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 As we all know, the French are so morally superior, they (with the significant influence and wealth of their Armenian minority) try and criminalize the fact that there was no Armenian genocide. What is referred to as an Armenian genocide was, in fact, a situation created by France and her two wartime allies, Britain and Russia, provoking and getting the greedy Armenians on their side, so that the three powers could split Ottoman lands between themselves. Hypocrisy on such a level may not have been that bad, but how did the French behave while in control of Muslims themselves? (And we are not referring to the horrible way the French allowed their bloodthirsty Armenian Legion to be released upon the Ottoman Turkish and Muslim population in Adana, after the end of WWI.)

Here is a report from the American newspaper (in Indiana), The Fort Wayne Daily News, August 20, 1907. Unlike the testimony of biased Armenians and their Western allies that are behind the often invented "genocide" stories published without question in the bigoted Western press, this eyewitness does not appear to have had reason to exaggerate the tragic account.

Note this was less than a decade before the "genocide." And France had the audacity to lecture and threaten the Ottoman Turks on war crimes, on May 24, 1915. (Along with ally Russia, who was massacring loads of Jews and Muslims at the time, and Britain was doing its bit, as in 1919 Amritsar, India.)


1) Background of the episode, from another newspaper account

2) Moralizing from the French, regarding the Boers & Armenians




S, W. Bolton's Description of Atrocities at Casablanca.


Are Guilty of Crimes that are Beyond Belief, He Asserts In His Story.


Used Criminals for the Commission of the Worst of Outrages.

STORY; Page 1

LEICESTER, England, Aug. 20.— Atrocities too horrible to mention and a disgrace to the civilization they were supposed to represent, are charged against the French and Spanish soldiers and sailors at Casablanca by S. W. Bolton, the first refugee from Casablanca to reach England. The whole massacre there, Bolton asserts, was deliberately arranged by the French. The invasion of Casablanca was so arranged as to cause the Moors to resort to violence, time giving the invaders an excuse for shooting down helpless natives and resorting to terrible outrages against the Moors.

Bolton is connected with the North African mission. He made a lengthy, statement to the United Press, bristling with sensational charges, which show the French and Spanish occupance of Casablanca in a terrible light. He said: "The conduct of the French, and Spanish soldiers at Casablanca was a disgrace to civilization. It is almost beyond belief that such horrors as were committed by the French and Spaniards could have been done by Christian Europeans. Though my country has alliances with both France and Spain, 1 consider it my duty to reveal the truth, and I declare France deliberately arranged to cause the massacre at Casablanca as an act ot petty revenge.

France's Blunder.

"It was all a brutish blunder. If, in the first instance, France had landed 500 or 600 men to preserve order there would not have been any massacre. [Continued on Tenth Page.]

A "historical" depiction of Moors, the dark Muslim
people of Morocco, of Arabic-Berber stock. Under
Spanish rule in the 1880s, before France took over
most of Morocco in the early 1900s; Morocco
became independent in 1956.

There was no need for France to try to capture the town, for the Moors stood ready even to deliver the keys to France if they had been asked for, and to punish in any way agreeable to France the assassins of Europeans.

"But France landed less than 100 men, who tried to force their way Into Casablanca, and when the Moors resisted, began shooting. The whole affair was pre-arranged with the idea of making the Moors the aggressors, so that the French and Spanish soldiers could have the sport of killing defenseless men and women.

"When the French got control of Casablanca they let loose the foreign legion, whose ranks are composed of the worst criminals In Europe.

Unmentionable Crimes.

Claude Rains, CASABLANCA

"Round up the usual suspects." Claude Rains as Louis,
French police chief in WWII Morocco, from the film
classic CASABLANCA. To show how lopsided the
"world of genocide" is, an  image search on the Internet
for "French atrocities" or "French massacres" (in order
to help dress this page) came up relatively dry, and the
few graphic pictures were from the endless

"Many of the sights I saw committed by these soldiers are unprintable. I saw them looting everything takable [sic]; I saw them carrying away young Moorish girls, committing unmentionable crimes; I saw them massacre wounded and helpless natives.

"One Moor I saw emerge unarmed from a saint's tomb outside the city wall and try to escape, but he was shot down. While he was helpless on the ground a French soldier beat out his brains.

"Orders were issued that all natives carrying white flags must be safeguarded, but the order was useless, for the soldiers never looked for flags, but shot to kill every time they saw a moving human being. I saw one Moor run the gauntlet of forty bullets before he finally fell."

Background on the Above  

(The following account from The Newark Advocate, August 6, 1907, provides an idea of what sparked these tragic events.)




