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The 1923 Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni

There is no better source to invalidate the Armenian "Genocide" than that of the Armenians themselves... this one is particularly important, given that it was written by the first First Prime Minister of the independent Armenian Republic. No pseudo-scholar from the Armenian ranks would admit its existence, especially when the "militia" of the faithful has worked to eradicate the book from the world's libraries.

  The Turkish Myth

A devastating 1923 article from The Nation by Arthur Moss and Florence Gilliam which cites numerous Western sources as to who was behind the real crimes of the period.

A Viewpoint from Two College Educators

As usual, The New York Times chomped at the bits to yield generous space to the distorted views of an Armenian, back in 1985; a letter from two college educators set the record straight.

  Letter from Australian Ambassador P. F. Peters

Penned in 1994 by Australia's former ambassador to Ankara, Mr. P. F. Peters, as a response to an anti-Turkish letter published in the daily The Australian; bravo, Ambassador Peters, for masterfully and succinctly outlining the truth!

The Relocation Decision: Its Causes and Consequences

Excerpts from Professor Eric Feigl's book, "A Myth of Terror," outline what Talat Pasha actually wrote in his telegram of April 24th, remembered by the Armenians as the day their identity-affirming genocide began... even though orders for the relocation came months later. This page also examines Franz Werfel's The Forty Days of Musa Dagh.

A Russian Officer's diary: the Armenians' "Barbarous Cruelties"

Once Lt.-Col. Twerdokhleboff becomes a TRUE eyewitness to the "ghastly horrors" committed by the Armenians, he refers to unflattering Russian proverbs describing the Armenians, by his 1917-1918 account's end.

  The Exchange Between Admiral Bristol and Doctor Barton

The admiral-turned-ambassador wrote a from-the-heart, long 1921 letter to James Barton, who headed the Near East Relief. The exchange is powerfully revealing. Even Barton's undying devotion for the Armenians was beginning to show signs of coming apart at the seams, by this time. The end of this page features a closer look at the former missionary.

British Officer Captain C. B. Norman Unmasks the Armenians

"None of these (massacre) stories have been corroborated by a single European eye-witness"... a superb 1895 accounting of the behind-the-scenes operations and effects of Armenian terrorists, the roots of which went far far back, well before the events of the "Genocide."

  British Author C.F. Dixon-Johnson's "The Armenians," 1916 

A vitally invaluable source... especially coming from a national whose country was hell-bent in reducing the Ottoman Empire to nearly nothing. C. F. Dixon-Johnson's regard for the truth is inspiring, flying in the face of the official line of his nation, built on wartime lies and deception.

Angora and the Turks

"A spirited defense of the Turks against charge of atrocities," by Arthur Tremaine Chester, in a 1923 account that appeared in The New York Times Current History

Turkey Reinterpreted

U.S. Rear Admiral Colby M. Chester attempts to offset the mountain of hateful anti-Turkish hysteria by presenting a 1922 report, shedding light on "The Real Turk." Although his view was a mere drop against the existing tidal wave of propaganda, Admiral Chester came under vicious attack — two examples of which are included at page's bottom.

  An American Missionary Warns of Armenian Terrorism

Cyrus Hamlin gives his warning in "A Dangerous Movement Among the Armenians," which appeared in The Congregationalist, December 28, 1897; the co-founder of Robert College was no friend of the Turks.

The Turkish Tragedy

John Dewey was the writer of this 1928 piece, published in The New Republic; the American intellectual responsible for the library system's Dewey Decimal System runs contrary to the prevailing viewpoint, revealing such facts as "(The Armenians) burned at least a hundred Turkish villages and exterminated their population." He pleads: "It is at least time that Americans ceased to be deceived by propaganda ." Yep, Americans sure listened, all right.

 Turkish 'Falsifiers' and Armenian 'Deceivers'

Few examinations come across more even-handedly than Gwynne Dyer's, written in 1976. He tries so hard not to pick on the Armenians, but what could he do? Ignore the facts? Followed by Holdwater's reflections.

Turkey's Triumph

In this insightful 1999 report from The Wall Street Journal Europe, one is reminded of how no matter what Turkey does, the deeply-ingrained bias of the Western media will somehow manage to bring up ways to criticize the nation. 

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh

Professor Erich Feigl reveals in his book, "The Myth of Terror," how Franz Werfel knew that he had been taken in by forgeries, and did not possess the courage to undo the monumental libel he had committed... the effects of which can still be felt today. Followed by a brief report regarding what triggered Feigl to write his book.

