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Professor Mahmut Esat Ozan has been the rare, tireless voice in the United States, putting up his dukes in the sea of Turcophobes for many years. Here is a commentary that appeared somewhere on the Internet.



The true friend of the Turks, Hon. Judge Samuel A. Weems' new publication entitled "SECRETS OF A CHRISTIAN TERRORIST STATE- ARMENIA, has already altered drastically the old equation of 1.5 million Armenians dying at the hands of the ancestors of the citizens of today's modern Turkey. 'Judge Sam' as the Turkish people like to call him affectionately, has injected brand new theories into this new parity which will change the way people look at their claims. They will discover , if they have not yet done so, that mythical fables and daydreams have never been productive. No matter how much the Armenian damage control machine would struggle from now on, Judge Sam's "BOOK" will interfere with their efforts to besmirch the honor of the Turkish Republic and of the Turks. A change of tactics, if not of heart, is in the offing for them. And this will be a good thing for everyone involved.

Let us look at it this way: Today there could be a great deal to be gained by the citizens of the Armenian Republic and by the members of the worldwide Armenian Diaspora if they decided to relinquish their old hateful ways, come down from their lofty perches of eminence, and nests of defamation, and join the rest of the world. If they could just shake off the ugly shackles of hatred and rancor enveloping them against the Turkish people, there's no doubt they would be the winners in the end. By tearing the cloth of this cocoon of hatred and breaking out of it, they could reach fresh air.

Furthermore, by renouncing immediately their dependence on terrorism, and their obsession for territorial aggression and conquest they could be free at last of those restraints mentioned earlier. Following these steps, they could soon find out that putting away their mythical fables, and above all, their unproductive daydreams, they would be purging themselves from what is ailing them. Up until Judge Sam's book was published, they had been pursuing unattainable goals. There is so much to benefit them if they could leave behind their bogus theories and sham blueprints drawn around an alleged genocide that had never happened and stop relying on a slue of non-binding, meaningless resolutions and the like, gotten only at great financial expense and coercion, from foreign governments, parliaments, municipalities and states, and instead concentrate on the fruitful harvests of the future which can only be obtained in peace and prosperity.

If they refuse all this and wish to continue on in their addictive tactics, they should at least think that it would be to the advantage of all Armenians, residing here in the United States or abroad, to stop playing the numbers game concerning the extend of their ancestors massacred by the Ottomans during the First World War. They could start being more believable if they stopped propagating ad nauseam a flotsam of falsified documents and quotations, cleverly invented, such as the one which is attributed to Adolph Hitler. This decision alone would diminish the ridicule they are now receiving and stop the whole world laughing at them.

The Armenian extremists could also derive great profit for themselves if they decide to own up at least to a small portion of killings of Muslims they perpetrated during the period between 1914-and 1923. By simply relinquishing the usage of the above-mentioned vendettas against the inheritors of the long defunct Ottoman Empire, the citizens of the modern Turkish Republic, they would be the beneficiaries of a more profitable balance sheet of history. Furthermore, by joining the civilized world they could be guaranteeing a better life for millions of underfed or virtually starving Armenians in their country, and give them a chance to prosper economically. The renunciation of terrorism altogether could begin to earn for Armenia the respect of the world's community of nations. This fringe benefit alone should be appealing enough to entice most Armenians who are busy finding ways to leave their homeland and encourage them to stay there instead and try to improve their own country for the future.



There is an Armenian-descent UCLA professor by the name of Richard Hovannisian. This so-called academician from the state of California is the true example of a daydreamer. On top of his usual claims of Armenian territory to be extracted from their "Armenian Turkey" being under occupation in Eastern Turkey, he is now professing a ludicrous idea that the Turkish Black Sea area should be considered part of an 'old Armenian empire' and that it should be a part of the contemporary geography of the Republic of Armenia. Prof. Richard Hovannisian conducted a conference at UCLA fairly recently on the "Historic Armenian Cities on the Black Sea Pontus communities"

This 'goofy' gentleman, for decades, has been using your tax monies and mine on subjects as ridiculous as this one and on many others. Surprisingly, he is also the Chairman of ' Modern Armenian History' at the university where he's been infesting young American minds and in so doing he's been drawing big salaries as the head of UCLA's Departments of Social Sciences, and the Center of European and Russian Studies.


This is the same Prof. Hovannisian who was featured in a book just published by 'Judge Sam'. This book, which after many unforeseen and unfortunate delays, is presently on the market as it was stated above. It is only the part (1) of the Armenian Great Deception Series. All Turks should consider this voluminous book as an unsolicited gift to the Turkish nation and to the many friends of the Turks everywhere. This priceless gift for which we have been waiting for over 70 years is donated to us by an 'honest to goodness' truly Christian gentleman, a retired State of Arkansas Prosecutor and Judge. Every Turk should own one copy of it for the family and purchase another one to give away for a suitable cause.

While Judge Sam was doing his extensive research for his book, he had to read the four large volumes of work of this UCLA Professor's publication, entitled "The History of the Armenian Republic."



