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 Some might have heard of the coined words "ethocide," by Ergun Kirlikovali... along with "genocide.com" and "poli-ethics" by Mahmut Ozan; here are some of my contributions to the lingo of Armenia-Mania:


1) The Armenian AND? Anthem

The Armenian AND? Anthem is named after a conversation between Professors Erich Feigl and Gerard Libaridian, as related in the former's foreword for THE MYTH OF TERROR, signifying how Armenians present their evidence with absolutely no respect for the true facts. The only sources to be valued are those of pro-Armenians, and everything else needs to have explanations provided to fog the truth, or to be discredited, in order to maintain the Armenian genocidal facade:

"…The Armenian view of history is for the most part shared by the public at large. That is no surprise, and it should not be taken as a reproach. Virtually all the information that we have concerning the tragic events of 1915 comes from Armenian sources or from others who know nothing - or at least pretend to know nothing - about the much greater suffering endured by the Moslems at the time. The available information also presents a very incomplete, one-sided view of the events leading up to the tragedy of 1915.

…I did, of course, also meet other people in the course of my research work. I especially recall Dr. Gerard Libaridian, the head of the Armenian Zorian Institute. I spent several hours with Dr. Libaridian in his office in Cambridge, Massachusetts and had an extremely interesting conversation with him. Dr. Libaridian is a brilliant man, bubbling with vitality, knowledge, talent, and self-confidence. One could write a very compelling play based on my conversation with him.

I kept notes of my host's most provocative statements in this fascinating discussion. Several times he mentioned the so-called "Andonian papers". In the early twenties, an Armenian by the name of Aram Andonian published a "collection of documents" (actually they were photographs of "documents"), which he presented as "proof" that the Ottoman government had planned the extermination of the Armenian people. Basically, these "documents" consisted of "orders" that could certainly be compared to the insane acts of a Hitler or Himmler.

Franz Werfel based his splendid novel, The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, entirely on these "extermination orders" of the Ottoman government. Of course, he originally did this in good faith, and when he found out that he had been taken in by a forgery, it was too late. Out of fear of Armenian reprisals, he did not even dare to publicly acknowledge his error.

Since it seemed reasonable to assume that Dr. Libaridian knew that the papers were forgeries, I did not want to waste a single word on the subject. There were so many other, more interesting things to talk about. But remarkably enough, he stuck with Aram Andonian's book, and its "documents". Finally I had to say, "But Doctor Libaridian, you know as well as I that these 'Andonian papers' are forgeries!" I will never forget Dr. Libaridian answer or his facial expression as he replied simply and briefly to my reproach:


… and I will never forget that answer. It was not even cold; it was casual, matter-of-fact reply to one who has long since found other strategies but does not even bother to clean house, since he knows that the old dirt can be swept under the rug of history and - who knows? - maybe someday it will come in handy again to help obscure the truth.

Armenians are known to try and discredit scholars who dispute Armenian claims by charging they are not "objective," and must be in the employ of the Turkish government. Although there is no conceivable reason why Austrian professor Erich Feigl should be similarly charged, you can bet Armenians will want to try and pooh-pooh him as well.  Any source even remotely out of line with the claims of the extensive genocide.com industry must immediately be discredited, which brings us to the following Armenian Term:

2) The Armeni-Lemming


In order to get to the meaning of The Armeni-Lemming, it would be helpful to recall these words written by Dr. Gwynne Dyer, from his 1976 article, Turkish 'Falsifiers' and Armenian 'Deceivers' (some quarters perhaps might recognize Dr. Dyer as not being "objective," and possibly in the employ of the Turkish government):

The deafening drumbeat of the propaganda, and the sheer lack of sophistication in argument which comes from preaching decade after decade to a convinced and emotionally committed audience, are the major handicaps of Armenian historiography of the diaspora today.

Unlike the unethical Armenian professor/scholar who knows the real truth but deliberately hides it, the Armeni-Lemming firmly and emotionally believes in the writings of pro-Armenians, disregarding everything else as lies or propaganda, even if the source should happen to be from genuinely neutral Western sources or even some Armenians. They have only one goal: to perpetuate the affirmation of their precious "genocide," so much a raison d'etre that out of the rich thousands-year history of the Armenian people, the April 24 "Date of Doom" has pathetically been selected as the overriding historical date to commemorate.

The intensity of dogma and zealotry in the mind of the typical Armeni-Lemming is to such a high degree, he or she would be incapable of conducting a scientific and dispassionate study of events…which is why honest debate would generally constitute an exercise in futility. Of course, not all Armenians are mindless drones… some are capable of overcoming the hatred too many Armenian parents instill in the hearts of their innocent children. These are too few and far between, and even those Armenians who fondly recall their connection with the old country, are afraid to step out of line by speaking publicly. (They know all too well the price that may be paid in the hands of the fanatics among them.) This is why the Armenians come across as monolithic a people as a people could possibly be. (The only way to increase the numbers of the non-lemmings is if the world at large comes to perceive the falseness of Armenian history… just as the world at large ultimately came to believe, despite long-running "cowboy and Indian" American history, that the Indians were hardly the exclusive savages as they were presented for the longest time.)


3) Peternocchio Balakian


PeternocchioPeternocchio Balakian is the generic term that may be applied to the pro-Armenian scholar who persists in presenting false or misrepresentative information as fact, calmly secure in the knowledge that lazy-thinking and/or bigoted Western people will automatically accept whatever is being presented as the truth. Some Peternocchio Balakians may be actual Armeni-Lemmings, genuinely believing that what they are saying is the truth, and everything else is a lie. However, it is to be assumed that since a Peternocchio Balakian has gotten into much more in-depth study than your typical Armeni-Lemming (who is content in mindlessly reading strictly pro-Armenian sources), a Peternocchio Balakian begins to understand the real truth, but does his or her best to cover things up… trying to detract from the wisdom of what an Armenian tells you is not as important as what an Armenian doesn't tell you. Since an Armeni-Lemming is simply and emotionally lost in the world of Armenia-Mania and generally cannot help him or herself, Peternocchio Balakians are assumed to know better and this is why they are guilty of committing first-degree ethocide.







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