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The word paranoid defines someone's action as "characterized by extreme suspiciousness, grandiose delusions, or delusions of persecution." The Armenians have all these traits and more! In addition to being paranoid they are also very selfish and they are only concerned with their own welfare and/or interests and have little or no concern for the welfare of others. This character flaw is present in their self-centered attitude illustrated below.

One can be sure, beyond any doubt, that at every instance when the government of the Republic of Turkey proposes anything positive, the Armenians will have a knee-jerk movement to oppose it here in the United States! This is an unfathomable peculiarity even Sigmund Freud could not explain nor could he have had any prognosis for what's ailing the Armenians. Had he been alive today and busy practicing his universally accepted psychoanalysis, even he, the famous Sigmund Freud could not have been able to help them with a remedy.

Consider the latest Armenian actions: At a time when the United States is spearheading the seriousness of a' War on Terrorism', the Armenians scuttle the efforts of the government of the United States of America in this serious fight. The Armenian lobby does everything in its power to overturn the actions of America to the point of almost aiding and abetting the Al Qaeda terrorists. They continue this selfish policy of theirs to the detriment of this country even though they are here, with their hands stretched out begging for billions of our tax dollars in free handouts.

The Administration of President Bush is giving serious thoughts regarding having a regime change in Iraq. There is even talk of a preemptive invasion of that country which has been supporting not only known terrorist organizations but also for its manufacturing and storing of weapons of mass destruction. The Armenians know about such things as they are selling knowledge and materials to Iran to help them manufacture weapons of mass destruction that violates US laws.


It is public knowledge that the government of Turkey was a key supporter of the USA and the 26-nation coalition during the 1991 Gulf War. At that time such support by the Turkish nation cost the Turkish economy more than $50 billion dollars and helped to create the present economic crisis in the country. Iraq was the Turks' number one trading partner. Now the government of the United States is talking anew with the Turks about their support of America.

As expected, with a clockwork precision, the Armenians react to this news in a negative way. Here's how they've been doing this dastardly act:

A few days ago Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense, held talks with Turkish leaders in Ankara, Turkey about the possible future U.S. action in Iraq. While Mr. Wolfowitz conducted three-day- long consultations with the Turks in the Turkish capital he made the following friendly overture to the Turks:

"I think a real test of whether a country is a democracy, is how it treats its minorities. And actually it's one of the things that impresses me about Turkish history-the way Turkey treats its own minorities.

"The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) has called upon Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz to retract what the Armenians call a "controversial statement" he made there, praising Turkey's "historic treatment of minorities."

ANCA logo

They will keep up the
pressure until they make
you say ANCA

Aram Hamparian, the executive director of the multi million dollar Armenian lobby (8 million dollars from Armenia's government last year), whose primary job and hidden purpose is to deceive and fleece Americans out of billions of their tax revenues and church dollars. He wrote a letter to object to Mr. Wolfowitz statement to the Turks. In a truly uncalled-for paranoid statement, Mr. Hamparian commented in a typical delusional fashion. He stated his "grave disappointment" about what Mr.Wolfowitz had declared earlier in Ankara. Hamparian accused this American government official of not mentioning the alleged Armenian genocide in his statement, an accusation which has been used ad nauseam for many thousands of times, without a single reference to its originator, a high priest in the Armenian Mother Church in 1915. Mr. Hamparian claims that the official Bush envoy, Mr. Wolfowitz's comment about Turkey, "entirely ignores not only the Armenian Genocide of the World War I era, but also all the other genocidal massacres and deportations of Greeks, of Assyrians, the invasion and occupation of Cyprus, the ongoing campaign against Turkey's Kurdish population, and their unfair and burdensome restrictions on the remaining Armenian, Greek, and other Christian communities."

Mr. Hamparian of ANCA also went on to add "Our government's relationship with Turkey should not be based upon a version of history falsified for the sake of political expediency by Turkey's undemocratic and human right-abusing government." He added: "We (USA) must have the wisdom and courage to speak the truth and to always promote American values as we advance our national interests around the world


"The Armenians represented by Mr. Aram Hamparian have established a slue of web sites to encourage other Armenians to flood the United States Defense Department with their selfish and paranoid complaints. No true American can believe what the Armenians claim. Here are some samplings of their determination in concealing the real truth:

1. The Armenian official from ANCA claims that Turkey has an "undemocratic and human right-abusing government." This person who may have been in his ancient homeland of Armenia many times, and must have surely been exposed there to mass terrorism, now thinks that everyone else is also guilty of the same kinds of violations that they, the Armenians, are known to be guilty of in Armenia. If Mr. Hamparian wants to learn about the real truth, all he has to do is to read the most recent report of the US Department of State on Armenia. This is an official U.S. document, which makes the determination that Armenian authorities are guilty of mass human rights violations. For example the Armenians deprive Armenian women of their basic human rights. They are not allowed to possess any rights of protection against their male dominated society. The Armenian women are afraid of their husbands or boy friends. There are no domestic abuse rights for women in Armenia. Armenia has no respect for its young women. It frequently permits them to be sold into a foreign sex trade industry. There are no laws to protect the Armenian women from ""white slavery". Other examples of a profuse amount of crime, unbelievable unemployment, crooked and fixed elections, corrupt courts are enumerated in the official US report.

