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The commentary by Judge Sam Weems is followed by a U.S. State Department report on how the senseless "gift" of $103 million to Armenia was allocated in Fiscal Year 2002. (At least America's generosity is not growing... the amount of the annual gift went down to $90 million in 2003.)

The U.S. Government has budgeted approximately $1.336 billion to fund assistance programs in Armenia, plus $218 million in surplus Department of Defense and privately donated humanitarian commodities since 1992.

Armenia has reneged on a $50 million loan that was made in good will by the United States in 1919, to be paid back at an interest of 5%. The only reason why American taxpayers' money is being given to the tiny terrorist state is because Armenian butt-licking U.S. government representatives cannot resist playing ethnic politics; in return for these politicians' irresponsible and incompetent service to their government, the U.S.A. has received the following from Armenia, in return:



For any country to be a true democratic republic, that country must permit the following fundamental rights of citizenship:

- freedom of speech
- freedom of the press
- freedom of religion
- freedom to hold free elections

Armenia does not permit these basic freedoms and it must be classified as an old fashioned typical "terrorist dictatorship." The following information is proof certain of this conclusion.

The United States Department of State's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor issued its latest annual report on Armenia on March 4, 2002. The results found throughout the pages of this 15-page official US State Department document prove absolutely that tyranny and terrorism are alive and well in the tiny state that calls itself Armenia-the first Christian state on earth.

The document reports that "on September 25, a Georgian citizen of Armenian origin and a Dashnak political leader, Poghos Pogosian, was found dead in a Yerevan (Armenia's capital city) café. According to eye witnesses, one of President Kocharian's bodyguards beat Poghosian to death after he made an insulting remark to the president. On the next day, President Kocharian suspended Harutuyun Aghamalian and several other bodyguards until an investigation could be carried out by the prosecutor's office. On November 27, the Procurator General's office announced that one of Kocharian's bodyguards would be tried for involuntary manslaughter, a crime that carries a penalty of up to 3 years in prison. On December 7, the Procurator General, Aram Tamayian, acknowledged that the corpse and injuries were consistent with torture."

Here is the situation in plain words: Contrast what the President of Armenia did and didn't do as compared to if it happened in the United States. The United States situation would be that President Bush was having dinner at a café in Washington, D.C. A Democratic leader happened to also be at the same café and insulted President Bush and one of his Secret Service agents then attacked the Democrat and beat him to death. The American press would focus massive media attention on this cold-blooded murder that the Armenians call "involuntary manslaughter." Needless to add also, that it would be the end of President Bush's political career. If such an attack took place with the president of the US present, there would have been calls for the impeachment of the president for allowing such a thing to take place while he stood back and did nothing to stop the murder.

This is not what happened in Armenia and the media is silent. Why is the Armenian media so silent? They are not allowed to publish articles or reports that are unfavorable about the government or a government official's activities.


Per capita, male Armenians have killed more of their wives than any other nation

1982 World Crimes Council report

- This is proof certain that there is no freedom of speech in Armenia. A citizen can be murdered in cold blood, --with the president of the country looking on-- for speaking his thoughts in this tiny first Christian state called Armenia.

- This is proof certain that there is no freedom of the press in Armenia.

- The state owned one and only official church has not spoken out to condemn this brutal murder and this silence is proof certain that there is no freedom of religion in Armenia, because no other church is allowed to fully operate in this country.

The United States State Department goes on to state in the annual report to give details of "torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" that is carried out in Armenia today. The US State Department reports: "The constitution and laws of Armenia prohibit torture; however, security personnel routinely beat pretrial detainees during arrest and interrogation, and prosecutors rely on such confessions to secure convictions." The report goes on to say "most cases of police brutality go unreported because of fear of police retribution."

Clearly, the Armenians learned well from their Nazi/Communist partners! Armenian leaders also learned from old time Southern politicians who said: "Just because I say it doesn't make it so!" No real democracy operates under such Armenian state-approved terrorist tactics!

The US State Department states that "arbitrary arrest and detention" is a major problem in Armenia. "Authorities continue to arrest and detain criminal suspects without legal warrants, often on the pretext that they are material witnesses."

A democratic government does not allow its citizens to be manipulated this way by police and law enforcement officials. The absolute proof is that this is exactly how Armenia treats its citizens.

Consider this additional fact as it is reported in the US State Department annual report: "A person charged with a crime is denied a fair and public trial in Armenia." This is not the situation in a truly democratic society.

The US State Department has determined that "many Armenian judges are corrupt." The report also states that the Armenian "system, inherited from the Soviet system, views court largely as a rubber stamp for the prosecutor and not as a defender of citizens' rights."


The most serious findings made by the US State Department is this: "Serious flaws continue to restrict the constitutional ability of citizens to change their government peacefully. Serious breaches of the election law resulted in a lack of public confidence in the integrity of the overall election process."

- Is this democracy-NO!
- Is this dictator fixed and rigged elections-YES!

