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"One of the American authors that I was introduced to was the Pulitzer Prize winner William Saroyan, and I read avery book that he wrote, including one of his stories, Antranik of Armenia in 'Inhale and Exhale', A Collection of Short Stories, published in 1935 by Random House, pages 257-265. My first recommendation to would-be Armenian writers is to read the story Antranik of Armenia. You will learn that the enemy of the Armenians was the Russians, not the Turks, eloquently described in William Saroyan's short story. Russians, more than anyone, are responsible for what happened to the Armenians during and after the First World War, followed by the British and the French, as chronicled in many books, who gave false hopes to the Armenian separatists."

(Yuksel Oktay)


Armenian Scholars' Disregard for the Truth

What exactly is The Armenian AND? Anthem? Nothing less than the merry marching tune that ALL Armenians (and "Armenians" in non-Armenians' clothing) who profess to be professors devotedly follow... sadly forgetting it is the DUTY of scholars to open-mindedly weigh evidence from every corner. Followed by a look at the main officers of the Armenian Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  Bullied Historians  

Woe onto those brave scholars who dare to deviate from the Armenian Party Line... say anything less than the Armenian Genocide's being an "incontestable" fact, and risk the destruction of your reputation, your wealth, or even your very life itself.

The Discrediting of Dr. Heath Lowry

A disturbing case study of how the Armenian militia trained their heavy artillery on a brilliant scholar beloved by his students and respected by his non-Armenian peers; followed by a look at famous authors and other patsies who lent their reputations to the smear campaign, and to a separate Armenian proclamation.

Three Professors Attempt to Smear Heath Lowry

A triumvirate of non-Armenian Armenians, Roger W. Smith, Eric Markusen and Robert Jay Lifton, prepared a 1995 paper ironically entitled, "Professional Ethics and the Denial of Armenian Genocide." Let's take a look at their claims, research methods, and professional impartiality and ethics.

Statement of Sixty-nine U.S. Scholars

It's not just "The Turkish Government Says..." when the facts against the genocide myth are presented. Back in 1985, sixty-nine scholars told it like it is. I wonder how many scholars would be courageous to sign such a statement these days, since the passing generation has attested to the effects of Armenian fanatics, feverishly working to stifle academic debate in any dirty way possible. (Followed by a 2001 list of 124 Turkish academicians.)

Turkish Scholars Friendly to Genocide

Who are these Turkish Turncoats? It's only fitting anti-Turkish madness does not discriminate.... even some Turks suffer from the same malady. The one who broke the mold was Taner Akcam... a "visiting scholar" at Professor Papazian's university. Get the picture?

  Ottoman Archives are Fully open

Once Armenians realized the Ottoman Archives were not going to produce the sure-fire evidence they hungered for, it was their duty to discredit the archives... claiming sensitive information had been purged. Why do they conveniently forget that Armenian researchers had full access to every document at the time of the Malta Tribunal (for nearly two-and-a-half years) before anything had a chance of getting shredded... when Istanbul was occupied by the Allies?

A Tribute to Sam Weems

The character of the judge and D.A.—along with his book, ARMENIA: SECRETS OF A "CHRISTIAN" TERRORIST STATE — were viciously attacked by Armenians even before the book's publication, and even though the book was based in large part on the history of Richard Hovannisian. The devout Baptist was a gift to the Turks... which is why Armenians gleefully danced on his grave.

An Anatomy of a Hearing on the Alleged “Armenian Genocide”

The Armenian lobby planned to pass a resolution to include the "Genocide" in Wisconsin’s history schoolbooks; they failed miserably, unaware they would be called upon to provide what they fear most: EVIDENCE. "It was obvious from the expressions of horror on the faces of the Representatives that this was the first time that they had been given an opportunity to hear the Turkish side." For every success story, however, there are countless cases where Armenians succeed in influencing American Education

Taken to Court for Saying "No Genocide"  

A new tactic by Armenians is to harass those who oppose their views by taking them to court... in European countries that have enacted anti-racism laws stemming from the Holocaust. What an insidious way to try and stifle freedom of expression and debate. What are Armenians afraid of?