  Captain Emory Niles and Mr. Arthur Sutherland

The two Americans investigated the situation in eastern Anatolia in 1919, in a mission sympathetic to the Armenians... looking to grant aid via the Near East Relief. Niles and Sutherland were unprepared for what they found, and their report was subsequently repressed.

Stirrings of Armenian Betrayal... in 1878

British Ambassador Layard wrote a revealing 1878 letter, aware of the Armenians' Method of Operation they would use so well at the outbreak of World War I: "The Armenians ... would appeal to Russia, and would not cease to agitate until they were annexed to her." Followed by Holdwater's Comments.

  Strategy to incite disorder to insure reprisals

William L. Langer elaborates on the Armenian M.O. for treachery from the late 19th Century, in his 1968 work, The Diplomacy of Imperialism.

A Russian General Examines Armenian Events, circa 1900

General Mayewski gives an excellent lowdown on how European powers planned to pick the "Sick Man of Europe" apart, one way by influencing the Armenians to rebel. Dr. Vahakn "Deceiver" Dadrian attempts to discredit the Russian's reports.

Pierre Loti's Les Massacres d'Arménie

Pierre Loti was one Westerner who got to know the Turks and liked what he saw. He offered his own take on the Armenians in this 1918 booklet.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnagtzoutiun) has nothing to do any more

The 1923 Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni, First Prime Minister of the Independent Armenian Republic, Edited by John Roy Carlson (Arthur A. Derounian); in its entirety.

"MEN ARE LIKE THAT" -- An Analysis

The rare 1926 book relating the memoirs of an Armenian officer, Ohanus Appressian, as he participated in the systematic destruction of "Tartar" Turks; one of the rare slip-ups in the monolithic Armenian genocide industry.

The Situation of the Armenians: By One Who was Among Them

Invaluable testimony by the rare Western eyewitness who was there, and saw what really took place. "Hardly any other Swede has had the opportunity like me, to thoroughly and closely study the misery among the Armenians," wrote H.J. Pravitz. The officer travelled up and down the Eurphrates in 1915, and sets the record straight on Armenian propaganda.

"The Armenians," by C.F. Dixon-Johnson (online book)

The incredible 1916 book is now online; written by a British war hero defending the enemy Turks in the middle of  WWI for no other reason than to tell the truth. The truth told is exactly in line with what propagandists today disparagingly refer to as what "The Turkish government says..." Dixon-Johnson had the very rare bead on what was really going on, much to his credit. Given there were few others like him then and now, he was an amazing man from the Western world.

A German Officer's "Genocide" Eyewitness Testimony
Lieutenant General Bronsart v. Schellendorf was the commander-in-chief of Turkish Land Forces — the highest-ranking German military officer in the Eastern Front and in a position to know. He was outraged at the kangaroo court proceedings of the Tehlirian trial, and by his own initiative, tried to set the historical record straight... for no other reason than to, as he wrote, "to help truth find its rightful place."

Dashnak Diaspora Domination Detailed by Derounian

Arthur (Arto) Derounian [John Roy Carlson] offers a fascinating expose on Dashnak infiltration into the United States after WWII. The sinister practices of the fanatical organization are spelled out, along with details on their collaboration with the Nazis. Wrote Carlson: "The ARF assumed the leadership by its more fanatic appeal, and its policy of liquidating by terror all opposition." These terrorists serve as the mainly unopposed voice for the Armenian Diaspora today.


Dr. Philip Mansel offers certain truths in these excerpts from his 1996 book. Some light is shed on Artin Pasha, president of the Armenian National Council.

Britain and  the Armenian Question

Excerpts from Akaby Nassibian's 1984 book are telling, particularly coming from the pen of an Armenian historian. The author details the essence of British propaganda, the false friendship of Russia, and other insights.

Turkey in Travail

Harold Armstrong was a POW of the Turks, and assistant to the British High Commissioner. In his 1925 book, where excerpts are provided, he seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. While supportive of his government's line on "genocide," practically everything Armstrong personally witnesses negates the possibility of a heartless extermination campaign.

"Protestant Diplomacy": Missionary Influence

Excerpts from
Joseph L. Grabill's 1971 book,
"PROTESTANT DIPLOMACY AND THE NEAR EAST: Missionary influence on American policy, 1810-1927"; some disturbing information arises, along with some of the typically propagandistic claims. The "do-it-yourself" diplomats surely wreaked havoc on peaceful relations within Ottoman society.