The irony is that such things are not being permitted to go on today in Armenia's neighboring country, Turkey. I may say to Mr. Hamparian: "Clean up your own filthy house before you start throwing stones at your neighbor." You may attempt to attack Turkey only after you clean the mess of human rights abuses in your 200 year-old ancient "terrorist" state. Until that time-you should refrain from making unjust and unfounded ugly accusations about the truly tolerant and secular Muslim democracy of Turkey. Armenia could learn from the Turks!

History proves over and over again just how tolerant and magnanimous the Turks have been to the minorities throughout the past and at the present time. Turks think that Turkey belongs to its minorities as well as to the Muslims. There is neither hostility nor animosity among them and the Muslim Turks in their country where over 60.000 Turkish citizens of Armenian origin have been thriving with full privileges of total social, religious, and political freedoms. The cleverly sly and devious accusations of the ANCA representative belie the truth. He wants everyone to believe his own faked and selfish Armenian creative version of truth. Why for example have the Armenians driven out its entire Muslim population? Armenia today is a 95% ethnic/racial pure state. Armenian doesn't want any minorities and it has the nerve to question Turkey? This is just plain "nuts!"


2. The same Mr. Hamparian makes another wild assertion when he says: "We (USA) must always promote American values and courage to speak truth and to always promote American values as we advance our national interests around the world." This statement of his is replete with absolutely ridiculous nonsense. First of all, Mr. Hamparian does not have any right to lecture Americans about "wisdom and courage to speak truth." Let's ask Mr. Hamparian about the recent sanctions the US State Department placed on Armenian business firms for the unethical sale of technical know-how and materials to Iran in helping Armenia's fellow terrorist state, for the purpose of building weapons of mass destruction. This is a clear violation of American law! Why is Mr. Hamparian not telling the truth? What sort of American values is he talking about? What is it that he wants to hide from us, the real American citizens?

3. Armenia is on record for having borrowed $50 million dollars from the United States in the past but it refuses to repay even a red cent of that loan. Nevertheless, recently, the same Armenians have borrowed $100 million from the Russians and they are repaying hastily that particular loan. Since Mr. Hamparian speaks of telling the truth, then isn't it time for him to do the same and explain this double standard once and for all? He should also ask his employer, the Armenian government, to pay all its debts to the USA. This is a matter of national honor! To repay a just debt is a most decent thing to do. Armenia of today is doing the opposite and it is trying to fleece and deceive Americans out of their hard-earned paid tax revenue dollars while telling us how to run our governments national defense department.

It is also past time for Mr. Hamparian to explain to the American people — who have given his tiny state some $1.5 billion dollars in aid over the past ten years — just why does Armenia need two Russian army bases? Why does Armenia need two Russian airbases? Why does Armenia need countless numbers of Russian surface to air missile batteries? Why does Armenia need so many Russian soldiers and air force personnel to be stationed in their tiny state? Why did Armenia take more than $1 billion dollars in military hardware from the Russians in 1992? I'll tell him why! It was done so in order to invade its peaceful neighbor Azerbaijan. What manner of "values" are these that this Armenian speaks about-they aren't American values! They certainly are not part and parcel of the American "wisdom" either!


4. Mr. Hamparian whines that Turkey invaded Cyprus. First of all, it was not an invasion. It was an intervention on behalf of the thousands of Turkish Cypriots who were being butchered by the Greek 'ethnic cleansing'. Under the same circumstances America would have done exactly the same thing! Everyone knows how terribly the Turkish people of Cyprus suffered from the bloodshed of the terrorist Greek organization EOKA. His comment is a typically paranoid, self-serving statement. It is devoid of the truth. What this Armenian says has no relationship with truth or honesty.

5. Mr. Hamparian complains about Turkey's "ongoing campaign against its Kurdish population." This lie stems from the 'pits of hell!' This American writer spent time in a small fishing village in southern Turkey just last year. The Kurdish population of that village (some 400 of them) staged a very public and open festivity connected to the circumcision ceremony of a young boy of Kurdish heritage. The celebrations lasted a whole week. Neither in that village nor in any other part of Turkey did I see or hear of any "ongoing campaign against Kurds". Perhaps Mr. Hamparian was referring to the Turks' "on-going campaign" against the despicable PKK terrorists in the southeastern mountains of Turkey where the Kurdish insurgents supported by the Armenian government were finally irradiated. Our U.S. government would have waged a similar campaign against such terrorists if they were operating here in the United States of America. Therefore, the statement made by Mr.Hamparian is simply outrageous and it is totally unfounded.

