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Slayer Armenians Reveal Their Turk-Killing Ways 

Since Armenians are as single-voiced a monolith as a race can get, it's nearly impossible to find any who dares to think differently when the subject happens to be their cause for existence (i.e., the "genocide"); this is why it's satisfying to catch the tiny handful of Armenians with their pants down, deviating from the flock. Some Russian and American eyewitness accounts of Armenian atrocities follow. (The difference is, these are REAL eyewitnesses... unlike Morgenthau, the U.S. Consuls, and missionaries.)

Armenian Forgeries and Falsifications

Falsification or forgery is ordinarily accepted as a state crime — in the United States and England, these crimes are generally referred to as “felonies.” If the idea is to deceive, you name it... the Armenians have committed it. From false statements attributed to Hitler and Ataturk, to quotes put in the mouth of Talat Pasha, to photographic manipulation, to tricking authors like Franz Werfel, to even falsely writing about their own history... Armenians have written the book on how to pull the wool over people's eyes.

Massacres by Armenians, Late 19th Century, as told by a Russian

General Mayewsky bears witness to Armenians engaging in their favorite pastime: butchering Turks. The report is from a period where the Armenians were "learning their trade," before they got the chance to apply their skills in a major way, during W.W.I. Funny... how the world STILL chooses to see Armenians as so helpless and innocent.

Media Coverage of the Azeri Massacres by Armenians

The latter-day ethnic cleansing tactics of the Armenians provide an important glimpse to how Armenians behaved during the final phase of The Ottoman Empire. Followed by related reports.

Armenian-Nazi Collaboration 

Even Armenophile Christopher J. Walker admits it! If word ever gets out about how the "Aryan" Armenians fought side-by-side with the Wehrmacht (Well... actually, they were way in the back, not good enough to fight side-by-side; however, they did excel in Jew-sweeping mop-up operations), what will this do to their coveted position of being at one with Jewish Holocaust victims?

Similarity between the Armenian "Genocide" and Cyprus

The parallel will shock you; basically, the Armenians and Greeks keep provoking, provoking, provoking... and when Turkey finally explodes,  these Orthodox peoples get theirs at the end. Several reports follow, including the devastating exposition of realities by British parliamentarian Michael Stephen and then Irish parliamentarian Sean Power... and a Greek-Cypriot eye-opener.

  Forgotten Genocides

How come the so-called genocide scholars don't give a cockroach's antenna for any of these REAL genocides? And why is it we hear about the Armenian "Genocide" all the time, but almost never about any of these? Wha$$ goin' on?

Stir Caused by "Hitler's Willing Executioners"

When the controversial book came out, one outcome was the perpetuation of the Armenian "Genocide" misinformation; reactions to issues raised in reviews of the book... then there is a very thought-provoking article by a German.

Greek Human Rights Violations 

Deny, deny, deny! Greece is good at doing so, especially when answering charges of supporting terrorism. Finally she got caught with her pants down, while shielding PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan... demonstrating once again that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Some friend of the Kurds Greece turned out to be!

Kurds of Turkey 

Are they oppressed? Or when Armenians, Greeks and other Turcophobes love to point out how Turks have been doing a number on Kurdish Turks, is it really the PKK goons the Turks have been having a problem with... the same PKK goons who have been terrorizing fellow Kurds in Turkey? A collection of articles.

An Unknown "Deportation"

Stalinism is alive and well in 21st Century Russia. The victim? Turks. The result? Nobody cares.


The Russians are still laying it on with their centuries-old oppression over the Chechens (who don't appear to be a Turkic people)... looked upon by the world as "An International Irrelevance."

Orthodox Modus Operandi for Extermination

'Serb Learnt Rape and Murder' — for anyone truthfully familiar with Armenian methods against Turkic peoples for nearly the last two centuries, the parallels are chillingly similar.

Oppression of Eastern Turkestan by the Chinese 

The Turkic Uyghurs are yet another
International Irrelevance.

The Megali Idea & the Greek Plan to "Yugoslavicize" Turkey

Is it only a coincidence there are internal and external forces always at work, attempting to destabilize Turkey? Let's take a look at mainly Greek sources to see what's going on.

Systematic Rape

Holdwater waxes philosophical over the notions of racism, good and evil, and systematic crimes that emerge as a historic pattern among most Orthodox folks... as we take a look at female victims of Russians who are not ordinarily seen in the role of victims.

A Massacre is Acknowledged

Bosnian Serbs confess at the Hague! Consider the eye-opening parallels with the Armenian methods of operation. In addition... What are the Armenians waiting for, if they want to prove their falsified genocide once and for all?

A Massacre at Van

Not well translated, but no less chilling; one family's ordeal at the hands of the Armenians, in 1915

The 1915 Armenian Revolt in Van: Eyewitness Testimony

This absolutely fascinating account (a PDF file) reflects interviews conducted by Huseyin Celik with twenty elderly citizens; the reports detail the pre-1915 relations between the communities. All the Armenians were seamen, also owning the crafts and trades. Foreign Armenians began stirring the pot, and an Armenian even killed his mayor-father at the urging of the Hunchaks/Dashnaks. The Armenians arm, and betrayal and atrocities follow. Supported by Rafael de Nogales' testimony, the Venezuelan adventurer who fought for the Ottomans. Wonderfully revealing details are exposed.

Documentation of Massacres upon Turks by Armenians

A Turkish source provides the grisly details. The final tally of Turkish/Muslim dead is 518,105.

Circassian Genocide?

Who are the Circassians? Chances are you've never heard of them. The Circassians are one of the many ethnic groups that populate Turkey today. Why is Turkey so heterogeneous when, say, neighboring Armenia is nearly 100% ethnically pure? The answer lies with the ethnic cleansing policies of historic Orthodox foes, particularly Russia. Antero Leitzinger fills us in.


The Deportation and Fate of the Crimean Tatars

Otto Pohl documents the fate of the Crimean Tatars at the hands of the Soviet Russians, in this excellent article.

Turkish Oral History

"Oral History" has not been emphasized at this site, but there are good reasons to believe Turks who related their experiences had no agenda to serve, and no reason to lie. Their testimony is often backed up by observations of the Armenians' allies.

French Moral Superiority: Account of Muslim Massacre

The French love to keep up civilized appearances by lecturing the Ottoman Turks on an invented Armenian genocide, but how did the French behave during the early part of the 20th century, while in command of Muslims? One grisly account from an American newspaper of the period.

Countering "Greek Genocide" Claims

Dr. George Nakratzas socks it to those in the Greek government spouting genocide claims and the usual propaganda... with the hard, cold, uncomfortable facts.

Ataturk's 1926 "Interview" Proven as Forgery

Dr. Turkkaya Ataov turned the article by the "Swiss journalist" Emile Hilderbrand, appearing in the L.A. Herald Examiner, inside out, leaving no doubt as to its fakery... all the way back, circa 1985. That still will not stop Vahakn Dadrian and other unscrupulous Armenians from citing it.

The Nazis and Their Armenian Supporters

Wonderful revelations of the Nazi-Armenian collaboration, from Sam Weems' book, "Armenia."

Armenian Atrocities Against Muslim Turks

A well researched two-part article written by Michael van der Galiën provides some of the dirty details.

Afghan Genocide?

If the facts support a genocide in Afghanistan, why haven't we heard about it?.

A Closer Look at Armenian Photo Fakery

A startling look at where some of those omnipresent "genocide" photos came from.



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