Mission Work Reports

"Armenian Affairs" gives us an idea of the Relief Work conducted by missionaries, through an article of Rev. Partridge. Despite the fact that he was a most ardent missionary, some interesting contradictions are at play with the typical genocide claims.

One Reason Why the West Dislikes the Turks

One picture truly is worth a thousand words. Hendrik Willem van Loon, the Dutch-American historian, provided a sketch in his "The Story of Mankind" (1921) that is quite revealing. The Euro-centric author was actually proud of Europe's nosing in.... but a few states resisted. Such resistance didn't help these few states win popularity contests.

Mary Graffam: Witness to "Genocide," or Suffering?

"No witness advocated Armenian independence more fervently than Mary Louise Graffam, wrote Richard Hovannisian in a chapter of "America and the Armenian Genocide of 1915." The daughter of America's librarian at the Library of Congress wrote a loving biography. But she was a missionary! Also included is a loving piece written by her brother-in-law, the Reverend Partridge, appearing in "Armenian Affairs," in addition to some "Oral History" by Alice Tashjian. Let's analyze what the good Christian woman had to say, and how reliable was her testimony.

An Armenian Grandmother Vouches for the Turks

Kasebian had personally witnessed the relocation of Armenians from the war zone of Eastern Turkey. She had gone through the same marches as others had done. The only difference between her account and others' was something called the truth. Appearing in a Lebanese magazine, Meraat Al Khaleej, this is a Mahmut Ozan essay; due to the historical importance, the page has been placed here.

National Geographic Magazine Excerpts

A few revealing insights from excerpts going back to 1909. The 1912 piece was written by Chester Colby, and the third by Hester Donaldson Jenkins appeared in the latter part of 1915... providing a saner account than the hysterics usually present in the American press of that period.

1955 Anti-Greek Riots in Istanbul

I often encounter references to the 1955 riots against Greek-Turks living in Istanbul, as evidence of how barbaric modern Turkey can be. But were these government-sponsored, or were they just... riots? Let's see what TIME Magazine reported.

Mark Prentiss on the Psychology of Turk-Atrocity Stories

A rare article written by the honest American engineer, called "Actualities at Smyrna," appearing in the 1924 Atlantic Monthly. Prentiss describes how otherwise honorable "good Christians" were behind false atrocity stories, not necessarily because they were lying... but because their brains had been washed by so much anti-Turkish propaganda.

C. F. Dixon-Johnson: Letters

The author of 1916's "The Armenians" possessed the integrity and sense of fairness to defend the image of the badly maligned Turks in the coming years. This page features some of the letters Dixon-Johnson penned for The Times of London.

Armenian and Western Post War Armenian Statistics

This page features highly important information, going to the crux of whether there could have been a genocide. We begin with the details of the Patriarch's 1921 report, testifying 644,900 Ottoman-Armenians remained. An analysis follows. There is a worldwide Armenian count from 1922, and a British look at the number of Ottoman-Armenians in 1919. U.S. Consul Jackson's 1916 report of how many Armenians were relocated is also included.

Articles from The Times of London

Interesting Turk and Armenian related articles from The Times of London.


Letters from The Times of London

Sometimes the fairest and most truthful information from non-Turks about Turks would appear on the LETTERS page of Turk-unfriendly newspapers such as The Times of London.

Replacing One Monster with Another

They were on the Ottomans' back with false genocide charges, meanwhile uttering not a word of protest as the Russians persecuted their Jews. The British had to take the heat off their Russian ally's monstrosity, and what better way than to allow the Terrible Turk to become the new monster? Featuring a 1915 report from a Minnesotan newspaper.

Turk Hating Newspaper Confirms: ARMENIAN REVOLT

"ARMENIANS ARE BLAMED" shrieked the headline of the rare newspaper in the United States, actually considering the other side of the coin. Naturally, the consideration occurred while reinforcing the typical anti-Turkish propaganda; a few other reports are examined from the same paper, to get an idea of where its heart really lay.

The Complete Katchaznouni Manifesto

The 1955 release of Hovhannes Katchaznouni's 1923 manifesto, as provided by Arthur Derounian's Armenian Information Service, was a condensed version. Here at last is the complete version of what Armenia's first prime minister said, destroying many claims of the unscrupulous genocide advocates. Includes a valuable introduction with new information from the Russian archives.

