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The Greatness of Ataturk

An intelligent examination of Ataturk's achievements, written by Professor Christopher Vasillopulos; "Ataturk, of course, seldom paused. In this and in so many other matters he acted and acted decisively...The greatness of Ataturk is that he not only understood these ideas, he implemented them in very unfavorable circumstances."

 A Czarina Gives it Up for Mother Russia!

When Peter the Great's forces were surrounded by the Turkish army and destined for destruction in 1711, did his lover/wife make the "ultimate" sacrifice? Also, a brief look at Catherine the Great, and the relationship of both "Great" 's with the Armenians.

Armenian collaboration with invading Russian armies

Excerpt from Stanford J. Shaw & Ezel Kural Shaw's "History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey"

  Turning Point for the Nationalist Forces

A brief account of events in the two years from April 23, 1920, spotlighting the Treaties of Sèvres and Gümrü (Leninakan), from the obscure early-40s British book, "Grand Turk."

The Fairness of Ottoman Rule

Professor Norman Stone looks at how the Ottomans kept order under the "Millet" system, in regions that became powderkegs after the Empire's collapse... emphasizing the high degree of toleration for religious minorities. "How happy is he that can call himself a Turk," was aimed not at "ethnic Turks" but at those who shared in this nationality.

British and U.S. Archives Vindicate Turks

A fascinating chronicle of the intrigues that operated behind the Malta Tribunal, the "Nuremberg" of World War I, and the end-all argument against the Armenian "Genocide."

  The Anatolian Armenians, 1912-1922

Excerpted from Professor Justin McCarthy's “Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey (1912-1926)," this is THE impartial and authoritative evaluation of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, during the decade discussed. With maps. Additionally, an Armenian map of the 1915 "Genocide."

British Propaganda and the Turks

What a spectacularly invaluable and eye-opening report regarding what was really behind Great Britain's propaganda machinery, Wellington House... and the resulting repercussions still felt today. Thank you, Professor Justin McCarthy, for your always thorough and excellent work.

  The First Shot

Few courts of law will punish you for getting the better of your attacker if you have "self defense" on your side. The innocent and defenseless Armenians should bear in mind that they, after all, fired "The First Shot." After rightly criticizing fellow historians who have little regard for the truth, Justin McCarthy gives us a complete historical perspective that no one should ignore.

Let Historians Decide on So-called Genocide

What is the difference between a true historian and a nationalist who unethically uses a version of history to further an agenda? Dr. Justin McCarthy explores the historical development of Muslim-Armenian antagonism, falsified quotes, the Teskilat-I Mahsusa, attacked historians and concludes: "No claim of genocide can rationally stand in the light of these facts." The "enemy of the nationalist apologists is the truth."

Justin McCarthy Speaks Out Against a Genocide Resolution

That would be H. Res. 398, on Septenber of 2000, and the professor supplies excellent counter-claims to the Armenians' nonsense. The majority of American congressmen would turn a deaf ear.

  Russian Ethnic Cleansing, 1915, and the Aftermath

With each war between the Russians and the Ottomans, more Moslems died, more fled. and more Armenians came. By 1922, more than 1 1/2 million Moslems had emigrated from the conquered lands. Dr. McCarthy goes on to state, "Today, a search is on for proof that the Ottoman government ordered genocide for the Armenians."

On the Connotation of the Word, "Propaganda"

Professor Justin McCarthy explains the inappropriateness of the "P" word, when the idea is to present the truth. Prof. McCarthy further expounds on the issue of truth, in excerpts from "Armenian Terrorism History as Poison and Antidote."

Tolerance & Fairness, Under the Ottomans

"The Millet system emerged gradually as an answer to the efforts of the Ottoman administration to take into account the organization and culture of the various religious-ethnic groups it ruled." Favorite guestbook writer Nick compares with how minorities were treated in Christian Europe; Armenians Prosper Under Turkish Rule; Relevant Quotes; Origins of Ottoman Religious Tolerance: Ahdnama


From the newspaper with the potent anti-Turkish bias, so you know it must be true.