The wishful thinking of Professor Hovannisian, as well as of many other Armenians, solidifies on the hypothesis that if a few Armenians lived somewhere in the Ottoman Empire that area was considered their own land. This 'Pie in the sky' theory still continues today. This academician goes as far as claiming that the Armenians should be given the Black Sea section of modern day Turkey because some Armenians may have lived there prior to the First World War. Hovannisian has the nerve to claim the following: "In the modern period, the Armenian communities from Samsun in the west to Giresun, Ordu, Trebizond, and Rize were enlightened and prosperous (Armenian territories.). There were numerous schools and churches and they became active intellectual centers as well." [This probably is justification enough for his ridiculous claims.]

Professor Hovannisian continues by committing the most egregious lies ever uttered by a university teaching staff. He accuses the Turks of starting the 1895 massacres of all Armenians in this area he calls Pontus. His accusations are so outrageous that one has to dismiss them with a hearty laugh.. His statements, however, have infuriated the Greeks, who also claim the same area for themselves. Hovannisian says many different forces tried to gain possession of the area in 1916-1920 and at the end it was given to the Turks because no Allied Power was willing to assist Armenia to take possession of this area called the PONTUS. The professor thinks that the Armenian Republic is the true possessor of the Black Sea shores, now in the hands of Turks. What a shame that the youth of America are being inculcated by the likes of Richard Hovannisian in UCLA, one of the most prestigious U.S. universities, nick named 'The Big Ten.'




Let us not forget that Armenia is a country which cannot even feed its own people properly. The Armenian Republic's President Robert Kocharian and his murderous cohorts govern this miserably poor place with an iron hand. Riddled with corruption, terrorism, and mismanagement, today's Armenia is more dependent on U.S. and Russian aid than ever before.

The all-powerful Armenian lobby in the U.S. Congress amassed for Armenia more than 1.4 billion dollars in the last decade alone. Now they are asking a yearly contingency of 90 million dollars, to be granted to that nation. In excess of two million of Armenia's small population of 3.7 million have already escaped to other neighboring countries. There are no industries, no marketable goods to be exported. The unemployment figures are appalling, yet the Kocharian government spends most of the aid money it receives from foreign sources and the contributions from Armenians in Diaspora to operate hatred camps, to produce racist films and literature. Thousands of dollars are spent for a slue of hateful propaganda, and this is happening in a place where the average monthly salary is $6.00. The salary of a university sociology professor is a whopping $25.00 a month. According to Alexei V. Kuznetsov of the Los Angeles Times Moscow Bureau, Masis Cochirian, who lives in the town of Charentsavan is willing to leave his furnished two-room apartment in a workers dormitory to anyone who could purchase him a bus ticket to Russia. Masis says: "I promise, you will never see me again. The "L.A. Times' Kuznetsov adds: "To Armenian patriots, their president Robert Kocharian is an all too common example of a national dream gone sour."

The despotic ruler, Kocharian, spent all revenues, domestic and foreign, in preserving the myth of a non-existing Armenian genocide, and clearly misused the national treasury for the wrong reasons. After collecting armaments and ammunition from their historic Russian masters, he plunged Armenia into a war on Azerbaijan in 1992, and following a series of slaughters in Nogorno Karabakh, Armenia now occupies 20% of Azeri lands.The war has created over a million Azeri refugees who have been languishing in the freezing leaky tents, whose occupants wallowing in mud and snow in winter, and starvation and disease at all seasons. Millions of dollars are also spent to elect the right kind of U.S. Congressmen and Senators who would twist arms for the adoption of the infamous "G" word by the United States officials. President George W. Bush still refuses to employ the word and is creating many enemies for himself in the upcoming elections.

Back at the personal 'ranch' of Robert Kocharian, things are looking pretty bad, too. At the end of many years of decaying, witnessed in a not only economic but also ethical and moral ground the country is now facing another problem. Scores of Armenian soldiers are dismissed from duty in the national armed forces, by claiming that they are homosexuals. This is a convenient way to avoid serving in the military. In a tiny land-locked country like Armenia, there exists an unusual proportion of them. During the past year alone seven 'gay men' were murdered. The representative of the Helsinki Human Rights organization, Mikael Danielyan recently complained to a group of international Press members that there was no human rights for homosexuals in Armenia. While on the other hand a governmental representative , Nilim Barua, gave a recent statement to the Arminfo that the Media was exaggerating the problem. It could easily be said that Armenia has been living a most difficult time, ever since it got its independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991.

In one of my earlier essays : "The Sinking Ship Of Armenia" I had used a Turkish proverb which I would like to repeat here one more time: "He who does not have "ayran" to drink, insists on being carried to the bathroom in a sedan chair." That is what the President of this tiny mountainous, landlocked country is doing to Armenia. As alluded to earlier, instead of helping the average citizen to live a little bit better and prevent this huge exodus from happening in their homeland, Kocharian has been doing quite the opposite. He has been wasting all that money provided to him by the Congress of the USA and the charitable collections of the Diaspora Armenians. He is fond of building monuments for the victims of an unproven alleged genocide, and of equipping ASALA's Dashnack terrorists with modern weapons of destruction and murder. And for that bloody organization called ASALA which has murdered 70 Turkish diplomats and their families, in the recent past, the word murder has been nothing more than 'second nature.' So we hope that when we restate the title of this essay: "Armenians, Come Down From Your Fantasyland and Start Living in the Real World" that admonition does not fall on deaf ears.



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