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Isn't it interesting how internal and external forces are always at work, trying to destabilize Turkey? What an odd coincidence that the Armenian terrorists began their fifteen-some years campaign right after the Cyprus intervention. Then, when Armenians realized the synonymizing of "Armenian" with the word "Terrorist," did not help the big Genocide Con Job, all the many Armenian terrorist organizations magically and near-simultaneously withdrew; then it was the Kurds' turn. The PKK spoke for the Kurds while committing terror amongst the Kurds, and the outside world had no shortage of sympathy for the PKK, equating the terror organization as representing the Kurdish people. (It would take years before the Western nations would learn what the PKK was all about. Then Greece got caught with her pants down when the leader of the PKK got bagged, after years of denying support for the PKK.

Are all these anti-Turkish forces working in collusion? We know fully well Greece lives by the "The enemy of my enemy is my friend rule"... let's examine what some Greeks have to say about the forces at work to weaken or bring down Turkey.


October 7, 1999 ATHENS (INAF): It is understood from information received from reliable sources that one aim of the odd diplomacy Greece has been conducting during the current sensitive period with a view to draw Israel into its sphere of influence is to neutralise Turkey in the region.

The book titled "Turkey-Israel" by Yorgios Andonis Murtos, who works as an analyst on the subject of Turkey at the Greek Foreign Ministry, forms the basis of the policy Greece has been pursuing with regard to Israel. Yorgios Andonis is not a run of the mill analyst. He studied "war techniques" at the University of London and completed his graduate work with theses about Turkey, which were much admired by the British.

The assessments made in the book in question could be regarded as highly interesting and cautionary from Turkey's point of view. As it can also be understood from the following excerpts from the book, "Is it possible after reading this book to trust Greece which has been trying to win Turkey's friendship?"

The following statement is on the back cover of the book: "It is essential to 'Yugoslavicise' Turkey, which is made up of 72 ethnic groups, so that the Eastern Mediterranean can have peace."

A few of the paragraphs we have excerpted from the book are listed below:


Our aim is to put an end to Turkey's domination in the Middle and Near East region.

Greece has been engaged in military cooperation with Iran and Armenia since 1995. The aim is to include the Kurds in this alliance. Contacts being conducted with Talabani are preparing the way for this.

The establishment of Iranian, Armenian and Arab departments at Greek universities will prepare the ground for the implementation of the policy to be followed.

Within Turkey, it is important to find those who oppose Turkish-Israeli rapprochement and to establish ties with them.

Difficult though it may be, if cooperation were established between Greece, Egypt, the Arab world and Israel, it would be the end of Turkish domination. (Greece's recent efforts to establish ties between Israel - Palestine, and Israel-Syria could be a sign of this.)

Starting from the propaganda premise that the Arabs and Jews are racially related to the Hellenes, the idea that Greek culture forms the basis for Egyptian culture could be advanced and developed.

The Orthodox Church can also be used to enable Greece to establish its domination in the Near and Middle East. It should not be forgotten that the Church has influence in the Middle East, particularly over Israeli territory.

The number of military and cultural attachés in Israel, Egypt, Armenia, Iran, Syria and Iraq should be increased.

This struggle has two objectives:

1. To establish a joint power comprising Greece, Cyprus, the Arab world and Israel.

2. To nullify Turkey's power and influence by "Yugoslavicising" it.


These are a few of the main targets of Greek national policy. Can one say after reading and seeing them that "Megali Idea!" is dead?

 The Megali Idea

From: Yes (Guestbook Commentator)
Date: 11/17/1999

Exploitation of "Turkish Existance" still goes on. For God's sake stop talking about Kurds, and things like how well it will be for everyone if Turkey does this and that. Your country got caught redhanded, you still talk about justifications, and give democracy lectures. Now that PKK is toppled, ASALA is preparing to pick the duty up, people say. We'll wait and see.

As I said, I am not interested in unintelligible pseudo-nationalist discussions. These two messages, I posted them not because I fully take them seriously, but they are the kind of material you apparently want to talk about. I am out.

In his book, "Megali Idea", Greek historian Panayotis Kayas gives this answer to the question: "In every period, Greek political and social leaders believed that Greece should have a 'National Ideology' for the country to survive. In this manner, the Greek nation would be kept prepared at all times for any immediate struggle, and no one would be able to show opposition to the unsolved problems for fear that he would be branded as a traitor to his country. In short, 'Megali Idea' is the soul of Greek domestic and foreign policy. Everything apart from the 'National Objective', government, education, development, could wait. Thus, the setting of territories within Turkey's borders as the 'national objective' led to the birth of the 'National Ideology'. The name of this 'national ideology' was 'Megali Idea.' In this manner, when the country's political, military, religius and social leaders pushed everything else to one side and focused on this objective, this led to the emergence of 'Megali Idea'- oriented activities within state institutions. In parallel to this development, there began the organisation of the Greeks living in the Turkish territories demanded by Greece. The 'Nationalist Organisations', the 'Unions', 'Societies' and 'Clubs' that would prepare the conditions for 'ENOSIS', the annexation of these lands to Greece, were established. In this manner, 'Turkish Existence' was exploited for a century and a half in Greece's political life by its King, Church, army and politicians."

This is not a Tolkien World!

From: Trojan (Guestbook Commentator)
Date: 11/17/1999

Sure they are hostile against us as long as they glorify types like "Lawrence of Arabia". The only thing that unites greeks and the arabs is actually the racistic hate against turks — The reason they cooporated with the imperialists in the begining of this century, and look how they are now. There is no other nation on earth that is more "Divided and ruled" than the arabs. So is the balkans — divided and ruled. That is what you guys achieved, while we kept on to what we could and did not allow the invaders come in....This is something to be proud of. While greeks cooporated with the english, armenians cooporated with russians and arabs with english and the french, we turks stood alone. Has it ever occured to you that we never have denied your right to your country during even the most oppressive ottoman periods...Has it ever occured to you that even Tureks were oppressed under the ottoman rule...Who were the ones to end the ottoman empire? Do you ever think about it?...No, you only think about who ended the Byzantine...Dont you? You think so static that you have missed the evolution that has taken place in anatolia! There are no "natural enemies", we are not cats and dogs!...we are all humans with quite simple needs...This is not a Tolkien world! Wake up...




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