The Heroes of Musa Dagh beat off 4,000 Turks! 

... With only 127 rifles. A shining example of the objectivity used by The New York Times, at least when it comes to Turkish matters)

  Ottoman Officials' Defense, from Turk-Unfriendly Sources

The New York Times allows Foreign Minister Halil Bey to speak his mind; Ambassador Morgenthau puts quotes in the mouths of Enver Pasha and Halil Bey. They are the familiar arguments regarding why the Armenians were relocated, but from the fresh perspective of emanating from the period. In addition... the Personal Memoirs of Talat Pasha?

The Siege of Plevna

A rousing tale which bears no relevance to the Armenians, other than its being yet another example of Big Orthodox Brother Russia trying to kick The Sick Man of Europe, near her deathbed; told in an editorial format by Professor Mahmut Esat Ozan. A Turk is displeased, and Prof. Ozan's response has been included.

  A Concise Wrap-Up of Arguments Against the Armenian "Genocide"

Appropriately called "AN UNJUST TRIAL," put out by The Assembly of Turkish American Associations. An Armenian web site sniffs, "Turkish Lies," but the reader will be the judge, given the listed sources. The time is nearing when Armenians can no longer get away with making their familiar charges of "Lies," "Denialist," or "Revisionist." No, soon they will find themselves with the unpleasant reality of needing to furnish REAL facts, if they can find them.

The Destruction of Ottoman Erzurum by Armenians

A 2002 conference by Prof. McCarthy lays on the line the dynamics behind the disintegration of relations between Turks & Armenians; the role of the Russians, the Dashnaks and Hunchaks. So many Armenians survived in Erzurum -- instead of being deported and killed, as Armenians claim -- they slaughtered that city's Muslims in 1918. And check out that powerful conclusion.

Realities Behind The Relocation

This .PDF file is from a Turkish source, which TAT has avoided for the most part... even though essays by Turkish scholars are usually documented thoroughly... as this excellent one by Yusuf Halacoglu. Citing actual ciphered telegrams, we can zero in on what really took place behind the "deportations." The Ottomans showed great care and sensitivity toward the Armenians, under the circumstances, and yet all of this genuine archival evidence is still being ignored. How very... evil.

"Armenian Rebellion"

"There is a huge body of historical literature concerning the 'Armenian genocide' that maintains that the Young Turks, in particular Enver, Talat, and Cemal, intentionally sought to exterminate the Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Empire." begins this excerpted chapter from Edward J. Erickson's 2001 work, "Ordered to Die: A History of the Ottoman Army in the First World War."

Secret Treaties to Dismember the Ottoman Empire

The biased King-Crane Commission gives us a good understanding on how the imperialistic Allied nations colluded in sharing the spoils of the Turkish nation; it would be helpful to find justification to administer such a harsh penalty... such as helping the Armenians to revolt and to create propaganda to demonize the Turks once counter-measures would be taken.

Ottoman Army Report on the Armenian Revolt

An internal Ottoman military communication detailing the workings of the Dashnaks' treachery, showcasing cruelties against the Muslim population, desertion of Ottoman-Armenian troops to the Russian enemy, and an attempt to cover-up the traitorous acts with the help of the Armenian Patriarch.


Exodus of Christians from Anatolia

Why are there few Christians in Turkey today? According to the Armenians, they were "annihilated"; the Greeks love to scream "genocide" of the Pontus. Is that what happened? Or did they fire the first shot, slice and dice innocent Turks, and when the tables turned say, "Feet, do yo' stuff"? There were various reasons, but we can get the main idea from Prof. Stanford Shaw's excellent "The Armenian Legion and Its Destruction of the Armenian Community in Cilicia."

How do Turks Fit in "The Story of Mankind"?

Treatment of the Turks from a typical history book from the "genocide" era; Henrik Willem van Loon's award-winning work from 1921.