Mr. Hamparian makes up and tells a big tall tale when he claims the Turks have "unfair and burdensome restrictions on the remaining Armenian, Greek, and other Christian communities." There he goes again-playing the race/religion card of Christian vs. Muslim factions. This has been the game played by this tiny state ever since 1918 and even earlier. This statement was started as a lie when one of Armenian high priests first told it in 1915 and it is still a great lie today!


I, as a Christian American writer, spent two months in Turkey last August and September producing a Christian video documentary. I did not see nor hear of any such "restrictions" on any Christian in Turkey, where I visited many churches including several of Mr. Hamparian's Armenian churches. It is Armenia that has the restrictions on all other religions, be they Christian, Muslim or any other kind! The Armenians have driven out all minorities from their tiny landlocked place they call an "ancient homeland". In reality the Russian Czars gave that piece of land to them less than 200 years ago. No church is allowed to operate in Armenia except the one and the only state-approved one that is owned by the Armenian Mother Church. There is not a single mosque permitted to operate in Armenia. I personally visited several Armenian churches in Turkey. They are regularly open and operating freely daily. There are also Protestant, Catholic, Greek Orthodox churches and Jewish synagogues in Turkey. None of these churches or synagogues are permitted to operate in Armenia. Just who is this Armenian to claim American truth and American values when he promotes such evil in his own tiny homeland?

The Armenians have less than 5% minority population today in their tiny state. They learned well about how to go about racial cleansing from their Nazi partners in World War II. I ask of the following question, Mr. Hamparian: " If Turkey has so 'many burdensome and unfair restrictions on its minorities' then why in the world are there more open and operating Armenian churches in Turkey than there are in your Armenia? Until such a time when Hamparian can explain this one simple fact, I suggest that he stop meddling in American foreign policy! Armenians have proven to me and to the rest of humanity that they have never been loyal American citizens and this attack on the US Defense Department proves this point very succinctly. Such Armenian conduct isn't allowed withinn the United States and Mr. Hamparian knows it. Why would he make up such a false tall tale? Is he selfish-yes he is! Is he paranoid-yes he is! Should any real American believe him-no they shouldn't!

6. Mr. Hamparian claims that the United States Defense Department "ignores" the alleged Armenian Genocide, which has allegedly taken place during World War I. The US Department of Defense is quite right to ignore the Armenians because there was never a genocide during World War I and Mr. Hamparian knows it, but he still continues to prevaricate the truth. Turkey has been a friend, a staunch ally and a partner of America since World War II. Armenia, on the other hand, has been an enemy of America since that time. The truth is that the Armenians have been first 'good Commies' then 'good Nazis' and then once more 'good Communists' one more time. The notion of allegiance has always been a game and a 'joke' for them.



The Turks have voluntarily sent their young men into harm's way with Americans time and time again. The Armenians have never sent a single one of their young men to fight along side of Americans because they are always too busy stealing other people's lands. Until the Armenians stop being the enemy of America and start sending their troops to fight and die with the Americans — Mr. Hamparian and all his friends had best keep their duplicitous complaints and sham accusations about Turkey to themselves. This American taxpayer is fed-up with the lying and fleecing of his country by a gaggle of selfish and paranoid Armenians.

7. In 1992 Christian Armenia made a sneak attack on Muslim neighbor Azerbaijan (with a billion dollars of Russian help). The Armenian commandos swooped down on the Azeri villages during a freezing winter night and put to knife over 5,000 men, women, and children while they slept in their beds. Subsequently, Armenia, backed by the Russians, stole more than 20% of Azerbaijani land and uprooted more than one million Azerbaijani citizens from their homes. This is none other than a 'grand larceny'. By doing so the Armenians perpetrated the 21st century's first land grab in association with their Russian political masters because it continues to this very day. Thus the Armenians stole their neighbor's lands. This is the naked truth. There is no denying it! Many in the USA are of the opinion that it is past time for the United States government to stop financing Armenia's dirty little ethnic/racial cleansing war. To continue to give our tax dollars to Armenia means we Americans approve of these terrorists actions by a gaggle of people who call themselves fellow Christians. Christ would never approve of the Armenian Christian conduct and neither should American Christians!

8. Mr. Aram Hamparian, as the highly paid lobbyist from ANCA, has the audacity to claim that Turkey committed genocide in 1915. This is not so! Turks did not do anything of the sorts. Besides Turkey did not become a republic until 1923. The whole thing is plain 'poppy cock'.


