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You are a braver man than me. Or at least you have more time to read hate mail. My mother would kill me if I set up a website like this, or at least she would sit around crying all day, waiting for me to be bombed by ASALA or something.

Anyway, your site is very well done; we should get the Turkish-American associations to launch a campaign to get Google to direct the inquiry "Armenian Genocide" to your site, in some small way this might help educate people.

I had planned to be an Ottoman scholar, but was disuaded by my
mother, who said she would sit around all day crying waiting for me to be bombed by ASALA. Sigh. Anyway, if there's anything I can do to help, let me know.



Jan, 5, 2004



Thank you very much for your kind letter, John.

That is the problem... there is an immense void of information explaining the counter-perspective on this topic. However, I'm not as brave as you say... otherwise I'd be revealing my real name!

And if you want to be a scholar, I think you should go ahead with it... you sound like a very bright man, and I doubt the Armenians would go after you (I don't believe ASALA is that active; the latest terror campaign lies in attempting to ruin peoples' reputations, run by "legitimate" Armenian organizations and individuals) -- unless you make a specific point of strictly speaking about the "genocide." There's a lot more to being an Ottoman scholar than this historic area.

My very best to you,


Jan. 14, 2004

Effect of Propaganda on American Education


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for making this greatly needed website. I like how you present the information in a straight forward way. I am a grad student that constantly faces challenges in school due to the delicate situation between Turkiye and the Armenian "genocide".

Last year, one of my classes was held in an Armenian church where they dedicated a room to the "genocide". They had a very articulate speaker who is a Professor at NYU (ironically, he teaches Ottoman history at NYU, go figure). By the end of his speech, he had my class and professor believing everything he said. Of course, I got very frustrated and I approached him after class and told him that I didn't think he was fair in his presentation. He basically tried to give me facts about the Ottomans and even stated that pan Turkism was very strong at that time and that it led to the genocide. He mentioned Enver Pasha and others. Then he gave me his email and said that I can contact him with any questions and that I am free to visit the genocide library anytime. This was the first time I was put in this type of situtation. I knew that the Armenians were active in spreading the genocide idea but I was never in the position where I had to address it personally. Anyway, long story short, I told the professor who took my class on this trip if I can write a paper on the other side of the so called genocide and she said that I wouldn't be allowed to because as a historian one has to be objective. I asked her if the Armenian professor and arguments were objective and she basically said that they were the accepted argument by many and that some Turks (scholars, university students in Turkey and other countries) are accepting the genocide and blame the Turkish gov't. for 1 sided facts. She suggested that I read a paper on the "Armenian genocide" by Fatma Muge Gocek, a Turkish scholar at Michigan State Univ. I read her paper and was appalled of what she had to say. She basically suggested that the genocide did happen and that there is a silent majority in Turkey who are educated and are silenced on this subject or choose not to speak due to fear of what the gov't. and public in Turkey will say.

Anyway, since I was not allowed to write a paper and make a presentation on the other side to the so called genocide, I decided to write about the Turkish diaspora and wrote about how Turks migrated from all over Russia, Asia and Europe and what the reasons were. I figured at least this way, I can show under what conditions and circumstances Turks had to leave the countries they had lived for in hundreds of years. Complaining a higher authority in my school was not an option to me since most people are not educated in this issue and will most likely side with a professor who has tenure. I felt it would get me nowhere. 

It's hard to explain to others about the facts when you are limited with sources and people think that since I am a Turk, I am automatically siding with my government. I think that the ATAA need to be a stronger tool for Turkish citizens to use. The Armenians have speakers, museums, libraries in their churches that teach the "genocide" to an average of 3-5 university classes per week. They have succeeded in building good relations with schools and their professors who choose to make a class trip to the Armenian church. I hope that in the near future, Turks can also form stronger organizations that do similar grass roots efforts. Also, We need more websites like yours. A lot of students look to the internet when doing research. 

Thank you for making this website. It was refreshing to see it.

(name withheld)

Dec. 24, 2003



I was very interested in reading your experience. Isn't this horribly frustrating? The one-sided propaganda has been so deeply worked into peoples' consciousness, people who ought to know better... such as "historians," whose duty is to get at the truth... cannot even open up their minds.