Toynbee's "Nationality and the War" (1915)

This book was probably written by Arnold Toynbee before he hooked up with Wellington House and officially lied for His Majesty's Government. Yet the propaganda is so thick, one can't be certain. See Toynbee determine how much land the "dumb" Turks should be left with. The main reason why this work has been sought was to corroborate Toynbee's pre-war Ottoman population figures. At the time, Toynbee felt there were only around one million Ottoman-Armenians, a conclusion he would double the following year.

Sir Mark Sykes: "Dar-ul-Islam"

Armenophile Christopher Walker thinks of Sir Mark Sykes as a snob, but man! Did he have the number of the people living in some regions of the Ottoman Empire. Read of the intrigues of the Zeitounli Armenians, and how "Terrible" the Turks really were. Followed by a gallery of stills, and excerpts from his 1923 biography, Mark Sykes: His Life and Letters.

Atrocity Propaganda, 1914-1919

Historian James Morgan Read provides a good understanding of the deceit behind World War I propaganda in his 1941 book. Unfortunately, he is one of those many Westerners looking upon Turks as half-humans, and generally applies a different set of rules to the Armeno-Turkish equation.

"Empires of the Sand"

The 1994 book features some interesting historical perspectives, on events leading up to and including World War I, from the Ottomans' end. Written by Efraim & Inari Karsh.

"Turkish Sketches" by Rafael de Nogales

General de Nogales provides terrific enlightenment regarding the Turkish character and battle conditions, from his 1932 book, "Memoirs of a Soldier of Fortune."

Rare Westerner Comparing "Evils" By and Against Turks (1878)

Nails it on the head. It's not that British consular official Edmund Calvert didn't criticize the Turks. But once the situation changed, and the Turks' enemies had the upper hand, he wrote in a letter that the Turks were comparatively "purity" itself.


Seeds of Treachery: The Tsar Promises Support

An Ottoman-Armenian religious leader promises his people's support to his nation's archenemy, all the way back in 1879; straight from the horse's mouth. A British Consul from 1869 describes with great accuracy the intrigues that were fast changing the Armenians' status as the "Loyal Nation." Other valuable accounts instructing us how "1915" really happened.

An Austrian Eyewitness: Dr. Stephan Steiner

Steiner (a.k.a. "Eshnanie") was a 1918 witness to the horrendous crimes committed by Armenians upon the defenseless Ottoman-Muslim population. He wrote a marvelous 1920 article in a Dutch newspaper that is reproduced here, revealing his anti-Turkish prejudices, but honorably realizing that there are "two sides to every truth."

The Armenians and the Porte (1891)

This is an amazing article written by S. G. W. Benjamin, with a view of the world that was exceptionally on the button. He was fair enough not to lose sight of universal realities, as well as pay attention to the real facts, without letting his prejudices get the better of him; a voice in the wilderness for his time and, sadly, even for our times.

Missionary Cyrus Hamlin Lashes Out

Cyrus Hamlin got mad and wasn't going to take it any more. when he came across the rare testimony defending the Turks, and calling the Armenians on their underhanded tactics. No different than most of his missionary ilk, Hamlin spiraled down the depths of hatred and deception; an analysis follows the newspaper article.

The "Schizophrenic"  N. Y. Times & the 1895 Armenian Riot

The New York Times provided its typically absurd atrocity tales originating from Armenians, while covering the Istanbul "Babiali" demonstration... slipping even here, as far as who was at fault. On the same page, however, the newspaper (to its credit) presented a long look at the Armenians' mischief, casting doubt on the validity of the initial presentation! Followed by the history of these events, excerpted from "The Armenian File."


Armenians in the News

Newspapers articles on our favorite topic. The 1800s. The 1900s. The 1910s. And the rest. There is also a page in this section that covers the rare "Pro-Turk" news.

Post War Pleas from Ottoman Leaders

They tried to do what they could to save their devastated nation; their pleas fell on deaf ears.

The N. Y. Times Allows a Rare "Pro-Turk" View in 1895

The correspondent lays it on the line regarding the lack of trust with Armenians, backed up by testimonies of Cyrus Hamlin and an A.P. writer.

Biased Newspaper Makes Clear: Armenian "REVOLT"

The Dallas News was behind this article relating that the city of Van was free at last. In so doing, they did not hide the events for what they were: a rebellion.

Dr. Nicolas Politis, 1914: "Greece and the Ottoman Empire"

Venizelos' foreign minister, Prof. Politis, treats the Ottoman Empire somewhat fairly while building up Greece, in this 1914 article from the French publication, La Revue Politique Internationale.

