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I was shocked that the message of the Armenian "Genocide" has now been insidiously introduced in the songs of Armenian-American groups. (Well... I wasn't really shocked. Armenians must shout out their cause for existence in every and any way they can. I guess I was really more "impressed" than shocked.)

I learned about this ingenious tactic from an Armenian web site that proclaimed, "Turkish Denial has become a common topic for High Schools term papers — largely thanks to the work of System of a Down" What an effective way to capture innocent hearts and minds! First, become a "cool" rock band... and once you get your name around to the point of attracting devoted fans and followers, they can blindly accept whatever message presented; like the devotees of a religious cult.


Name : Cherie on 12/3/2002

Country : usa

Message : I was not aware of the Armenian Genocide until being educated by System Of A Down. Thank you Serj, Daron, John and Shavo for the Rockin' music and informative Website. Your biggest fan...Cherie!!

A site dedicated to alternative music gave a description of SYSTEM OF A DOWN. A member of the group referred to the "Armenian-ness" of the band, and mentioned Cher as the only Armenian-American musician who has noteworthily attained fame in the American music scene... and I believe they were alluding to their potential in following in her footsteps. I've never come across Cher's thoughts on the Armenian "Genocide," but something tells me she has the decency not to blatantly mix this hot-button topic with her art; maybe this can be explained by her being part Armenian. Perhaps another part of her, the Cherokee part, prevents her from being so shrill about the topic.

In contrast, this
music site devoted a page to artists' responses to the World Trade Center attack. ("Several recording artists have issued statements reacting to the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC. Here are a few of them.") Let's read how System of a Down's Serj Tankian expressed his sorrow:

"Our whole world has been sickened by the terrible events in New York and D.C. I've been calling out to friends all week to make sure they're ok. My heart goes out to all the families suffering because of this madness.

As American citizens, we are in the privileged position to be able to speak our hearts, even if other people disagree. I highly value the fact that I can make a statement with my intention being to sponsor peace and understanding of the tragic events that have been unfolding. I ask only that, for the long-term survival of our planet, we all concentrate on positive energies in our lives while pursuing justice.

I would not be alive if not for the American orphanages that raised my grandfather after the Armenian Genocide of 1915, so I have a lot of love and respect for the good things that America has and can continue to achieve."


Here we are mourning a national tragedy, and this Armenian opportunist has the GALL to bring up his cause for existence..!

Perhaps if Serj is listening, I can explain what he's doing in musical terms:

 Don't cry for me... Armenia...
While I can get... others' sympathy...
So much to ASK for...

More words of wisdom from Serj, from the
group's bio:"We play heavy music, and Armenian music generally isn't heavy music. It's dramatic, like our music. The Armenian people had a genocide, just like the Jewish people had the Holocaust. Those who look the other way, such as Turkey, who committed it, that injustice itself has been a driving point of my life," admits Serj. "Because of that, I've been able to look at other injustices in the world. I know that injustice exists and it's always hidden, so it opens your eyes. It's been a motivation factor. Since we do something different musically, people need to name it something. Some say it's Armenian rock. But that's unfair to us. It's a part of who we are, but it's not what we do. If we're playing in another country, I don't think we'd be called 'Armenian rock."

Holdwater: How noble of you, Serj, to base your songs on injustice. I look forward to a future endeavor of yours, detailing how Armenian general Dro, called the "Jew Hunter" by the Nazis, helped snuff out the lives of European Jewry as part of the Nazi Machine's Final Solution. I have a feeling you probably won't write about how your people unjustly turned against their own nation in World War I, a nation where they safely lived and prospered for over half a millennium... and where the more cowardly among your forefathers, like Dro, made it a practice of specifically targeting women and children... while engaging in their systematic extermination campaign against defenseless Muslim neighbors. Just like your contemporaries did when they sliced up thousands of Azeris during their sleep, in a sneak and cowardly Pearl Harbor like attack, and forced a million of them to become refugees... thanks to a billion dollars in Russian rubles, along with the always unending supply of American greenbacks.

Not incidentally, if you cannot remove your art from the Armenian Falsified Genocide, it's far from "unfair" to call what you're doing "Armenian rock."