The Armenian Campaign to Prevent Turkish Studies at Universities 

A letter written by ATAA's Executive Director to The Los Angeles Times exposes the ugly ins and outs

Taner Akcam's Ethics as a Scholar

The Turkish Turncoat passes himself off as an expert on Ottoman Turkish, and people believe he can reliably translate old Ottoman documents. Think again; there are intricate nuances the Armenian-sponsored "visiting professor" cannot get a handle on, totally altering the meaning of such documents. The shoddy scholarship is exposed by Meltem Deniz.

What Can Be Done to Enhance the Image of Turks?

Professor Thomas Goodrich gives his advice.

Notes on Samuel Weems

Sam Weems' vision on American-Turkish cooperation, and the Ataturk Peace Institute; retraction(s) by the Arkansas newspaper that attempted to smear his name, which the Armenian Assembly of America made use of when they libeled Weems as a "convicted felon."

An Interview with Prof. Turkayya Ataov

A TAT exclusive! It's time to get to know the remarkable academician who has busted so many of the Armenians' hoaxes. And he's not just about the "genocide," like many of his counterparts' one-note careers.

Israel Charny's Efforts in Stifling Academic Debate
In 1990 Israel Charny and colleague Daphna Fromer put out a report on the 69 historians who signed their names to a 1985 declaration. His purpose was to discredit them, insinuating that their motive was financial reward from the Turkish government. Underhanded efforts as these succeeded brilliantly in frightening voices of historical opposition.

Taner Akcam and a Fellow Terrorist Exchange Views

Explosive! Akcam explains in an interview how his falling out with the PKK terrorist organization allowed him to become a marked man. Not to be outdone, the PKK leader (Abdullah "Apo" Ocalan) struck back, accusing his former terrorist colleague of ordering the murder of many. The reader is cautioned against accepting the word of a terrorist at face value. And this is precisely why the genocide-espousing word of an ex-terrorist like Taner Akcam must likewise be gingerly treated.

Fatma Muge Gocek: Responsible for the Armenians' Genocide
Fatma Muge Gocek is a sociologist who has become known as a "Turkish Scholar" much in line with the Armenians' claims. Her friend, Taner Akcam, whom she officially "sponsored" to enter the USA as a perpetual "visiting professor," has been hogging most of the spotlight as Turkish advocate for the Armenian cause. It's no fun to be left behind, and Prof. Gocek has been doing her share to get fingers pointed her way, as well. This page serves as one of those fingers.

Turkish Taxi Drivers and the "Genocide"

What would we do without Turkish cabbies, and their efforts to bridege the gaps of this purported genocide? We have a couple of encounters here, one with Anie Kalayjian, and the other with Elif Shafak. An open letter by Ferruh Demirmen examines the second.
Vahakn Dadrian's Secret 

Have you ever wondered why such a "renowned scholar" as Vahakn Dadrian does not operate from a prestigious university base, as do other activist colleagues such as Hovannisian, Papazian and Balakian? Even his lowly pupil, Taner Akcam, has a university position. These folks are giving the impression they are objective, honest scholars by associating with real universities, and you'd think Dadrian would be the first to practice a similar deception, instead of slumming at the propagandistic Zoryan Institute.

Impressed by an Honest Genocide Conference

A publication in Germany not known for Turk-friendliness sizes up a genocide conference held in Istanbul University, one that had the integrity to invite participants from both sides of the podium, and is impressed. What's needed are more open-minded Westerners who know how to separate real evidence from the fiction of the pro-Armenian claims.

Interview with Dr. Guenter Lewy

The author of ‘The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey: A Disputed Genocide’ is grilled; some enlightening questions and answers result.


1982 Genocide Debate: Libaridian vs. Kevenk
and also
Historic First Turk-Armenian Debate on Genocide

A look at the first debate, and also some background on the Libaridian-Kevenk confrontation from 1982.

Balakian & Hovannisian Gang Up on Lewy's Book

A review for Guenter Lewy's "The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey: A Disputed Genocide" reveals the book did not go over well with some Armenians.

Genocide Scholars Devalue Guenter Lewy's Book

Taner Akcam's review understandably hit hard Guenter Lewy's "The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey: A Disputed Genocide," examined in detail, and followed by responses by both parties. While Akcam's motives are obvious, how troubling that one who calls himself a "historian," Norman Naimark, would largely dismiss Lewy as well, in Naimark's own review.

House of Propaganda: The University of Minnesota

They support the CHGS and they support Taner Akcam — but do they support the truth?




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