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Welcome to T.A.T.! 

(A quick disclaimer: When "Armenians," "Greeks," and others are criticized on this site, that of course does not mean ALL Armenians and Greeks follow tainted principles; such is the danger of generalizing, and let's not lose sight of the fact that those of the Orthodox belief are beautiful people, with more in common with the Turks than differences. Each individual must be evaluated for him or herself, and to do otherwise would be nothing less than racist. In the case of the Armenians, we can only wish they wouldn't be such a single-willed monolithic people all the time, and the ones of integrity should speak up when they encounter dishonorable facts and practices used all too freely by their own; silence can mean compliance.)

Tall Armenian Tale, or T.A.T., attempts to provide The Other Side of the Falsified Genocide... Tat for Tit. TAT is aware nearly everyone in the West has been accustomed to getting Tit for Tat. It’s difficult to persuade anyone to even consider Tat, when that person has been used for so long to Tit. Who could argue with Tit, after all? Regardless of how wonderful Tit feels, if one hopes to get the whole side of the story, no matter how much the truth might hurt, one simply cannot ignore Tat.

I am Holdwater, your guide in the world of TAT. The reason why this site came about boils down to a time I was with my dear friend from France who happened to be visiting Montreal. While he, his wife and I were speaking to some French-Canadians, the subject of Armenians came up... and when I began offering my views, my friend’s wife smiled and said to the Canadians, “The Turkish view.” She is the sweetest woman and made her comment with no malice... but it was a powerful moment of understanding for me, regarding how far-reaching the influence of the Armenians has been. (Up until then, I was only familiar with the vast power of American Armenians.) For her, the truth was firmly established... and “the Turkish view” couldn’t be legitimate; it was meant only to be scoffed at. How could I blame her — “the Turkish view” could not hold a candle to the mighty stranglehold the Armenian version of history has had over the West. I decided at that point to see if I can tip the scale just a tiny bit, and offer information countering this established view. To Anne-Sophie, then, I dedicate this site.

(Even so, it took me over three years to finally get moving; the release of the film, ARARAT, slowly pulled the trigger. I was appalled at all the media outlets brainlessly "parakeeting" all the Armenian facts and figures they were fed with.)

(Oops. Maybe I wasn't being entirely on the level... I wasn't really appalled, just a tad startled and disappointed. I've come to expect the media outlets to brainlessly parakeet the Armenian version of events, by now.)

I realize fully that the reader must have been awash in the prevailing view that there has been an Armenian “Genocide” during the days of W.W.I’s Ottoman Empire. (Nobody can argue the catastrophe suffered by the Armenians was genocidal in its impact; where the deception lies is that the impact of genocide was felt singularly by the Armenians and not by all of Anatolia's citizens, and the assertion [which is what "genocide" basically means] is that the destruction took place as a policy of state.) After all, Turkey has never been seriously interested in explaining what truly occurred until the early-to-mid 1980s, and Armenians and other Turk haters have had the field wide open to tell their side of the story, virtually unopposed. The Turks made the very mature decision to not dwell on the tragic events of the period... not to sweep crimes under the rug, but to look forward and avoid the destructive forces of hatred. The Turks preferred instead to concentrate on the issues that united them with their neighbors, not the ones that served to divide. However, idealism is not always an effective countermeasure against violence, and when Armenians resorted to terrorism in the 1970s, coinciding with the crisis in Cyprus (when the “genocide” issue mysteriously came back full force), the Turks finally awakened and began little by little to start pressing their case. It’s been an immensely uphill struggle, since lots of time and money had already been spent in entrenching the existence of genocide. At this point, whatever the Turks claimed would often be regarded as “revisionist” or as “propaganda” by the ordinary Westerner... Westerners who had swallowed the Armenian version of events hook, line and sinker.

 "No matter what you do you cannot convince brainwashed people; they are like walls. You can talk to them but they will not respond. But patience is a virtue. We will eventually prove (to the world what true) history is about."

Erol Yorulmazoglu, M.D.

Therefore, the site targets the Western reader who is interested in getting to the bottom of what really took place. I can understand the Westerner is not going to trust Turkish sources, as the word of an accused criminal will always be held suspect. Save for commentaries and the occasional Turkish source, an effort has been made for the information in this site to come from impartial Westerners. As opposed to the handful of web sites that present the Turkish viewpoint (that I’ve seen), this one also presents various Armenian sources.

As a matter of fact, this site is a unique one. I combed through Armenian sites, of which there happen to be no end (in fact, Armenians are so obsessed with the genocide issue, they have constructed pseudo- "generic genocide" sites along with pseudo-"Turkish" sites, which is pretty immoral; meanwhile, there are extremely few Turkish "genocide" sites put up by individuals, because the Armenian "Genocide" is simply not a driving force of life)... and I was hungry for the best facts the Armenians were ready to throw out. Unfortunately, that's what many of these "facts" deserved... to be thrown out. Aside from the incredibly deceptive garbage long recognized as forgeries and falsifications (such as the Talat Pasha telegrams) that many of these sites still unethically present as genuine, the best defense the Armenians offer are charges of Turkish "lies," "propaganda," "revisionism," and the ever popular "The Turkish government says..."

I did not hide a thing. The more incriminating the "evidence," the more I chose to highlight it on this site. Anything I couldn't analyze with the real facts or just plain common sense and logic, you will see I've been man enough to admit.

