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By Samual A. Weems

These are difficult times for the small farmer in the United States. If many small farmers are to survive, Congress must enact a farm bill and do it soon.

One reason why there is no American farm legislation is because Congress is spending so much time taking care of places like Armenia throughout the world. In a press release, the Armenian American lobby in the United States brags about how they have obtained 1.5 billion dollars in foreign aid over the past ten years. This is the same Armenia who, during this same ten years, made a sneak and surprise attack on its neighbor Azerbaijan, murdering countless tens of thousands of Muslims and forcing more than one million of them from their homes.

For the United States government to continue the trend of giving annual financial help to these murdering Armenians to the tune of billions of dollars is to approve of and condone the massacre and deportation of more than a million Muslims. It is no wonder that most in the Muslim world hate Americans! The United States government has no business supporting the ethnic cleansing of any people by any people! These are the same Armenians who served Hitler and the Nazis so well from the early 1930s to 1944. The Armenians were very good at rounding up Jews and taking them to the extermination camps!

Armenia "claims" to be the first "Christian" state of earth. It is this "Christian" connection and their spending of mega bucks to lobby the U.S. Congress, that has allowed the Armenians such success in obtaining American taxpayer money! Truth of the matter is, Armenians provide money and a handful of votes to American politicians to insure their success. This is fundamentally wrong and totally un-American. Elected officials should do the right thing and not cater to special interests, such as Armenian lobby, to give away taxpayer's hard earned dollars!

Consider a recent meeting in Armenia with American officials: A few months ago, a major news program reported that terrorists were using banks in Armenia. Rather than check out the facts, the Armenians flooded the network and Congress with complaints. Today, Armenia promised "If they find" any terrorist money, they will freeze it. Of course, they aren't going to find any! Armenians are world famous for not being tellers of truth!


These good "Christian" Armenians also promise to tighten customs at their border to stop the transit of weapons of mass destruction through their tiny, land-locked state. Question: Since they know weapons of mass destruction are flowing through their tiny, land-locked state, isn't it also logical that there is terrorist funds in their banks? Why don't the Armenians allow the United States to make an independent audit, since the Armenians are so eager to take our charity of $1.5 billion dollars? Why hasn't the United States Congress established safeguards about how our money is spent in Armenia? It is insane to turn over $1.5 billion to a corrupt Armenian government and "trust" them to do the right thing!

These Armenians have invited the Russian Army to build military bases in their small state during the same time Americans gave them $1.5 billion dollars. Armenians have also invited Russian soldiers to be stationed at these bases. These poor Armenians say they are just maintaining the balance of military of power in the region. There are less than 3 million Armenians living in Armenia, so why do they need to maintain a balance of military power of billions of dollars worth? Why does Armenia need MIG Russian fighter jets to maintain the balance of power and use US taxpayer's money to maintain it? Why does Armenia need surface to air missiles to maintain a balance of power? Consider for a moment that the Russians gave Armenians, according to U.S. Congress reports, more than 1 billion dollars in 1992 to help them invade their Muslim neighbor. Just why is the United States joining up with Russia to help Armenia ethnically cleanse their neighbor? Just what kind of foreign policy is this!

Consider this fact also: Today, the Armenians want an oil pipeline built between Iran (no friend to the US) and Armenia. Of course the Armenians want to use United States taxpayer money to pay for it. Question: Just what is in the United States' best interest here when rogue states like Armenia and Iran build a pipeline? American taxpayers have no business paying for such a thing!

The Armenians also want to ship what they call "semi-processed tobacco" from Armenia to America. This is crazy! Just what do we need their tobacco here in our country for? The American tobacco industry already has been killing enough US citizens with this horrible product without Congress, helping the Armenians bring in more just so they can make a buck. How will it look to American taxpayer if the U.S. Congress pays billions of dollars in "no strings attached" aid to Armenia and reward Armenia's aggression and ethnic cleansing, only to facilitate sale of Armenian tobacco to USA to kill more Americans?

Another sad fact is the corruption of the Armenian government. This is nothing more than a way of life that they have enjoyed since 1918, when they attempted to establish their dictator terrorist state. It is past time for the American government to audit where taxpayer money is spent!


The Armenians claimed that out of the $110 million they fleeced America out of last year, a whole 15% was spent for "humanitarian programs." The average income in Armenia is $25 per month and they spent a grand total of $16.5 million dollars to help such people. The remaining $93.5 million was spent on what they called "development programs" and "private sector programs." In plain language, the Armenians spent the $93.5 million helping their corrupt friends, while the people received all but nothing! Why can't the United States government audit spending of our tax money in Armenia to insure that these billions of dollars are spent properly and not wasted on graft and corruption?

Armenia is no friend of the United States as evidenced by their dealing with the Russians and Iranians! The Armenians have been in bed with the Russians for 200 years when the Russians started giving them, piece by piece, what the Armenians call their "ancient homeland". The Russians stole it from the Muslims. Since the Armenians love the Russians so much, let's let the Russians keep them up!