Armenian Rebel: Gevorg Chavush

An Armenian source confirms one of their heroes as leading an "organized armed rebellion," during a period when Armenian propaganda has always told us the Armenians were merely innocent bystanders.

Mim Kemal Oke's "The Armenian Question, 1914-1923"

A great account getting into many of the intrigues involved, as the poor Armenians got tricked once again by their pal, the Russians. Come 1915, these pals would restrict the Armenians no end.

The Raid on the Ottoman Bank

The 1896 takeover of the Ottoman Bank by Armenian Dashnak terrorists, creating a model for future terrorist raids. Aside from being the first Christian nation on earth, this episode constituted a lesser-known Armenian first.

The 518,000 Turkish Victims of Armenians

There were Armenian victims, but many are statistics exaggerated by dishonest parties, with no documentation to provide proof. Meanwhile, the half-million Turks who died at the hands of Armenians have been documented, but the world still ignores them. This page also gets into Lord Bryce and the tainted sources of his infamous Blue Book.

Armenian Patriarchs

If ever there was a force eager to present a distorted picture to the world, it was these religious holy men, who felt no compunction in going to bed with the murderous terrorists behind their cause. We take a look at a few of them and expose their "un-Christian" lack of honesty and integrity.

Armenian Rebels — Effects & Consequences

In a dynamic new presentation, Prof. Justin McCarthy outlines the immense damage caused by 50,000 Ottoman-Armenians who treacherously fought against the country in which the Armenians had prospered for centuries. He also touches on scholarship vs. propaganda, in his inimitable style.

French Historian Gilles Veinstein on the Massacres

The brave monsieur took on the unpopular view in his Armenian-batty country. No "denial" of massacres, just that there was no systematic extermination policy... backed up by solid sources. Some letters follow; of course, the historian was viciously attacked. This is a very poor translation of the original French article; buyer beware.

General Harbord Meets Ataturk

Ataturk confidante Kilic Ali Pasha gives his perspective on the meeting. The American general witnesses firsthand the devastation caused by the Armenians. Armenians document the violence perpetrated upon the Armenians by fellow Armenians, and one of the moral Armenians on the scene lets the general know of the dishonesty of his Armenian-American translators. She becomes part of his entourage, as a result.

The May 2, 1915 Telegram Leading to Relocation

Deceptive Armenian propaganda tells us the plan for extermination had been in the works for a long time... some go far as to tell us there was a "Wannsee" type conference in mid-1914. But what really led to the relocation decision? A document proves resettlement wasn't being considered even during the Armenians' April 24 "Date of Doom."

Armenians Fighting on the Side of the Allies

Straight from the pen of an Armenian historian! Vazkene Aykouni provides some interesting "facts," such as an old Armenian lady lamenting the fact that she can't give birth to more boys, in the crusade to kill Turks. He tells us there were over 250,000 Armenian fighters in all. In addition, there are testimonials from other observers shedding light on how Ottoman-Armenians (comprising the lot of them) betrayed their nation.

"A History of Armenia" Excerpts from 1958

Straight from the pen of another Armenian historian! According to Vahan M. Kurkjian, we can see an 1828 example of large-scale Armenian betrayal against their Ottoman nation, a major Armenian "deportation" under the Persians in the 17th century that is not called "genocide," the Turks had nothing to do with Armenia's decision to join the Soviets, and a 1921 mini-"genocide" of Armenians... by Armenians.

An Armenophile Exposes 1890s Armenian Propaganda

Richard Davey loved the Armenians. Yet he admirably did not accept what he called the "great Armenian horrors' boom" at face value. In excerpts from an 1895 article, Davey takes a look at some questionable facts and figures.

"Armenia's Services in the War"

A chapter from Avetoon Pesak Hacobian's 1918 puff piece, "Armenia and the War," is explored. The author was hoping to influence the victorious Allies at the Peace Conference. Let's see what he had to say about Armenian contributions to the war effort, which Armenian leaders of the period boastfully referred to as "belligerence."