Tangier, Aug. 6—Advices late this afternoon from Casablanca say that the native losses in the fighting there numbered 150 persons killed or wounded by bayonets and 400 were struck by shells. Part of the town was in flames when the message was sent.

Tangier, Morocco, Aug. 6.—Open hostilities resulting in the injury of five French officers and sailors, the bombardment of the villages surrounding Casa Blanca by French and Spanish warships, many casualties among the Moors and a demand that the Moorish commander surrender to the French consul under a threat to raze Casa Blanca today marked the most serious breach of the troubles there. The French admiral ordered 150 sailors to go ashore from the cruiser Galilee to protect the French consulate. The Moorish troops and tribesmen looked upon the landing of the men as an invasion and opened fire upon them. Five officers fell at the first volley. Six sailors also had been wounded when the Galilee began the bombardment from the harbor. When the shells began breaking over the town, the Moors quickly fell back and the French sailors were able to take up the wounded and care for them. The French cruiser Duchayla quickly joined the Galilee in the bombardment and the Spanish cruiser Don Alvarode Vanzan also joined in sending shells over the town. The bombardment was confined chiefly to the villages surrounding the town. Many dwellings of various kinds were shattered and it was impossible to learn the casualties.

Large reinforcement of tribesmen from the outlying districts were rushed into the city.

Gathering confidence, the town battery began firing at the cruisers and immediately the guns from the ships were trained upon the fortifications. After two or three shells had been sent among the land guns the Moorish commander signified his desire to mediate. When communication was established the Moors sought the pardon of the French admiral for firing on the sailors. This request was peremptorily refused and in such a way as to indicate that heavier toll than an apology was demanded and must be forthcoming.

The Moorish commander was informed that the only way he could prevent the continuation of the bombardment would be to surrender absolutely to the French consul.

The Spanish gunboat then landed sailors to protect the Spanish consulate.

Paris, Aug. 6.—The government expects that the infantry will be landed at Casablanca on Wednesday afternoon and that the artillery and cavalry will be disembarked Friday and Saturday. Germany has assured France of her entire approval of the Moroccan program. To all diplomatic visitors, Foreign Minister Pichon emphasizes the fact that France and Spain will not exceed the terms of the Algeciras convention.

Casablanca Still Terrorized.

Washington. Aug. 6.—The state department received a cablegram from American Minister Gummere. now in Tangier, Morocco, stating that the government troops have occupied Mazargan. French cruisers were sent there and two other cruisers were sent to Casablanca. More refugees from Casablanca have arrived at Tangier and report that the town is still terrorized.


The French Moralize on Human Rights, in 1902

From The New York Times, Jan. 21, 1902


Delcassé Tells Deputies an Offer to Mediate Is Impossible—The Chamber Approves His Attitude.

PARIS, Jan. 20.—To-day's session of the Chamber of Deputies was devoted to interpellations concerning the attitude of France on the Boer war and the Armenian question.

M. Rouanet (Radical Socialist) presented the first interpellation, in which he criticised the Government for not securing the settlement of the Armenian Question when it forced Turkey to yield In the matter of the Lorando and other claims.

M. Delcasse, Minister of Foreign Affairs, replied that this matter was an international one, and that intervention at the present moment would be inopportune, as it would raise delicate and complicated questions. The Chamber approved the declaration of the Foreign Minister by. a vote of [280 to 238].

M. Berry, (Conservative,) Clovis Hugues. (Republican Socialist,) and the Abbé Lemire (Christian Socialist) then introduced various interpellations bearing upon the lack of action of The Hague Peace Tribunal in regard to the war in South Africa. These speakers dilated upon the horrors of the concentration camps and alleged violations of the rules of war. M. Berry declared that Great Britain had excluded the Transvaal from The Hague Conference because she was then intent upon forcing a war on the Boers, and contended that certain articles of the peace convention authorized the powers to intervene if they wished to do so. M. Berry urged the Government to bring about Intervention in South Africa.

The Abbé Lemire also called upon the Government to aid the Boers, not only by sympathy but also by diplomacy, to become a free people. The Abbé concluded by saying:

"We made the United States free; let us make the Boers free also."

The speeches of M..Berry and the Abbé Lemlre were warmly cheered.

Leon Bourgeois (Radical Republican) said the present situation in South Africa did not imply the destruction of the work of The Hague Conference, as the Transvaal had not participated therein and consequently could not invoke its intervention. M. Bourgeois said The Hague Conference had not yet closed, that the non-signatories might later be admitted thereto, and that the the conference contained a germ which would gradually develop.

