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Human Rights Scapegoat: Turkey

It's peculiar why out of all the nations of the world that far from treat people with kid gloves, Turkey always gets picked on. Professor Mahmut Ozan provides an enlightening look at the causes, in his commentary entitled, "The World According to 'Human Rights Brokers' and The Error of the Terror-Watchers"; two other viewpoints are included.

 Inventing history for political ends: N.Y. Governor George Pataki

American politicians are not the only ones in the world kowtowing to ethnic groups, but some sure have perfected the art of it; at the top of this heap could well be Holdwater's own Governor Pataki... who far from represents Holdwater. George Pataki has not yet made up his mind whose butts he enjoys kissing more... Armenians, or Greeks. Reactions, including one from Professor Mahmut Ozan.

The "Genocide Resolution" in America Almost Passes 

It's the one where testimony was heard from Justin McCarthy, and two other non-Armenian professors, but in Armenians' clothing: Roger Smith & Robert Melson. Three American newspaper accounts shed illuminating light on what the dirty, behind-the-scenes shenanigans really entailed... mainly, the saving of the political neck of one immature U.S. Republican, who had never travelled outside his country (save for a trip to ARMENIA)!

Behind-the-Scenes: 1987 European Parliament Resolution

Yet another account, this time from a Turkish diplomat who participated, shedding illuminating light on the dirty, behind-the-scenes shenanigans... the Armenian diaspora holding the strings, the Greeks looking to denigrate, and the French wallowing in their blind, anti-Turkish prejudice along with their obsequiousness to the Armenians.

Conspiracy of Greece and Greek Cyprus to Use the E.U.

Now why do you suppose it has been widely accepted that Turkey aggressively "invaded" Cyprus? It is because most journalists and historians lack integrity and objectivity, while presenting a picture differing from the facts. Here, a true historian, Prof. Pierre Oberling, examines the realities and present-day repercussions. We are told why the E.U. might be open to the admission of a state that isn't even in Europe. His warnings went unheeded; the admission of Greek Cyprus would already prove a done deal.

Kaloogian: Using Sneaky Dashnak Tricks for Political Ends

Howard Kaloogian was caught with a photographic lie in early 2006, by online sleuths. But that marked only the tip of the iceberg for the dishonest archconservative political candidate from California. He has been caught with lie after lie after lie! Some might say his Dashnak talents have provided him with a good foundation for the Art of the Deceit. Kaloogian, of course, is also an "Armenian Genocide" activist of the first order.

Armenian Ethnic Lobbies: "Divided They Conquer"

In her academic paper, Heather S. Gregg did a marvelous job in analyzing the "behind-the-scenes" of the Armenians' "Secret Society." What is taking precedence in the genocide equation, the truth... or power. pressure and politics? Even though the author got a good idea of the slippery goings-on, evidently she still opts to give weight to the genocide thesis.

The First Anti-Turkish Defamation Lawsuit

It regarded "Midnight Express," back in 1985. Let's hope there are more of these lawsuits.

Examination of the 2007 Armenian Genocide Res. 106

The genocide forces, with the help of their congressional lackeys, are gearing up for another of their resolutions. Has anyone really examined what these things say? It's no surprise to find propaganda, but the extent of such over-the-top propaganda is truly startling. They must be awfully confident to not tone some of these claims down.


The Swiss Trial of Dogu Perincek

The Turkish politician braved the waters of prejudice by challenging genocide notions in Switzerland; it was a lost cause.

The Efforts of Two Armenian-Partisan U.S. Congressmen

Reps. Frank Pallone and Adam Schiff evidently make little effort to disguise the degree to which they have sold out in support of the Armenian Cause.


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