The End of the Muslim Land and Cataclysm

The details on the catastrophic losses faced by Ottoman Muslims, courtesy of Prof. Justin McCarthy. Featuring "The End of the Muslim Land" from "Death and Exile," and "Cataclysm" from "Who Are the Turks." Five million exiled, and another 5.5 million killed in the century up till World War I's end... and the prejudiced Western world does not know or care.

Armenian Appointment in Ottoman Bank, Oct. 1915

An official and internal telegram related that the Ottoman Ministry of the Interior (Talat Pasha's hang-out) gave the okay for Armenians employed in the Ottoman Bank to be transferred to the Aleppo branch, five months after the order for relocation (or what pro-Armenians call "genocide"). The irony need not be elaborated upon.

Talat Pasha's "Black Covered Book"

Hurriyet, the Turkish newspaper, featured a series in 2005 regarding the discovery of Talat Pasha's "Black Book." The jury is still out on their validity, but there are increasing signs that the information within may be on the up and up.

Jemal Pasha: "Memoirs of a Turkish Statesman"

Jemal Pasha's memoirs were published in the West in 1922. Since he comes across as the most bland of the "Triumvirate," what a pleasant surprise to discover what an intelligent and educated man he was. He lays  real history on the line, and provides some important historical documentation, as the Russian "Orange Book." It's a pity this important resource has been ignored, but luckily, we now have the Internet. Take a look at what one of the "genocide villains" had to say.

German Witness Felix Guse: Armenian Uprising

A German chief of staff was on the scene, corroborating the treachery of the Armenians, not only in his memoirs, but in an article he had written, excerpts of which may be read here.

A Soviet-Armenian Historian: LALAYAN

An invaluable source! Some Soviet-Armenians didn't pull punches over the criminality of the Dashnaks, and a few of their dirty doings were exposed in A. Lalayan's 1936 writings. Significantly, Lalayan sheds light on the extermination efforts of the Armenians, during the infancy of their republic. If only current Armenian historians would have a fraction of Lalayan's integrity and sense of duty to tell truth.

Hrant Sarian's Diary: NO GENOCIDE

When he was 14, Hrant Sarian began to keep a diary, Anne Frank style, of his family's "genocide" ordeal. The difference between this work and much of "Armenian Oral History" recorded after the fact (or is it fiction?) is that this one appears to be on the level. See how time and again, straight from the record of an Armenian who was there, that there could have been no plan for extermination going on at the time.

Turkish POW Treatment by the British

We always hear about how British POWs were treated by the Turks. Here is a horrifying example of the reverse side of the coin.

Armenian Massacres: New Records Undercut Old Blame

Dr. Ed Erickson unearths amazing new information, in an article appearing in The Middle East Quarterly. Once again, Vahakn Dadrian's one-sided research gets blown away, once put under the microscope of genuine scholarship.

Why did Ottoman Armenians & Muslims Become Enemies?

It's not that "genocide" can exist in a vacuum, occurring for no rhyme or reason. Here, in an excerpt from Dr. Justin McCarthy's "Death and Exile," we get the real historical backdrop. Main culprit: the Russians.

Rebellious as Armenians: Ottoman KURDS

Were Turks and Kurds partners-in-crime against the Armenians? Not if the Kurds, or more appropriately Kurdish tribes, worked against the Turks every chance they got... sharing much in common with the Armenians.

Russian Archives "Prove": NO GENOCIDE

Young Turkish scholar Mehmet Perincek has dug inside the Russian archives to come up with objective documents fully supporting that the "Armenian genocide" is one big sham.


Jeremy Salt's "American Missionaries in Anatolia"

A wonderful article by Prof. Jeremy Salt examining the role of the missionaries, displaying the level of scholarship that is a foreign language to the genocide crowd..

