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Armenian FAQ: Arguments to Prove the "Genocide" 

Prepared by Professor Dennis Papazian, a "genocide scholar" from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, to guide the faithful... and plastered over a number of Armenian web sites. The FAQ boldly addresses viewpoints that challenge the Armenian version of events. How based in fact, however, are the professor's attempts to discredit these views?

  Rebuttal to an Armenian Rebuttal 

Dr. Papazian is at it again! This time he decided to take on a letter written by Turkish Ambassador Elekdag... a whole decade after the letter was written. ("Misplaced Credulity.") Point by agonizing point (at least in the beginning), Holdwater takes a strong look at the credibility of the good professor's own claims.

The 'Armenian Question' Conflict, Trauma & Objectivity

Forgery-busting Turkish professor Türkkaya Ataöv does not approve of the scholarly methods of Professors Vahakn N. Dadrian, Richard Falk, and Roger Smith (the latter also co-wrote a paper on "Professional Ethics," attempting to smear Dr. Heath Lowry, to be found in TAT's Academic department); find out why. Later in the page, Dr. Ataöv looks at "A 'Statement' Wrongly Attributed to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk."

Some Armenian Viewpoints

Actually, just one: "Armenian History in a Nutshell," taken from one of the ubiquitous Armenian web sites.

Head-to-Head with a Rational Armenian 

How do you like that! From a guestbook... he wasn't your typical "Mad Dog," but actually civilized and rational.

Dr. Marashlian's Report on an Important "Genocide" Debate

My MAN, Levon Marashlian! I was so impressed with the professor's gutsy decision to attend a REAL genocide debate in Ankara, when all (far as I could tell) of his fellow invited militia-men wimped out. I didn't want to rebut his report, where he tells of trashing all "Pro-Turk" butts in sight. The direct link to this page on his university's web site has been provided — but I made a record of it here on TAT, as well... since I appreciated this page very much, and just in case the original should go off-line.

  Exchange Between a Turk and an Armenian Apologist

Harold Horowitz vs. Ergun Kirlikovali. A few reactions follow.

An Armenian Tangles with an Armenian

In this corner... ANI's Rouben Adalian. And in this corner... Armenian Forum Editor, Ara Sarafian, who refreshingly argues (in this one example, at least) that facts need to be paid heed to, in the Armenians' desperate attempts to affirm the Armenian "Genocide."

An Australian and an Armenian Exchange Views

A brief and somewhat amusing look at what happens when a purported Australian wonders why Armenians obsess over the genocide business... and how his plea to stop hating and get on with li
fe is met.

Comments from a guestbook at an Armenian web site

Just a few that struck Holdwater's fancy.

Peter Balakian's "THE BURNING TIGRIS"

Mr. Balakian's book, which came out in Sept. 2003, provided a shot-in-the-arm for genocide proponents; the author has done a thorough job of throwing everything in, as far as what the Armenian perspective has to offer. The book was just calling for an in-depth, nearly chapter-by-chapter analysis, exploring the validity of such one-sided history... and here it is.

The Peter Balakian Page

Odds and ends, in the examination of the fascinating professor-poet. What some Armenians think of the man. Joining forces with Silly Samantha Power. Confronted by a "denier." Lying through his teeth, as part of a PBS show.

When Marashlian Attacks

Another Armenian Tangle! It all started when another fake genocide conference attended by Turncoat Turks  was presented behind closed doors; Armenian Forum Vincent Lima co-editor speculated why Dr. Hovannisian didn't come by in a teeny-weeny footnote, coming across as a bit too critical... and Levon Marashlian lunged for a vicious attack!

Vahakn Dadrian's Genocidal Evidence

Like the cop from "Les Miserables," Prosecutor Vahakn Dadrian has borne a single-minded pursuit to show the evilness of the Turks. He has come up with a myriad of details so incriminating on the surface. But can he prove his case, or is his accused as guilty as Jean Valjean? He offers the best of his miserable lot, in a 2001 Harvard University lecture.

A Historian's Opinion of The Burning Tigris

Dr. Andrew Mango gave the rarely heard view on Peter Balakian's one-sided distortion of history. Immediately after its publication, some Armenian sites plastered the manifold responses of outrage, including one from the author, Peter Balakian. A few are analyzed here.

Armenian Rebellion... in the Words of Armenians

Caught on record! (With the aid of the words of some of their allies from the period.) "No Armenian Revolt," indeed..!

Proof of the Armenian "Genocide" in Ninety Seconds

Armenian Assembly of America spokesman gives us his best shot in ninety seconds. Let's see how he fared.

The Key Distortions and Falsehoods in the Methods of the Zoryan Institute

Vahakn Dadrian was at it again back in 1998, addressing a memorandum by the Turkish ambassador, fighting one of the Armenians' endless genocide resolutions. They failed with the resolution, and Prosecutor Dadrian's one-sided weasel presentation has less chance of succeeding, thanks to this in-depth analysis.

William Saroyan and his take on the Turks

The humanistic great author appears to have been caught between two extremes. On one side, he had to acknowledge the genocide, as a loyal Armenian. On the other, he didn't think the Turks were all that bad. He knew the Russians were the worst culprit, if Armenian enemies were to be found.

An "Unhateful" Example of Armenian Oral History?

William Saroyan, in his introduction of Leon Surmelian's "I Ask You Ladies and Gentlemen," called the book "gentle, civilized" and "a story without hate." It is this disarming quality that makes the "extermination" chapter all the more alarming. Since Surmelian sounds so credible, the evil acts he presents come across as believable. It surely must have had a powerful effect, as one of the books that convinced Vahakn Dadrian to embark on his hateful genocide crusade.