"Foreign Affairs" Examines the Sèvres Treaty in 1920

Five articles reproduced from the relatively open-minded British publication, exposing the disgust the Brits were feeling with Lloyd George's dishonesty, and also shedding light on the pressure of Indian subjects to get the Brits to remember their honor.

Marmaduke Pickthall

Marmaduke Pickthall was the uncommon Westerner who knew the truth of matters Turkish. Articles relating to this remarkable man pepper this page, including "Massacres and the Turks: The Other Side."


Armenian Terrorists Gunning for American Missionaries

Sometimes these madmen would actually target their greatest friends and frequent co-conspirators, the fanatical missionaries.

N. Y. Times, 1895: Turks Need Protection from Armenians

While the prejudiced world saw the mid-1890s events as the Turks' foaming at the mouths to kill, Ottoman Muslims were marked for murder from what the West perceived as innocent victims, the Armenians.


A British MP's Fair Look at Turkey and the EU

It's rare, but when it happens, how highly refreshing. Conservative British MP Dan Hannan takes an objective look at the status of Turkey and the Turks. Propagandists would be quick to charge such honesty as being "pro-Turk," but as honorable folks know, it's really "pro-Truth."

Swedish Explorer Sven Hedin on the Armenians

Dr. Sven Hedin was an explorer of Asia; he happened to be in the neighborhood of Armenians forced to move, in 1916. This genuine and impartial Western eyewitness knew the real scoop, and he spells it out in these excerpts from his 1917 book. The treachery of the Armenians and the falseness of Lord Bryce's assertions are focused upon.

A French Newspaper Honestly Looks at Armenians (1895)

Perhaps the only time in the Western press when Armenians were pictorially depicted as committing massacres. And it's actually from a French newspaper!

Newspaper Articles Blow the Lid Off Armenian Propaganda

Check out the claims of Armenian propaganda shattering, via this honest article appearing in The Washington Herald. Persecuted Armenians? No way! Exaggerated atrocity stories? You bet! Unfair taxation? Not in the least. (The Armenians paid only a buck to get out of military service!) Another article follows.


Dashnaks Threaten European Ambassadors in 1897

 Two newspaper articles from The Liverpool Courier further expose the threatening ways of our favorite terrorists.

"Prentiss Blames Armenians For Firing City of Smyrna"

Forget Marjorie Housepian's "Smyrna" propaganda; this is the real deal, from an honest eyewitness and investigator.


H. F. D. Lynch's "Armenia" Reviewed, 1901

The numbers man from the 19th century sheds much light; then there is a look at Armenia's ancient history.

Examining a 1914 News Item: "Armenians Aid Russians"

A newspaper account on Armenians helping the Russians battle the Turks; put in historical perspective.

Armenian Propagandist Stresses Armenian Belligerence

Arshag Mahdesian cuts to the chase, explaining who was responsible for victories against their own Ottoman homeland.

A Rare 1915 News Account Gets the Armenians Right!

This one is for the books. It is amazing such a truthful article appeared in the bigoted Western press.

One Ottoman-Armenian's Path to Treachery

General Azgapetian spills the beans on how he and several hundred Armenians crossed over to the Russians, in this newspaper account.

Woodrow Wilson, Rabbi Wise & the Armenian Mandate

If Rabbi Wise is to be believed, President Wilson surely could not stand  the Turks. From The New York Times.

Rare N.Y. Times Armenian Truth and Inevitable Rep-Lie

Simply unbelievable that there was a writer astute enough to report Armenian truth, and even more striking that the report appeared in The New York Times. Followed by a generous "Rep-Lie" by an Armenian reader, along with analysis.


An Honest Clergyman on the Armenians

The Reverend J.A. Zahm called the Armenians as he saw them; from his 1922 book, "From Berlin to Bagdad and Babylon."


Conditions of the W.W.I Russo-Turkish Front

The highly pro-Armenian eyewitness, Dr. Charles Ezra Beury, made some otherwise interesting observations in his 1918 book, "Russia After the Revolution."

“The New Age” Magazine on the Ottoman-Armenians

Amazing articles from key principals in one of Great Britain's most intellectual publications demonstrating the validity of what is often referred to as "Turkish propaganda."

C. F. Dixon-Johnson's "The Greeks in Asia Minor"

The British author documents the "systematic" atrocities and attempt at "extermination" that the run-amok invading Greeks were perpetrating from 1919 on, and right under the noses of Western observers.

Lt. Dunn's "World Alive" Documents Armenian Atrocities

U.S. Intelligence officer, Lt. Dunn, provides a valuable and rare account of the extermination strategies of the Armenians, under Dro's command.


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