"P.L.U.C.K.," for instance, stands for "Politically Lying, Unholy, Cowardly Killers." "It's a revolutionary song having to do with the Armenian genocide, the injustice," explains Serj, the main lyricist.

Album: System of a Down
Title: P.L.U.C.K.

One Un-Plucky Song


Die walk down

A whole race Genocide
Taken away all of our pride
A whole race Genocide
Taken away
Watch them all fall down

The only solution
The armed response
Of an entire nation
Revolution, the only solution
We've taken all your sh*t
Now it's time for restitution

Watch them all fall down

The only solution
The armed response
Of an entire nation
The only solution
We've taken all your sh*t
Now it's time for restitution

The plan was mastered
And called Genocide
(Never want to
See you around)

Took all the children
And then we died
(Never want to
See you around)
The few that remained
Were never found
(Never want to
See you around)
All in a system of down
Down, down, down
Walk down

Watch them all fall down
The only solution
The armed response
Of an entire nation
The only solution
We've taken all your sh*t
Now it's time for restitution

The plan was mastered
And called Genocide
(Never want to
See you around)
Took all the children
And then we died
(Never want to
See you around)
The few that remained
Were never found
(Never want to
See you around)
All in a system, down

"The only solution... The armed response... of an entire nation." What a lovely and mature sentiment.

Uh-oh; Serj wants "reparation." Too late, Serj. The Armenian nation signed the Treaty of Gumru forever foregoing the issue of reparations. You do believe in ... uhhhh... Armenians keeping their word, don't you?

Unfortunately, "System of a Down" appears to have managed to make some inroads into the real world, and attained a degree of international success... it's more than just another obscure garage band. And who can we thank for that? I guess it's this fellow...

Rick Rubin elected to sign and produce the group as the first new act on American Recordings under a recent pact with Columbia Records.


Yet another American Jew who is giving Armenian hate messages a helping hand to reach a wide audience... one with media clout, like Harvey Weinstein of Miramax, distributor of ARARAT.

Holdwater Reflects on Armenian-Loving Jews 

Granted, Rick Rubin probably doesn't care about the "Genocide" message... and hard rock is an area where it's cool to present "intense" messages, like sometimes when Rap Music is almost expected to contain words of misogyny, racism and ugliness. However, it always breaks my heart when Jewish people become a party to the Armenian Falsified Genocide, inadvertently, or willingly.

Not that American Jews don't have a right to be as ignorant and/or prejudiced as their fellow Americans when it comes to Turkish history, since Turkey is an almost "taboo" topic to be spoken of favorably in America... save for the Travel Section. The fanatics among Armenians and Greeks do an excellent job in shutting down anything said about Turks, unless the Turks are made out to look villainous. Armenians and Greeks have an easy job of keeping up the hatred campaign, since most Americans have been conditioned to think negatively about Turks.

But American Jews? Traditionally so sensitive, so caring, so a cut above the rest? During the Civil Rights Movement, it was mostly the Jews among the whites to be at the forefront of the struggle for equality. Groups watching out for injustices, such as the American Civil Rights Union, are often loaded with Jewish people. I feel it's not a coincidence that there is this connection, as the Jews' historic persecution enables them to generally be more enlightened than most, better equipping them to be on the look-out for issues regarding humanity, and fairness.

Years ago, a good friend of mine invited me to assist him on an out-of-state job. During the evening, we wound up speaking with a pair of pretty Southern gals, and one of them was fascinated by Gary. Gary was the "first Jew" she had encountered... she wasn't being anti-Semitic or malicious, it was just that Gary was a novelty to her. Gary, of course, was deflecting her naive statements with his quick-witted, New York "Jewish" quips that one needn't be from New York to be familiar with and appreciate. (Having had a taste of this style from the many Jewish comedians originating from the region.) What was going on was a revelation to me, because usually I'm the novelty to people... Turks especially were not that numerous in the United States at this time, and still aren't. Secondly, because New York City has so many Jews, and I have consequently had so many Jewish friends, it was very weird to get this glimpse of Jews being a rarity, elsewhere.