"The Narrative Gap in Ottoman Armenian history"

Prof. Jeremy Salt offers yet another fabulous piece of professionally written history. This time, he points out where a few genocide scholars have gone wrong, in particular Dr. Robert Melson.


Armenian Documents Negating Genocide Claims

A bunch of times Armenians were caught on record with their proclamations and articles, spelling out their treachery, blowing the lid off their Myth of Innocence.

Resettlement of Ottoman Refugees

What is often forgotten in the racist "genocide" discussion is that all Ottomans were being moved around, not just the Armenians. In an excellent presentation by Prof. Stanford Shaw, we learn of the fate of these refugees, particularly in the postwar years.

Jeremy Salt's "Britain, the Armenian Question...1894-96"

In this superb 1990 work of scholarly excellence, Prof. Jeremy Salt takes a look at how the meddling and prejudice of Great Britain influenced Armenian events in the Ottoman Empire of the mid-1890s.

Army Commander's July 1915 Order to Protect Armenians

There were many internal military reports turning the genocide thesis on its ear.

New Research Refuting the "Armenian Genocide"

Some surprising takes from U.S. officials and missionaries of the period. ("Surprising" for most genocide advocates, anyway.)

Armenians in Ottoman Documents (1915-20)

These internal documents tell all; there could be no extermination policy when one order after another decreed the well-being of the Armenians who were forced to move out.

Russian/Bulgarian Extermination of Ottomans, 1877

It's pretty horrifying, the way the Russians and the Bulgarians conducted themselves in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. Impartial documents show the extent of their criminality, laying the blueprint for the Armenians' own exterminating misbehavior to come. The world still would prefer to talk about the Bulgarian "Horrors," instead.

The "Reformed" Arnold Toynbee on Turkish/Greek Myths

Arnold Toynbee got his act together and looked upon Turks as human beings, remembering what it means to be a historian. Excerpts from this 1922 Western Question in Greece and Turkey are featured, and his unshakeable Armenian views are analyzed.

Documents On Ottoman-Armenians, Volume I

Documents On Ottoman-Armenians, Volume II

Documents On Ottoman-Armenians, Volume III

Internal Ottoman reports, from the military end. They spell out: No genocide.

Archival Evidence for Armenian Massacres of Turks

Translation of a Turkish history book's chapter on Armenian ethnic cleansing of Ottomans, with archival evidence.

Greek Atrocities in Asia Minor, 1922

A 1922 Ottoman report outlining what the Allies called at the time the Greeks' "systematic plan of destruction," which some would term today as "genocide."

Gaston Gaillard's "The Turks and Europe" (1920)

French historian Gaillard told it like it is; and what he has to say falls perfectly in line with what might be called "Turkish propaganda," that is, the truth.

Archival Evidence for Armenian Massacres of Turks II

Translation of a Turkish history book's chapter on Armenian ethnic cleansing of Ottomans, with archival evidence.

Gwynne Dyer on Turkish "Nationalist" Officers, 1908-18

A real historian checks out the genuine events unfolding behind the scenes; the study is from 1973.


Allies Promise Istanbul to Russia in Early 1915

A book excerpt from Falsehood in War-Time (1928) reveals fascinating details on the secret treaties.


Armenian Rebellions at Sassun (1894 and 1904)

Cross-section of historical works looking at the Sassun events, including those of Guenter Lewy, Esat Uras and Christopher Walker.


Karabakh Facts by Thomas Goltz

With all the propaganda on both sides, it's hard to narrow down the facts. Ace journalist Thomas Goltz to the rescue.

"Armen Garo" Pasdermadjian's 1918 Book

The Dashnak terrorist thought he was helping Hai Tahd; here we are, many years later, and he has helped reveal the farce of the Armenians' Myth of Innocence.

Near East Relief Report from 1921-22

The Turk-disliking missionary, Rev. James Barton, had a major hand in the preparation of this report, tearing apart some of today's "genocide" claims.

Stanford Shaw on How Turks Retained Their Country

The late, great professor reveals fine facts from a 1998 lecture.


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