9. It is past time for American taxpayers to see Armenians for what they are -deadbeat-terrorists, who want something for nothing! It is none of the Armenians business to know 'whom America deals with.' Mr. Hamparian in particular and all the other Armenians in general should keep their evil thoughts to themselves. They may continue to be the mendicants and the panhandlers that they have always been and keep on begging billions of dollars from the American government and from American Christian communities as they have been doing since time immemorial. This is the only Armenian way they have ever known -they lie, fleece, deceive and try to tell another country how to conduct its foreign policy. Enough, is enough! If these mean-spirited little people don't like the way we Americans run our national defense they can go back to Armenia. Of course that will never happen because they will not give up their soft living standards to go back to such a cold, hard terrorist state!

It is past time for the tax paying American public to demand that their foreign aid to Armenia be cut off until such time as they begin to practice the real Christian faith as practiced here in the United States. The Armenian "Christian" bizarre way is not the way of the United States. Armenian "Christian" lies, fraud, deceit, and terrorism, are among the reasons why the United States Congress should resolve to protect this country from the ravages of the Armenian lobby. When the Armenians win an issue it is the United States who loses the fight for its innocent uninformed and basically good-hearted citizens. Every true United States taxpayer should begin a personal lobby campaign to cut off all Armenian funding until they act like the Christians they falsely claim to be.


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...Is to expose the mythological “Armenian genocide,” from the years 1915-16. A wartime tragedy involving the losses of so many has been turned into a politicized story of “exclusive victimhood,” and because of the prevailing prejudice against Turks, along with Turkish indifference, those in the world, particularly in the West, have been quick to accept these terribly defamatory claims involving the worst crime against humanity. Few stop to investigate below the surface that those regarded as the innocent victims, the Armenians, while seeking to establish an independent state, have been the ones to commit systematic ethnic cleansing against those who did not fit into their racial/religious ideal: Muslims, Jews, and even fellow Armenians who had converted to Islam. Criminals as Dro, Antranik, Keri, Armen Garo and Soghoman Tehlirian (the assassin of Talat Pasha, one of the three Young Turk leaders, along with Enver and Jemal) contributed toward the deaths (via massacres, atrocities, and forced deportation) of countless innocents, numbering over half a million. What determines genocide is not the number of casualties or the cruelty of the persecutions, but the intent to destroy a group, the members of which are guilty of nothing beyond being members of that group. The Armenians suffered their fate of resettlement not for their ethnicity, having co-existed and prospered in the Ottoman Empire for centuries, but because they rebelled against their dying Ottoman nation during WWI (World War I); a rebellion that even their leaders of the period, such as Boghos Nubar and Hovhannes Katchaznouni, have admitted. Yet the hypocritical world rarely bothers to look beneath the surface, not only because of anti-Turkish prejudice, but because of Armenian wealth and intimidation tactics. As a result, these libelous lies, sometimes belonging in the category of “genocide studies,” have become part of the school curricula of many regions. Armenian scholars such as Vahakn Dadrian, Peter Balakian, Richard Hovannisian, Dennis Papazian and Levon Marashlian have been known to dishonestly present only one side of their story, as long as their genocide becomes affirmed. They have enlisted the help of "genocide scholars," such as Roger Smith, Robert Melson, Samantha Power, and Israel Charny… and particularly  those of Turkish extraction, such as Taner Akcam and Fatma Muge Gocek, who justify their alliance with those who actively work to harm the interests of their native country, with the claim that such efforts will help make Turkey more" democratic." On the other side of this coin are genuine scholars who consider all the relevant data, as true scholars have a duty to do, such as Justin McCarthy, Bernard Lewis, Heath Lowry, Erich Feigl and Guenter Lewy. The unscrupulous genocide industry, not having the facts on its side, makes a practice of attacking the messenger instead of the message, vilifying these professors as “deniers” and "agents of the Turkish government." The truth means so little to the pro-genocide believers, some even resort to the forgeries of the Naim-Andonian telegrams or sources  based on false evidence, as Franz Werfel’s The Forty Days of Musa Dagh. Naturally, there is no end to the hearsay "evidence" of the prejudiced pro-Christian people from the period, including missionaries and Near East Relief representatives, Arnold Toynbee, Lord Bryce, Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and so many others. When the rare Westerner opted to look at the issues objectively, such as Admirals Mark Bristol and Colby Chester, they were quick to be branded as “Turcophiles” by the propagandists. The sad thing is, even those who don’t consider themselves as bigots are quick to accept the deceptive claims of Armenian propaganda, because deep down people feel the Turks are natural killers and during times when Turks were victims, they do not rate as equal and deserving human beings. This is the main reason why the myth of this genocide has become the common wisdom.