My sister once said when she meets new people, the ones who often ask, "Ohhh... what kind of a name is that?" are Jewish. When I thought about it, it was true. Usually, the average American is too "unaware" to make an immediate issue of an unfamiliar-sounding name. The reason for this? The "Arab Radar" of American Jews.

My conclusions as to why American Jews are unfriendly to Turks, and sometimes love the Armenians:

1) They are ignorant of Jewish history

2) They clump Turks with Arabs, as do most ignorant Americans; those who know the difference still entertain the Moslem bias, like American Christians, but not exactly in the same way,

3) Raised with a Holocaust-awareness, they are quick to embrace the Armenians, so wholly perceived as fellow genocide-sufferers. Like almost every other American, American Jews have been equally brainwashed to swallow the exclusively-presented version of the Armenian Con Job.

Regarding the third point, if respected Jews associated with the great genocidal crime committed against them speak for the Armenians, like Holocaust Man Elie Wiesel, that clinches the deal. Who doesn't like Elie Wiesel? I have always had a positive impression of him. However, once I discovered Elie Wiesel has freely thrown in his lot with the Armenians (when I watched PBS' "Armenia -- Survival of a Nation"), and learned what a lazy thinker he is, and someone who has irresponsibly observed only one side of the story... I have lost respect for Elie Wiesel. For me, now he is a Hollow-caust Man.

Out of all the many Jewish people I've met and have had occasion to discuss the Turkish-Jewish connection with, there was only one who had heard (for example) about the Khazars — and this man was markedly above-average in his intelligence, and his knowledge was almost to be expected. The Jews' unawareness of Turkish-related areas of Jewish history shouldn't be surprising, because Turkish history in the United States is all-around an ignored topic... except when the time comes to show the Turks as criminals. However, sometimes Turco-Jewish history seems even to be deliberately swept under the rug.

When I watched PBS' "Civilization and the Jews" (PBS is also top-heavy with presenting Jewish-friendly programs, as they present Armenian ones), I paid attention to the episode on the Spanish Inquisition... we were told the only place in Europe where Jews found refuge was Amsterdam. I found it very strange that there was no mention of the Ottoman Empire... were the Jewish producers and historians involved in the making of this program that unaware? Were the producers so unfamiliar with the Ottoman Empire's Sephardic Jews, who were loyal until the end? Obviously, they had no awareness of what historian Cecil Roth wrote: "Jewish people must always recall the Ottoman Empire with gratitude who, at one of Judaism’s darkest hours, flung open its door widely and kept them open."

It is so very ironic... Turks were one of the very, very few historic friends of the Jews, before America gathered strength... and American Jews (along with, apparently, Israeli Jews, as well) are not only unaware of this part of their history, too many of them actively take sides against the Turks. During World War II, Turkey was a refuge for thousands of Jews... and Turkish diplomats saved Jews in foreign countries, sometimes at the risk of their own lives. Meanwhile, in WWII, Armenians were declared an Aryan race and actively worked side-by-side with the Nazis to help polish off the Jews. In the history of the Ottoman Empire, Armenians and Greeks killed Jews, those times they had the chance. Turks treated Jews "with a special consideration and compassion as one of their own," according to the Empire's last Grand Rabbi, Haim Nahum.., who also said in 1924, "It is actually an understatement that there was no anti-Semitism in Turkey. In fact, there was a pro-Semitism."

If Jews are influenced to embrace fellow genocide-sufferers, there are almost none versed enough in history to have reached the rare Jewish conclusion the extraordinarily well-informed "The Jewish Times" did, in June 21, 1990:

"An appropriate analogy with the Jewish Holocaust might be the systematic extermination of the entire Muslim population of the independent republic of Armenia which consisted of at least 30-40 percent of the population of that republic. The memoirs of an Armenian army officer who participated in and eye-witnessed these atrocities was published in the U.S. in 1926 with the title 'Men Are Like That.' Other references abound."

So whenever I come across someone like Rick Rubin, my heart sinks. I'm sure the sole basis for his judgment to push System of a Down had to do with his opinion of the quality of the band's music... but if he were the kind of rare Jewish person like fellow Jewish-American, Dr. J.E. Botton (who opined in "Forward": "It should be our moral obligation to defend Turkey"), he would have thought twice before presenting a wider stage for Serj Tankian and his fellow Armenian band members to rant away with their messages of hatred.