M. Deleassé, replyinG to M. Bourgeois, "said the peace convention did not prevent war but compelled the nations to conduct it according to the laws of nations and humanity. France was willing to invoke arbitration when certain that the offer would be accepted, but nothing had happened in the course of the Boer war to indicate that an offer of mediation would be favorably received. If such an offer were rejected, continued the. Minister, it would be necessary to impose mediation, which would make war with Great Britain inevitable. M. Delcassé added:

"We are therefore obliged to refrain, whatever may be the sympathies all here profess for that courageous people. Intervention on the part of France would only result In entangling her foreign policy, and it is the duty of the Government to retain the entire liberty of that policy. These remarks were greeted with loud applause.

Denis Cochin (Conservative) said that Great Britain was suffering from the sickness of imperialism, and that France ought to take advantage of her enfeebled condition and the tottering condition of the Dreibund to secure the settlement in her favor of certain pending questions.

The Chamber unanimously approved the declarations of M. Delclassé and then adjourned.

Translation: As the inevitability of war with Great Britain played a big part in not dwelling on the matter of the Boers, who were certainly suffering in a an incomparably greater manner than the early 1900s "victims" of the "Armenian Question," it's only permissible to push another nation around when it's safe. To embellish French hypocrisy, it then becomes perfectly all right to turn around and to engage in the "sickness of imperialism" a few years later, and to disobey the "laws of nations and humanity."


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...Is to expose the mythological “Armenian genocide,” from the years 1915-16. A wartime tragedy involving the losses of so many has been turned into a politicized story of “exclusive victimhood,” and because of the prevailing prejudice against Turks, along with Turkish indifference, those in the world, particularly in the West, have been quick to accept these terribly defamatory claims involving the worst crime against humanity. Few stop to investigate below the surface that those regarded as the innocent victims, the Armenians, while seeking to establish an independent state, have been the ones to commit systematic ethnic cleansing against those who did not fit into their racial/religious ideal: Muslims, Jews, and even fellow Armenians who had converted to Islam. Criminals as Dro, Antranik, Keri, Armen Garo and Soghoman Tehlirian (the assassin of Talat Pasha, one of the three Young Turk leaders, along with Enver and Jemal) contributed toward the deaths (via massacres, atrocities, and forced deportation) of countless innocents, numbering over half a million. What determines genocide is not the number of casualties or the cruelty of the persecutions, but the intent to destroy a group, the members of which  are guilty of nothing beyond being members of that group. The Armenians suffered their fate of resettlement not for their ethnicity, having co-existed and prospered in the Ottoman Empire for centuries, but because they rebelled against their dying Ottoman nation during WWI (World War I); a rebellion that even their leaders of the period, such as Boghos Nubar and Hovhannes Katchaznouni, have admitted. Yet the hypocritical world rarely bothers to look beneath the surface, not only because of anti-Turkish prejudice, but because of Armenian wealth and intimidation tactics. As a result, these libelous lies, sometimes belonging in the category of “genocide studies,” have become part of the school curricula of many regions. Armenian scholars such as Vahakn Dadrian, Peter Balakian, Richard Hovannisian, Dennis Papazian and Levon Marashlian have been known to dishonestly present only one side of their story, as long as their genocide becomes affirmed. They have enlisted the help of "genocide scholars," such as Roger Smith, Robert Melson, Samantha Power, and Israel Charny… and particularly  those of Turkish extraction, such as Taner Akcam and Fatma Muge Gocek, who justify their alliance with those who actively work to harm the interests of their native country, with the claim that such efforts will help make Turkey more" democratic." On the other side of this coin are genuine scholars who consider all the relevant data, as true scholars have a duty to do, such as Justin McCarthy, Bernard Lewis, Heath Lowry, Erich Feigl and Guenter Lewy. The unscrupulous genocide industry, not having the facts on its side, makes a practice of attacking the messenger instead of the message, vilifying these professors as “deniers” and "agents of the Turkish government." The truth means so little to the pro-genocide believers, some even resort to the forgeries of the Naim-Andonian telegrams or sources  based on false evidence, as Franz Werfel’s The Forty Days of Musa Dagh. Naturally, there is no end to the hearsay "evidence" of the prejudiced pro-Christian people from the period, including missionaries and Near East Relief representatives, Arnold Toynbee, Lord Bryce, Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and so many others. When the rare Westerner opted to look at the issues objectively, such as Admirals Mark Bristol and Colby Chester, they were quick to be branded as “Turcophiles” by the propagandists. The sad thing is, even those who don’t consider themselves as bigots are quick to accept the deceptive claims of Armenian propaganda, because deep down people feel the Turks are natural killers and during times when Turks were victims, they do not rate as equal and deserving human beings. This is the main reason why the myth of this genocide has become the common wisdom.