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Armenian Terrorist  Groups

Who were the Hunchaks? The Dashnaks? Armenian historians tell all.. Historical Outlook follows, along with the long Round-Up of Armenian Terror Organizations

  The Roots of Armenian Violence

This exemplary analysis by Paul B. Henze thoroughly examines why the Armenians have behaved in the treacherous and violent manner they have; he begins with the question of who wrote Armenian history? The Russian imperial acquisition of the Caucasus and effects of foreign missionary activity are studied.

Turkish diplomats killed by fanatical Armenian terrorists

Newspaper coverage; Colman McCarthy's terrific 1983 article, ARMENIAN TERROR TACTICS; a letter observing Mourad Topalian's trial, enjoying the full support of the Armenian community; not just Turkish diplomats were the victims... the shocking terror spree lasted from 1973 to 1987, in nearly two dozen countries and encompassing some 210 violent acts. It all magically came to a halt, as if directed by a James Bond supervillain.

Murdered Turkish Diplomats

Yes, they're just Turks, but some might perhaps regard them as valuable and innocent human beings. You wouldn't have known it from the press coverage, when American newscasters maintained a haughty air of justification in their reports, and from the lenient sentences many of the few caught terrorists received. A brief account of how the PKK picked up the slack afterwards.

Pursuing the Just Cause of Their People

Excerpts from a work subtitled, "A Study of Contemporary Armenian Terrorism," author Michael M. Gunter "dispassionate(ly), and therefore accurate(ly)" took an even-handed look at what was going on. "The Armenian claim that they were victims of a premeditated genocide does not ring true."

ARMENIAN TERRORISM: ‘Threads of Continuity’

Another brilliant and excellently documented work by Professor Heath Lowry, exploring the "Threads of Continuity" of Armenian acts between the 19th and 20th centuries; the professor explores the "curtain of fear" created by Armenian terrorists in targeting their own... which well explains why few Armenians dare to publicly deviate from the party line, and Armenians serve as the one inexplicable ethnic monolith that they are.

Armenian Terrorism in the 20th Century 

Michael M. Gunter returns in this exceptionally scholarly study of an area few academicians have been willing to explore. The research is truly wonderful. One example of his remarkable insight, regarding the perpetually innocent Armenians: "Indeed, twenty years after Armenian terrorism stopped, this author often finds sheer disbelief on the part of the general non-Armenian public that the phenomenon even ever existed, that somehow any mention of it is simply part of the continuing Turkish attempt to blacken the Armenian reputation and deny the genocide." With "interactive" footnotes.

A Case Study in the Punishment of Armenian Terrorists

Armenian terrorists are caught ("The L.A. Five"), linked to bombings and the assassination of a Turkish consul general. The plot they were convicted of could have killed thousands, according to the FBI. The Californian judge barely gives them prison sentences, and, to top it off, rewards two with American citizenship.

How One Armenian Justified Armenian Terror

A brainwashed Armenian youth, having immersed himself in "Armenian Studies" in the University of California, Fresno, had to come up with an excuse for why it was necessary to kill innocent Turkish diplomats. Just what the more murderous fanatics were looking for, to excuse their homicidal crimes.

Breakdown of Armenian Terrorist Incidents, 1973-1987

Professor Heath Lowry's summing up of the death and destruction caused by genocide-crazed killers, over 200 acts of violence claiming the lives of perhaps more than seventy, and injuring over 500 others; along with property damage to the tune of hundreds of millions. Followed by a brief update to the 1987 study.

Armenian Terrorists' Solidarity for Other Terror Causes

Did you know the big shot of ASALA might have been one of the "PLO terrorists" that killed the Israeli athletes at Munich? This page explores other episodes of cooperation between Armenian terrorists and murderers of other factions.

Comparing the Black Liberation Army to the Dashnaks

A 2007 article on the arrest of members of the Black Liberation Army offers food for thought.


Hampig Sassounian's Parole Hearing, 2006

A fascinating transcript shedding light on the workings of terrorism and the mind of an Armenian poisoned at one time.

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