Frank Pallone

Pallone (rhymes
with "Baloney")

In the Armenian press release, they brag about how it is that Congressman Frank Pallone (D, NJ) and Congressman Joe Knollenberg (R, MI), co-chairs of the 109 member Congressional Caucus, say there is "significant US interest in investing in Armenia." This question begs to be asked and even more importantly answered:

Why are 109 members of the United States Congress falling all over themselves to give taxpayer money to this gaggle of Armenian bandits, while at the same time they refuse to help the American farmer stay in business?

Who gets the priority treatment here? Isn't it reasonable to prohibit foreign governments from lobbying and mooching Congress out of billions of dollars? Of course the Armenian press release didn't list a single "investment opportunity!"

Consider this: Armenian-Americans perhaps spent less than 1.5 million dollars per year on average, to get some of these congress people elected to the U.S. Congress, which totals $ 15 million in 10 years (1991-2001). In the same ten years, these congress people paid back "their debt" to the Armenian-Americans by sending $ 1.5 billion (with a"b"!) to that terrorist state called Armenia. Each dollar invested into the election campaigns of Pallone and Knollenberg came back as $100 in U.S. aid to Armenia ! Not bad for a country whose number one export is terrorism and number one import is American handouts, don't you think?



 Armenians don't have a single thing to provide for the United States! On the other hand, it is in America's best interest to establish good friendships within the Muslim world. It is past time for the Congress to cut loose deadbeat Armenians and build for America's future. This is the true maintaining of the balance of power in the region. Giving $1.5 billion dollars to Armenia sends the wrong message to the Muslim world. Congressmen Pallone and Knollenberg may get a few dollars in campaign funds and a few votes from Armenian Americans (less than 1 million in the US). However, they are selling out the United States, just as surely as the small farmer is going out of business because these Congressmen refuse to help them!

Congressmen Pallone and Konellenberg, does the saying "charity begins at home" ring any bell?







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...Is to expose the mythological “Armenian genocide,” from the years 1915-16. A wartime tragedy involving the losses of so many has been turned into a politicized story of “exclusive victimhood,” and because of the prevailing prejudice against Turks, along with Turkish indifference, those in the world, particularly in the West, have been quick to accept these terribly defamatory claims involving the worst crime against humanity. Few stop to investigate below the surface that those regarded as the innocent victims, the Armenians, while seeking to establish an independent state, have been the ones to commit systematic ethnic cleansing against those who did not fit into their racial/religious ideal: Muslims, Jews, and even fellow Armenians who had converted to Islam. Criminals as Dro, Antranik, Keri, Armen Garo and Soghoman Tehlirian (the assassin of Talat Pasha, one of the three Young Turk leaders, along with Enver and Jemal) contributed toward the deaths (via massacres, atrocities, and forced deportation) of countless innocents, numbering over half a million. What determines genocide is not the number of casualties or the cruelty of the persecutions, but the intent to destroy a group, the members of which  are guilty of nothing beyond being members of that group. The Armenians suffered their fate of resettlement not for their ethnicity, having co-existed and prospered in the Ottoman Empire for centuries, but because they rebelled against their dying Ottoman nation during WWI (World War I); a rebellion that even their leaders of the period, such as Boghos Nubar and Hovhannes Katchaznouni, have admitted. Yet the hypocritical world rarely bothers to look beneath the surface, not only because of anti-Turkish prejudice, but because of Armenian wealth and intimidation tactics. As a result, these libelous lies, sometimes belonging in the category of “genocide studies,” have become part of the school curricula of many regions. Armenian scholars such as Vahakn Dadrian, Peter Balakian, Richard Hovannisian, Dennis Papazian and Levon Marashlian have been known to dishonestly present only one side of their story, as long as their genocide becomes affirmed. They have enlisted the help of "genocide scholars," such as Roger Smith, Robert Melson, Samantha Power, and Israel Charny… and particularly  those of Turkish extraction, such as Taner Akcam and Fatma Muge Gocek, who justify their alliance with those who actively work to harm the interests of their native country, with the claim that such efforts will help make Turkey more" democratic." On the other side of this coin are genuine scholars who consider all the relevant data, as true scholars have a duty to do, such as Justin McCarthy, Bernard Lewis, Heath Lowry, Erich Feigl and Guenter Lewy. The unscrupulous genocide industry, not having the facts on its side, makes a practice of attacking the messenger instead of the message, vilifying these professors as “deniers” and "agents of the Turkish government." The truth means so little to the pro-genocide believers, some even resort to the forgeries of the Naim-Andonian telegrams or sources  based on false evidence, as Franz Werfel’s The Forty Days of Musa Dagh. Naturally, there is no end to the hearsay "evidence" of the prejudiced pro-Christian people from the period, including missionaries and Near East Relief representatives, Arnold Toynbee, Lord Bryce, Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and so many others. When the rare Westerner opted to look at the issues objectively, such as Admirals Mark Bristol and Colby Chester, they were quick to be branded as “Turcophiles” by the propagandists. The sad thing is, even those who don’t consider themselves as bigots are quick to accept the deceptive claims of Armenian propaganda, because deep down people feel the Turks are natural killers and during times when Turks were victims, they do not rate as equal and deserving human beings. This is the main reason why the myth of this genocide has become the common wisdom.