The reason? If the Armenian "Genocide" were to be proven as a genuine fact tomorrow, it wouldn't make a bit of difference to me. Genocide is a terrible crime, and I wouldn't be proud about the episode... even though the event took place under a Turkish government the current one worked to overthrow. What am I going to do, allow this historic episode from a century ago bend me out of shape, as with some Germans who are still struggling with guilt... and by the same token, should I also not be able to live with myself for what Americans did to the Indians? It would also be a great help for me to know the Armenians violently provoked the events (unlike the Jews of WWII), by committing the ultimate treason.

Turks choose to live in the present, and Armenians choose to live in the past; the Armenian "militia" has made the "genocide" a cause for their existence. Their obsession and deep pockets allow them a clear upper hand in the West, regarding the information war.

 I maintain an open mind... and when all is said and done, I really don't know if there was a state-sponsored extermination policy by the Ottoman government. (Although after preparing this site and learning all I have, I'm convinced more than ever there wasn't.) And anybody who says they know for a fact  the genocide occurred are either deluding themselves, or hoping to delude others. All we can go by are the cold, hard, reliable facts...and the only factors that guide me are truth, honor and integrity.

By the same token, Armenians have been allowed to get away with murder (which can actually be taken literally) in the presentation of their story, and it is very frustrating to see lazy-thinking Westerners blindly accepting their version of events. I will at times not hide my emotions, and consequently talk to you on a human level at this site, and not in a cold, clinical and scholarly way. In fact, those times when I'm not outraged by the degree of deception on the part of the Armenians, I believe the examination of this subject matter calls for some humor now and then... since it's unbelievable in this day and age Westerners still choose to overlook the volumes of impartial evidence against the genocide argument. (Admittedly, this is a kind of "bitter" humor, but the situation is so absurd, it's kind of funny.)

The main reason for why Westerners have been unable to shake their deeply-ingrained belief systems, of course, is that there are very few outlets that present the contrary, Turkish view. Even many professors think twice about going against the Armenian grain, as they have learned during this last quarter-century (or so) how harmful Armenian fanaticism can prove to be to their reputations, or worse.

While Turks will no doubt make use of the information presented here and will enjoy the impartial facts and figures which serve to absolve them (in a "one-stop shopping" kind of a place, which can be very useful), this site was not prepared with Turks in mind. I have put myself in the shoes of the non-Turk. This was easy for me to do, as I was born and raised in the United States, and have had little contact with Turkish people. (The reason for that is there have been few Turks. American immigration policy only allowed for the cream of Turks to enter the country... the scientists, doctors and other skilled professionals... until around perhaps a generation or so ago, when the “ordinary Turks” were allowed to trickle in. Living in New York City, by the way, my best friends — not just regular friends — in different phases of life have been Greeks. At least at one time there were more Greeks living in NYC than in Athens, so it's not very hard to cross paths with a Greek.)

I can only hope Armenians and Greeks who come by will consider the material here with an open mind... but I know that unlike Turks — who are generally raised to look upon these peoples (with whom they have shared a common history for so long) as their brothers and sisters — too many Armenians and Greeks are raised with hatred for the Turks. Coming across information that counters their deeply ingrained belief systems often proves too rattling, and such information will likely be dismissed as lies... no matter how impartial and sensible the information sounds. Not all Armenians and Greeks are like this, of course; such is the danger of generalizing. However, there is a definite pattern with the great majority of them that cannot be ignored.

The difficulty in presenting impartial Western sources is such: Turks are not just unpopular with the Orthodox peoples; since the Crusades, the “infidel” Turks have been regarded as the enemies of the West. (And it is precisely this historic Christian-Moslem animosity that Armenians and Greeks have learned to exploit, in selling their sob stories to the sympathetic West.) The average Westerner has grown with a negative impression, regarding Turkey. Therefore, few Westerners are going to make it their business to learn about a people they have come to regard as historical villains... and fewer are going to write books and articles in defense of the Turks. (Turkish people themselves could not defend themselves in the West... until the last half-century, few Turks had been living in the West, and those that were Western residents had other things on their minds besides presenting the Turkish viewpoint... assuming they possessed the language skills of their new countries to effectively do so.)

All the more reason to keep in mind the Western sources in favor of the Turks (that are comparatively much more difficult to come by than the Western sources in favor of Armenians and Greeks) can be trusted. The reason? Those Westerners who spoke/speak for our Orthodox friends often had/have their own prejudices and agendas... and very few were/are impartial. However, the Westerners who speak for the Turks grew up like any other Westerner, where the image of the Turks has almost always been negative.

In their delirium to discredit anything that comes across as "Pro-Turkish," Armenians and bedfellows are known to make unsubstantiated charges that these people must be getting paid by the "sinister" Turkish government, as if the Turkish government has so much money to burn... but if you don't buy into this nonsense, you can easily conclude the only motivating force for those who speak for the Turks is respect for the Truth.

If you think this logic makes sense, and realize there really isn't a reason for a typically prejudiced, anti-Turkish Westerner to speak well of the Turks except for reasons of integrity, then... generally speaking... regarding information that comes from a "Pro-Turk" Westerner, please keep in mind the following scientific formula :

Pro-Turk = Pro-Truth.


“I long for a 'Sun Country.' There should be no nights in this country and the people should not know what the concept of darkness means. Is it possible to find 'The Sun Country' on earth? The existence of the Turks who do not interfere with the freedom of thought and conscience makes me believe that — at least tomorrow — such a country will exist, since there is a nation, which does not imprison or chain love for the truth…Why should a 'Sun Country' be a reality tomorrow, a country where only the truth, justice and freedom reigns?”

Tommaso Campanella (1568-1659), Renaissance philosopher, writer and child prodigy, in a passage from his well-known 1602 work ‘Civitas Solis’ (City of the Sun)

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