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This is part of a series examining the works of the Armenian-supported, perpetual "visiting professor" Taner Akcam; here is the lead page for this series.



Taner Akcam not long ago was an undistinguished academic in Germany, trying to recreate himself after a career of spreading terror in Turkey, working as a janitor to make ends meet, and dodging bullets from his one-time Kurdish terrorist buddies (most of which Akcam related in an interview). He evidently never taught in a German institution, where he earned his doctorate degree. The kinds of papers he wrote appeared in rinky-dink publications bearing the name "Kurdistan," and the like.

Taner Akcam

Taner Akcam

Who would want to hire this man to come to an American university and teach? Especially when there are so many qualified American scholars with Ph.Ds who go wanting for university positions? What could Taner Akcam have possibly offered anyone? (His degree was in Sociology. The demand for sociology professors in the United States is not strikingly high.)

Akcam met Vahakn Dadrian, whom many regard as the "foremost authority on the Armenian Genocide," but those who have looked into his scholarly methodology know him better as a foremost master of deception. Getting mentored by Dadrian appears to have been step number one for Taner Akcam, in his path to a profitable new career; both mentor and student appeared in the 1997 documentary, "A Wall of Silence, The Unspoken Fate of the Armenians." It looks like Akcam may have spent time in Canada, where Dadrian appears to have settled after abruptly leaving his State University of New York at Geneseo position, after 1991; Akcam's first major English language paper, "The Genocide of the Armenians and the Silence of the Turks" evidently first appeared in Canada.

It was at this time Taner Akcam was suddenly recruited as a "Visiting Scholar at the Armenian Research Center, University of Michigan-Dearborn." Who could possibly have brought Taner Akcam to this American university? The Armenian Research Center is the domain of Prof. Dennis Papazian, and the answer appears obvious.

But the official explanation was that Fatma Muge Gocek, another sociologist from Michigan-Dearborn, recognized what a great talent Taner Akcam was, and "hosted" Akcam, on her lonesome, to get the cushy American university position. Even though Akcam does not seem to have belonged to any faculty from his days in Germany.

It looked better to have a Turk sponsor another Turk. It would have seemed awfully fishy if the Armenians had brought Akcam in. After all, Akcam was the first "Turkish scholar" to have recognized their genocide. He was most valuable to have broken the mold, having made it possible to open the floodgates to a whole crowd of opportunistic Turks. The Armenians certainly did not want to risk the enterprise with the appearance of pulling their golden boy's strings.

Fatma Gocek was all too willing to cooperate, as she had become an all-too-willing proponent of the Armenians' genocide by this time. There was a wonderfully detailed account on the Internet regarding this master plan on how bringing Akcam in was all Gocek's idea, but a search unfortunately failed to unearth it.

Harut Sassounian's "Turkish Minister Cancels Michigan Trip Because of Armenian Genocide" (April 15, 2004) Courier article provides an abbreviated telling; the Turkish Minister of Education, Huseyin Celik "was advised to cancel his visit to the Univ. of Michigan (Ann Arbor), because his host there would have been Associate Prof. of Sociology, Fatma Muge Gocek. Prof. Gocek learned that the Foreign Ministry had told the Education Minister to cancel his trip to the Univ. of Michigan, because she 'recognized the Armenian claims [of genocide], had previously hosted Taner Akcam [a Turkish scholar who recognizes the Armenian Genocide] at the University of Michigan, and is currently writing a book on the issue'."

But was it really Fatma Muge Gocek who brought Akcam in?


 Dennis Papazian Admits Otherwise!


Dennis Papazian

Dr. Dennis Papazian

In the "Armenian" Yahoo group, Dr. Papazian could not resist spilling the beans:

It was I who brought Taner Akcam to America as well as Hilmar Kaiser. The first was certainly good, and we do not know yet about the second case.

To read the entire post, click here.

Hilmar Kaiser apparently has a rivalry with Akcam. Kaiser's only living is to affirm the Armenians' genocide, just like Akcam. Unlike Akcam, Kaiser does not play completely along with the genocide forces, and is more of a loose cannon. For example, Kaiser resents the absurdly deceptive tactics of old-guard extremists such as Vahakn Dadrian and Richard Hovannisian. (As Prof. Guenter Lewy put forth, "Hilmar Kaiser... has drawn attention to 'misleading quotations' and the 'selective use of sources' in Dadrian's work, and he has concluded that 'serious scholars should be cautioned against accepting all of Dadrian's statements at face value.'" ["Germany and the Armenian Genocide, Part II: Reply to Vahakn N. Dadrian's Response," Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies, 9 (1996): 139-40.])

We all know what happens to pro-Armenians who don't play along obsequiously, in the manner of the tail-wagging Taner Akcam. Hilmar Kaiser got shut out. He couldn't be privy to the Armenian money that comes from the ubiquitous Armenian foundations to pay off these stooges. Thus, the Cafesjian Foundation is reportedly financing Taner Akcam's latest "visiting professor" job at that other Armenian-friendly institution, Stephen Feinstein's University of Minnesota. At the time of this writing, early 2006, Kaiser needs to rely on less stable genocide industry hand-outs.

Dennis Papazian certainly sounds ungrateful about Kaiser's contributions, doesn't he? Even if Kaiser does not suck up completely, he is still a 100% adherent to the Armenian genocide cause. How could that not be "good"? What Papazian means is that Kaiser is not "good enough." Woe to those who deviate even the slightest from the monolithic propaganda machinery.










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