Another Armenian-American Heavy Metal Group

The ironically named "Integrity" is also another Armenian-American band spreading messages of hate, led by "enigmatic lead singer and creator, Dwid." They've been around since 1990 or so, but luckily their hardcore brand of music has put them outside mainstream ears. Here's a sample:

Armenian persecution

All I can think about is revenge
The slaughter inside my head never ends
And to all who deny this sin
Bab eed Janed cach-nem

Ethnic genocide
One million died
Cries went unheard in 1915
No one remembers, no one believes
Some turks deny, but they fucking lie

America knew, but as usual
They just stood by and listened to the cries
"Why interfere? There's no money here.
Who are the Armenians... who fucking cares if they're alive.
Who cares if they fucking survive."

Forced in the desert and into sandy graves
Children were murdered while their mothers were raped
Babies were thrown in the air and impaled on swords
Nothing but death from the turkish hordes

Dispersal took place
Most met a cruel end
Now we are few but we'll always be true
To the Armenians that we will defend

First they were bound, then split with an axe
They juggled their heads, and the turks laughed
Set on fire like a human torch
Many were nailed alive to the floor

That's gratitude for you... Americans did so much for the Armenians, and notice how this lyricist chooses to repay them. At least Serj from the other group credited the Americans with saving his grandfather's life.

The first line just about sums it up, regarding the Armenians' way of life: "All I can think about is revenge." It was true for Soghoman Tehlirian, who was encouraged by visions of his mother telling him to kill, leading him to his unpunished murder of Talat Pasha in 1921... it was true for Gurgen (Karakin) Yanikian who betrayed his country as an Ottoman teenager by joining the Russian Army, and then assassinated two Turkish diplomats in 1973 at the ripe old revengeful age of 78, beginning a wave of Armenian terror that lasted for many years... and it begins with every Armenian birth, when the baby is taught to hate Turks, a hatred supported even in Armenian churches.

Is it any wonder George W. Bush said to the Armenians on April 24, 2002, the date of the commemoration of their beloved "Genocide": "Demonizing others lays (the) foundation for a dark cycle of hatred"?

It is unfortunate the message of one of the few, straight-thinking Armenians, Robert John (Hovhanes) is simply not heard... when he said in an Armenian newspaper (The Reporter, August 2, 1984): "The Armenian, the Jew or the African should not damage their development with a continual conditioning of hate; neither should spurious guilt be vented upon others. These negative preoccupations and obsessions are obstructing our evolution."

Anyone who keeps supporting the Armenian Falsified Genocide becomes a party to perpetuating the Armenians' unfortunate psychological problem, and their raison d'etre: this unending wave of hatred.

...Ask your Armenian terrorist blood brothers back in your 150 year-old ancient home land to pay their bills. Armenia borrowed $50 million dollars at 5% interest in 1919 from the United States government and mooched another $40 million from American Christians in that same year whom your forefathers then attacked for not giving them more of American church money. You Armenians haven't paid one red cent to us "ordinary citizens" to repay this loan yet that was made to you in good faith. However, you love the Russians so much you borrowed $100 million dollars from them in recent years and you repay these loans. WHY CAN'T YOU PAY YOUR DEBTS TO THE UNITED STATES SINCE YOU CAN PAY OFF THE RUSSIANS? We Americans have given and loaned your tiny state more dollars than the Russians have given and loaned you.

Judge Sam Weems reminds an anonymous Armenian hate-mail writer of only one generous act of the Americans, which the ungrateful Armenians not only have chosen to forget, but have reneged on... since their policy is, "What have you done for me lately?" (June 9, 2002)

The Dweeb... that is, "Dwid," the Armenian lyricist from INTEGRITY, may not have been off-the-mark when he accused the Americans of concluding, "There's no money here"; of course there will be no money for the Americans, once the Armenians steal and sucker the money out of American taxpayer pockets. (Over $1.5 billion in the short time since Armenia rose from the ashes of the Soviet Union. That's with a "b.")


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