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 You know how Armenian sources love to say the Abdul-Hamid massacres of the mid-1890s (where 200,000-300,000 Armenians were killed in the first "genocide"... while the real truth hovers from less than 20,000 to 30,000, with 5,000 Turks also meeting their end) occurred for no good reason? The Armenians were just poor, innocent bystanders while the Terrible Turk went on with what Turks know best, the business of murder?

If you've gone this far in the site, the above shouldn't come as a surprise to you... since the same is pretty much what the Armenians tell us what happened in 1915: there was no revolt.

For example, Prof. Gerard Libaridian (in a debate sponsored by the University of Pittsburg on October 21, 1982) shamelessly said:  "The genocide in 1915 did not have much to do with what Armenians ultimately said or did...There was no armed Armenian population in 1914."

(You might remember Gerard Libardian; it is thanks to him we get the expression, the "Armenian AND? Anthem"; the incredible knack the Armenians have for obscuring the truth.)

Back to the mid-1890s: what is never mentioned is that the Armenians began "Ku Klux Klan"-like operations beginning with the Black Cross in 1878; these terrorist groups (the Hunchaks and Dashnaks being the best known) killed Turks, hoping to get the Europeans to intervene (once the Turks returned the favor) and give the Armenians free hand-outs... playing on Christian sympathies.

When people rebel in any country, there will always be violent consequences. One excellent reason why what the Armenians don't tell us is often more important than what they do.

Well, guess what! The Armenians slipped up. Yep, the following is from a bonafide Armenian source!


Gevorg Chavush

 Gevorg Chavush (1870-1907) is described as "One of the best and very well known leaders of the Armenian movement for freedom, from the oppressive Turkish rule of the Ottoman Empire." His other identities were "Gevorg Aroyi Khazaryan, a.k.a. Hrayr, Urvakan etc." (Armenians also have a knack to go by many different names. Particularly in guestbooks, forums, letter columns, hoping to give the impression the writers are ethnically disinterested parties.)


 "In 1890 he joined a group of Armenian freedom-fighters, lead (sic) by its brave leader Hambartsum Boyadjian."

Hamparsum Boyaciyan, a.k.a. "Murad" and "Muradyan," was a Hunchak leader; his country had allowed him to rise in the ranks of the Ottoman parliament, during the days when a Catholic could barely get elected dog catcher in the United States.  He repaid Turkish tolerance by slicing and dicing Turkish villagers behind the lines, in 1914. In M. Varandian's "History of the Dashnaktsutiun" (p. 85) Boyaciyan was quoted as saying: "All Turkish children also should be killed as they form a danger to the Armenian nation." Yes, that is really "brave"... to kill innocent, unarmed people in the process of extermination.

Gevorg Chavush

Gevorg Chavush

"...After the death of their leader in one of the vicious battles against the Turkish troops, Gevorg Chavush took over the leadership of his military unit and lead the organized armed rebellion of Sasun, Mush, and Taron (1891-1894). In September of 1894, the Turkish government arrested him and sentenced him to 15 years in prison."

"Organized armed rebellion." Thanks, Armenian web site! Even (I should say, "especially") your Armenian professors can't dare to be so forthright, bursting the bubble of your Myth of Innocence.

(If the leader reported killed in the early 1890s was Murad, this article was mistaken. The terrorist lived well into the WWI years, wreaking further havoc.)

Pay attention, reader: the mid-1890s are when the Turks (we are always told) ruthlessly killed Armenians just because they were poor, persecuted Armenians... just like in "1915."

Yet, even when the Armenian is a mass murderer, the Turks humanely imprison him... and for only fifteen years!


"Twenty months later he escaped from the Turkish prison, and returned to Sasun."

What IS it with these Turkish prisons? From MIDNIGHT EXPRESS we learned Turkish prisons are the worst hellhole on earth. Yet, everyone escapes from Turkish prisons..! Billy Hayes, the Turk who took a shot at the Pope (Mehmet Ali Agca), Peter Balakian's "Action Priest" relative (Krikoris Balakian), Taner Akcam...


In 1896 he met with the renowned Armenian military leader General Andranik Ozanyan and together their military units got involved in a series of joined battles against the Turkish troops.

Does anyone know how Antranik became a "general," especially as early as 1896? I don't know about the "joined battles against the Turkish troops".... these Armenian heroes normally did best against villagers who had little way of defending themselves. Here's a sample of how General Antranik's band of merry men treated Turkish villagers.

"Furthermore, in 1901 he actively participated in the defensive battles of Berdak and Arakelots monasteries. In 1904 Gevorg Chavush was one of the leaders behind the second rebellion of Sasun against the Turkish oppressive rule, followed by another series of victorious battles against them in Ishkhanadsor and Talvor. Many more heroic battles against Turkish troops and Kurdish bandits followed in Kars, Astkh and Arkavank."

Jiminy Crickets! With all this relentless Armenian rebellion, you've gotta give the Turks a lot of credit for keeping on granting the Armenians greater and greater freedoms (which ironically allowed them to grow more and more treacherous), and for the Turks' keeping their patience until 1915... when the Armenians' betrayal was too great even for the Turks to bear.

Eventually, in May of 1907 Turkish soldiers surrounded Gevorg Chavush’s military base in the Sulukh village of Mush where during yet another unequal battle against the enemy, legendary Armenian military leader Gevorg Chavush found his heroic end.

Source: "Haykazunk," printed in Yerevan, Armenia 2002 by Amaras.

Thanks to: www.usanogh.com/articles/article.php?story_id=255






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