Consider the fact the report states that there is not a single minority citizen allowed to hold a public office in Armenia today.

Consider that the report states the fact that there are no real labor unions allowed in Armenia today.

Consider the fact that there are no laws, what so ever, protecting women from domestic abuse in Armenia today.

Consider the fact that in Armenia today young girls are regularly sold into prostitution and taken to foreign countries with the promise of good jobs. Armenia does nothing to stop this slave trade and there are no laws to stop such traffic in women.

The needs of children within Armenia are not provided for.

Persons with disabilities are not provided for in Armenia today.

No United States citizen in their right mind would ever make tourist visits to Armenia because of the way the Armenians run their dictatorial state.

The current United States Department of State report is a must reading for anyone who claims Armenia is a democratic republic. Clearly the evidence is overwhelming that Armenia is perpetuating a great fraud upon the Christian world with its bogus claim of being a free and open democratic republic. It is past time for those who make false claims about the pure Christian democratic state of Armenia to go to work and create such a state before deceiving and fleecing Christians of the world out of billions and billions of dollars

This American State Department report clearly shows that Armenia relies upon foreign aid from the Christian world as its number one import. It is past time for the Christian world to cut off funding such an open terrorist state until such time as it operates as the democracy it falsely claims to be.


The United States government report on Armenia's Human Rights practices for the 2001 year may be found here.

Another Government Report:


13 June 2002
Fact Sheet: U.S. Assistance to Armenia in Fiscal Year 2002
(June 6 release from State Department) (640)

Following is a fact sheet issued by the State Department June 6 on U.S. assistance to Armenia in fiscal year 2002:

(begin fact sheet)

U.S. Department of State
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
Washington, DC

June 6, 2002



The U.S. Government has budgeted approximately $1.336 billion to fund assistance programs in Armenia, plus $218 million in surplus Department of Defense and privately donated humanitarian commodities since FY 1992. The $103 million budgeted by all U.S. Government agencies for assistance programs in Armenia in FY 2002 is roughly allocated as follows:

- Democracy Programs $27.8 million

- Market Reform $31.1 million

- Security Programs $10.2 million

- Humanitarian Assistance $ 5.1 million

- Cross-Sectoral Initiatives $28.8 million

Democracy programs include support for an independent judiciary, training at the local government level to improve resource management and responsiveness to citizens, and legislative strengthening with the National Assembly (Parliament). Assistance also supports development of independent media, non-governmental organizations, and the Internet to disseminate information and encourage citizens involvement in decision-making processes. Last year the U.S. Government sent approximately 630 Armenians on academic and professional exchange programs to the United States.

Economic assistance includes increased access to credit for entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises, an agribusiness development program, and assistance for the tourism and information technology sectors to boost development of the private sector and improve Armenia s competitiveness. U.S. Treasury advisors help to improve government revenue collections and reduce budgetary deficits.

Security-related assistance for Armenia has almost doubled to $10 million this year, up from $5.6 million last year. This amount includes $4.4 million in military assistance to enhance interoperability with U.S. and NATO forces. This reflects the President's January 25, 2002 waiver for one year of Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act, which prohibited assistance to the Government of Azerbaijan. While Section 907 was in force, the U.S. policy of evenhandedness between Armenia and Azerbaijan prevented the provision of all but nonproliferation security-related assistance to Armenia. Now the U.S. can work with the Governments of both Armenia and Azerbaijan to develop cooperation and provide assistance across a range of new areas.

U.S. law enforcement assistance helps Armenia fight narcotics trafficking and financial crimes. It also seeks to improve human rights in criminal justice institutions.


U.S. Government security-related assistance is intended to enhance Armenian export control and border security systems to prevent weapons proliferation and other illicit trafficking by providing equipment and training to the Armenian Customs, Border Guards, and other border security forces. Further, the assistance seeks to promote a professional military, enhance the Armenian Ministry of Defense command and control capability, and increase interoperability with the U.S., NATO, and other international forces.

Current humanitarian programs for Armenia include the provision of commodities through the Department of State Humanitarian Transport Program. The main commodities being shipped and distributed to the most needy individuals, families, and institutions are medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, school equipment and supplies, clothing, and food. Commencing in October 2001, the Department of State humanitarian programs in Armenia include the operation and support of an medical out-patient clinic in the northerncity of Alaverdi. The total value of all State Department humanitarian commodities provided in FY 2002 is expected to exceed $15 million. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has allocated $3.6 million in FY 2002 for food aid.

The Earthquake Zone Recovery Program provides assistance for housing rehabilitation and other economic and social programs in Gyumri and surrounding areas. These programs have led to significant improvements in living conditions. In addition, the U.S. Government is supporting creation of a centralized data processing and information center that is necessary to fairly and efficiently implement the poverty family benefit system.

(end text)

(end fact sheet)

(Distributed by the Office of International Information Programs, U.S.
Department of State.





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