A Scarred Armenian-Turkish Lady Reflects on "Genocide"

Hello dear friend of Turks,

First of all, I congratulate you for your honorable struggle you have carried on for many years in behalf of Turkey. Also I ask you to accept my endless thanks on behalf of me and my family. As the Turkish society, unfortunately we can't find any time to think about our real problems according to living in the imaginary spotlights. I guess this is the reason why people don't seem to be interested in your endeavor. I myself sent this email I received (regarding a piece about the TAT site circulating in the Turkish press Holdwater)  to everybody in my contact list and to Yahoogroups which has about 1,000,000 members including me from all around the world. I hope it helps. For many years the claims of the alleged Armenian genocide has been disturbing me so much as a patriot and a grandson of a soldier. I also thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my protests. I would like to end my letter with telling one of my memories from childhood many years ago: I was 13-14 years old; there was an Armenian family, our neighbors from our summerhouse. We liked each other very much. They were like us as much as a Turkish family, and sincere. For many years we lived as neighbors full of happy and joyful memories.

One day, we were going to the sea with their mother who was pretty old that time. The answer she gave me when I asked her about the scars I saw on her body which I couldn't dare ask before showed clearly how right your struggle was. "They are bayonet scars." She said. "Who did it?" I asked. "The Turks did." she replied. "You mean Turks tried to kill you?" I asked with astonishment and horror. "Yes," she said. "I was 16, we were living in Kayseri; and however we were Armenians, our homeland is Turkey, and we always saw ourselves as Turks and Turks did so too. We lived together for many years, we laughed together, we cried together. But the Armenians showed so much of animosity, persecuted them so badly...One day Turks felt they had enough. Ungrateful, the Armenians are; they forgot the good deeds of this country to them, they betrayed her. They burned houses, destroyed many families, cut many Turks alive. And our Turks punished them thoroughly; I was just accidentally in the ones who got punished." "All right," I said. "But didn't you and your family feel so hostile to the Turks after this incident?"

"Why should we?" she said. "The ones who caused these aren't Turks, they are Armenians. They started them all. Our country is Turkey, and we will die as Turks." I remember this conversation word by word after 30 years, because there were these claims in that time too, and after this I never believed those lies of Armenians. I am sure if she was alive; Aunt Vartuyi would tell all this to whole world one day without hesitating. But unfortunately, she lived as a downright Turk just like she said, and passed away many years ago. But I haven't ever forgotten either her or the things she told me. I won't

Arsel Erginbas, May 25, 2006

(Translation thanks to Damla Ozdemir. [Original Turkish])

On Taner Akcam's Psyche


I find Taner Akcams' obsession with your identity a bit bizarre.Being a so-called Scholar that he thinks he is, why is finding out who you are or thinks he knows who you are play such a significant role in his life. And saying things like, I too have become Holdwaters target..bla,bla,bla.. I'm curious about this mans' psyche, he seems to have a low self esteem and a demand for attention. His ideas are distorted and the work he's written, which I've read very little of simply does not make sense to me. I am certain of one thing. He seems to really "get off" by the notoriety the Armenians have given him for siding with the Armenian Propoganda.

Maybe he was deprived or neglected by the Turks in his life when he was growing up, Something has turned him against the Turkish people and just Turkey in general, and brought him to be the kind of man he is today. Something has .....damaged his brain and soul.

No doubt he must squeel in pleasure when seeing the posts the Armenians are putting up titled, I HAVE EXPOSED HOLDWATER! A man such as this, which is a poor excuse of a man, will say and do anything to be heard. He is a dangerous man.

I am new to your site and have written to you once before. I'm a Turkish-American woman and not a member of any Turkish organization or party. I prefer to work alone and am involved in working towards bringing the truth forward regarding the Armenian allegations. 

With Regards,

October 29, 2007

Unfortunately, Tulay/TZN's e-mail address was inactive (that's what people get when they use Hotmail) by the time I could get around to handling the mail, and my reply to her was returned. I might have told her that her points regarding Akcam's need for attention and being a dangerous man were seconded by none other than Akcam's one-time PKK boss, Abdullah Ocalan.

From a Sergeant

Mr. Holdwater,

I just want you to know that I like your website. What I like about it the most is that it is balance. You don't make either side angels or demons. The Armenian tale reminds me of the Trail of Tears (Cherokee and other eastern Indians being move to Oklahoma in the 1800's) Either where planned to be genocide but the "victims" of both have made genocide claims.