Vahakn Dadrian Objects to Guenter Lewy

Vahakn Dadrian was not happy with an analysis of the Armenian "genocide," and went after the author with both barrels. Dadrian got pretty technical, with what he does best: throw the weight of his obsessively collected anti-Turkish dirt, hoping the reader will be too shell-shocked to analyze what is really going on. But if we scratch beneath the surface of Dadrian's smokescreen style, what do we really find? Read this page and see how good the "renowned scholar" is.

Vahakn Dadrian Objects to Edward Erickson

Vahakn Dadrian was at it again, attempting to tear down the integrity of a scholar not 100% in agreement with Dadrian's dogma. His victim this time is Edward J. Erickson, who tried his best to avoid the genocide chatter, but couldn't avoid the issue of Armenian rebellion in his book dissecting Ottoman military tactics. Once again, Dadrian tries to give the impression that the scholar under attack is not very scholarly. In cases as these, we must take a look at the scholarly merit of Prosecutor Dadrian's own one-sided claims.

Guenter Lewy Responds to the Genocide Pros

The genocide forces are at the ready to try and take down the slightest accounts of "denial" in the media. Here, they had to deal with an account not so slight, but very scholarly — an article by Prof. Lewy in COMMENTARY Magazine. The genociders came out in full force, at the head of which were Peter Balakian, Israel Charny and Dennis Papazian. See them whine and cry, misrepresent and call names, in their typically "superb arrogance." See Prof. Lewy refreshingly put them in their places.
Guenter Lewy Responds to Vahakn Dadrian

As if it weren't bad enough for Vahakn Dadrian to have gone on an anti-Lewy rampage in an Islamophobic web site, as scrutinized three sections above, he made a head on attack in the letters section of the publication of his wrath, THE MIDDLE EAST QUARTERLY. This time, however, Dadrian did not have the luxury of monologue; Prof. Lewy had words of his own, and Dadrian emerged from the encounter, smelling like a dead rose. (But with thorns still intact.)

Richard Hovannisian Picks a Bone with Armenia

After suffering from an "honesty attack" back in 1982 when he basically admitted there was no genocide, Hovannisian has once again fallen victim to this awful malady. This time, he has done the unthinkable: called to light the corruption and persecution in Armenia. It appears he might have been influenced by Armenia's disrespect toward him and his son, but that matters not! Let us hope the professor will keep falling victim to the honesty ailment, even at the risk of exposing his own hypocrisy.

Vahakn Dadrian BUSTED: Halil Pasha

The prosecuting professor finally came up with real genocidal evidence, for a change! A high-ranking Ottoman military commander admitted in his memoirs that he had polished off 300,000 Armenians. But was there more to this "confession" than met the eye? With Vahakn Dadrian's dishonest scholarly strategies at work, you can bet your bottom piaster.

Vahakn Dadrian's Greatest Embarassment

Most of us in this game are already accustomed to Vahakn Dadrian's weasel scholarship by now, but V. D. truly scraped the bottom of his own greasy barrel when he attempted to validate what everyone in the world knows to be crude forgeries, the propaganda of Aram Andonian and the "Naim Bey" documents. That was some twenty years back, but today Dadrian is still belting out the "Armenian AND? Anthem," trying to make us believe Andonian is legit. It simply boggles the mind.

One Reason Why Dennis Papazian is in a Genocide Tizzy

Prof. Papazian candidly admits in an interview one of the reasons why recognition for his genocide would be so attractive for him. In addition, some of his other interview statements are examined.

Sizing Up Dadrian: "Too Much Theory... Too Little Facts."

A genuine historian, Mary Schaeffer Conroy, takes a look at Vahakn Dadrian's scholarship, and exposes the propagandist's unethical methodology.

Vahakn Dadrian’s Signal to Noisy Nonsense

Taking apart the claims of our "favorite authority on the Armenian Genocide," from a particularly vicious 2003 paper.

Vahakn Dadrian's Shoddy Scholarship Under Fire

More and more academics & intellectuals are discovering the trickery and dishonesty of "the foremost authority on the Armenian genocide," even genocide advocating would-be scholars.

Ed Erickson Responds to Vahakn Dadrian's Libel

As usual, Dadrian got personal, attacking the messenger as well as the message, when he came after Dr. Ed Erickson's "Armenian" chapter, in his "Ordered to Die" book. Almost two years later, Erickson had a few words of his own to say.

Richard Hovannisian vs. Stanford Shaw

In 1978, Richard Hovannisian came after Stanford Shaw's history with both barrels. Shaw wiped up the floor with him, by using a cross to Hovannisian's vampire: genuine scholarship.

Doubts on the "Armenian Genocide" Map

Ara Sarafian points to the mediocre scholarship of ANI's Dr. Rouben Adalian, in an Armenian Forum article. Also, a look at a scholar that Sarafian evidently respects, Raymond Kevorkian.

1959 Turkish Ambassador vs. "The Armenian Review"

A rare encounter of the two sides.

An Honorable Armenian Speaks of Anti-Turkism

The phenomenon of hatred against Turks as an expression of Armenian patriotism is explored by an Armenian humanitarian.

History of the ARF Dashnaktsutiun (1890-1924)


Author Hratch Dasnabedian tries to whitewash the ARF, but it’s not difficult to see the Dashnaks for the criminals they were.

K. S. Papazian's Book, "Patriotism Perverted"

Kapriel Serope Papazian's 1934 book, "Patriotism Perverted" is more valuable today than ever, exposing as it does the true unscrupulous and murderous nature of the Dashnaks.







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