into GENUINE proof, I would be the first to say... yes, there was an Ottoman government sponsored plan to exterminate the Armenian people. Why not? The government in charge, after all, was overturned by the present Turkish government in charge. I owe no allegiance to the Ottoman government. In fact, ultimately, I owe no allegiance to anybody or any entity, but the principles of truth and honor. I love my country, but if America does something clearly wrong, you would not find me defending what America has done. Definitely no less would apply to the nation of Turkey. 




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