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The Armenian Who Saved Atatürk's Life 

There were many Armenians who were loyal to the Turkish nation. Here is the story of one remarkable example, who came through when his nation needed him the most: Berch Keresteciyan

KOREAN WAR: Turkish Brigade saved U.S. troops from annihilation

Of all the Allied soldiers under America's wing, there were none more distinguished than the Turks:“Faithful Unto Death.” Two Turkish accounts: "Nine Fingers are Enough!" and the only English Chinese POWs learned... "Turkish Soldiers Number One"

Roosevelt-Atatürk Correspondence

The two great statesmen had kind, personal words for each other

Karagöz, the shadow theater of Turkey

Contrary to Western belief, massacring was not the only way in which the Ottoman Turks entertained themselves; no, there were also Hacivat and Karagöz. (The Greeks dug these puppets as well... in the form of Karagiozis.)

How the "Thanksgiving Bird" Acquired its Name

Looks like the way our fat feathered friend got its moniker was more than a mere coincidence

Some Turkish Cultural Contributions

A smidgeon of arbitrarily-encountered examples; mainly, the page explores the amazing map of Turkish Admiral Piri Reis.

  Friends of the Turks

Not too many of these... here are a few.

Islamic Fundamentalism in Turkey and the World

The New York Times: The Alarming Scarf and Other Turkish Worries
The Los Angeles Times: The Menace Of Religious Zealotry

  Last Days of the Fez 

What has happened to the Tall Tasseled Ottoman Hat? A 1995 report from The New York Times fills us in.

Turkish Connection to American Indians 

Blood brothers? Be the judge. What about Custer and Crazy Horse? Also, a look at the Melungeons. (And how did those Turks and Caicos Islands, in the Caribbean, get their name anyway?)


A reader goofs on the title page of this site

Famous Americans Who Fought Turks

"I have not yet begun to fight!" cried American hero, John Paul Jones. Who would have thought he might have had the Turks in mind, later in his fighting career? Shedding a bit of light upon historical American figures who had unexpected Turks in their belfry.

"New York City And The Armenians," 1924

There were truths about Armenians that did not elude even a propaganda-exposed New Yorker; a fascinating look at Armenian immigrants in the post war Big Apple.


This is just a start... examining Armenian-Turkish relations. Whomever wrote it did not do a good job, so please bear that in mind. (I put it up for my own benefit, mostly!) I hope to make this more respectable at some point.

No. Cyprus President Denktas' Last Interview in Office

Rauf Denktas was a hero, in his tireless defense for the rights of his people, facing many years of Turcophobic injustice from the Western world. Look at the way he answers the matter of women's rights... what brutal honesty, rare to be found with a politician. I hope his Cypriot successors in the future won't mess things up too much.

On Turks' Kindness to Animals

"I do not believe there is a race of men more thoroughly good, loyal, kind," wrote Pierre Loti, as one example of showing how Turks have been seen as kind to animals.

The Arabs, Like the Armenians

The Arabs, like the Armenians, rebelled. The Arabs, like the Armenians, were said to be suffering under the "Turkish yoke." Was there really such a yoke, or as with the Armenians, was the yoke on us?


Armenian Terrorists as Villains in Old Crime Fiction

The terroristic antics of the Armenians, mainly the Hunchaks, were making the headlines in the early 1900s. Little did Americans realize their new "colonists" would bring their murderous ways with them! It wouldn't take long before Armenians seeped into fiction as unsavory characters. (When it happened, they would now be called "Turks," however.)


Notes on John Roy Carlson (Arthur Derounian)

A few bits and pieces on Derounian in the press, including a look at his book. "Undercover."


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