C. Branton
U.S. Military
February 3, 2008

Two Enlightening Ones from Ufuk, One Year Apart:
"We Turks are a Little Stupid"


By a quincidence I found your website.I lived in toronto/canada (between 1999-2003)until then I didnt know anything about armenians and genocide story..I was born and raised in Istanbul..In my childhood there was many armenians living around us in our neighbourhood.I had a couple of armenian friends..When I was a child I was always thinking about their names.Because their names were different from my name and other kids..But my family never ever talked about them or we or other people never treated them differently..Really...I am now 30 years old. I was about 23-25 years old when I lived in canada.I saw half of the world. Right now I am living in Ashgabat/Turkmenistan since 4 years,and hopefully this august I am going to move to Kaliningrad/russia for business..

After some info about myself ,what I mean is when I was living in toronto I was disturbed about all the propogandas I was seeing on tv. Because until then, I didnt know what armenians wanted from us. Almost everyday there was something bad on tv about Turks or Turkey..I lived there for four years and I swear even once I heard nothing good about Turks on TV. (especially from B.B.C news channel)

Many times I saw that armenians renting the channels for 24 hours and making propoganda all day.inviting actors like john voigt ,selling their books on tv or explaning how turks murdered 1.5 million armenians..I was shocked...Armenians were always trying to connect their genocide with jewish genocide or other genocides to make it more acceptable. Then I started to read about it, and the more I read the more I understood.Then for many years I fought with armenians and greeks over the internet..If you ask me we Turks are a little stupid..Many time I asked my Turkish friends in canada to do something. I asked my friends who had knowledge about website designing,HTML etc. to open up a website to defend ourselfs ,they didnt care..For many Turks football is more important than so-called armenian genocide claims..

I guess this is what we are. They dont care until it touches them. Turks really dont hate anybody.We have very short memory.We are forgetting easily what they did to us in the past.I saw many countries in the world but I never saw Turks united or organized and doing some activities against armenians or greeks. So I thank you sincerely. Please keep it up your good work. Please make more advertisement of your website..If I can do anything I am ready to help. You can always get in touch with me through this adress.I am sorry for my bad english but I hope you understand me.

Thank you very much

Ufuk Kocer

April 8, 2007 


"Turks should wake up"

Well holdwater. You replied to me after 6 months..This is a bit too much delay and have no use of talking if it is gonna take another 6 months for you to reply..Because I kinda forget the subject and what we are talkin about. I am living now in Kaliningrad/Russia..I will live here until 2010 then move to Berlin where my house is.I am 31 years old and I am living abroad since 15 years.I always tried to be a good example for my country and tried to change the mind of biggot and prejudiced people who thinks really stupid things about Turkey. I dont care much anymore. I am kinda tired and also fed up. For 5 years (96-2001) I lived in toronto/canada where I heard first time about "armenian genocide" and decided to do something about it. Turks there didnt help me at all because Galatasaray-Besiktas (Turkish soccer teams Holdwater) match was more important for them. I was about 22 years old and opened a website and put lots of photos on it. Got lots of insults from armenians and greeks. Later I went to Turkmenistan and wasnt able to take care of that site so it died.

My wife is a high level of German diplomat. I am a businessman who have investments in central asian countries like Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan..Since my wife is a diplomat I come across with real biggot and prejudiced people and sometime I am having chance to explain our views to German or other diplomats. I invited many diplomats to Turkey for holiday and hosted them in my house and showed the real face of Turkey and its people. I believe I did and doing my part as a citizen. So why should I do more for the people who wants to watch a stupid football match instead of helping me doing something about it. At the end I am not only Turkish citizen. As far as I see Turks doesnt care about this genocide subject. Only in the last minute they try to do something, sitting and crying etc..So since I see that, I am thinking that I woudnt be the one who is going to save the Turkish state (alone) or people..Because this is a case where Turks should be united and defend their rights together. Otherwise I think we will lose the case. Soon america will recognize this and other countries will follow it too. So it is a lost case for us..People like you and your efforts only delaying that recognition but it will happen soon or later. There is a kurdish and cyprus problem too..Turks should wake up. Otherwise we are going to lose all this 3 case..In cyprus whole world seeing us as invaders,there is a kurdish state right there near us which is not declared officially..Do you see my point? Our embassies doesnt defend Turkish citizens and its rights as germans or americans. I think Turkish government should do more instead of being lazy.

I can speak Russian moderate level.I have translators for translation stuff. I can speak english, german and Turkmen language. Even Turkmens believing that we made a genocide..They grow up with Russian education though but seeing them thinking like that is just hurting.

Anyway again I am sorry for misunderstanding. That website of yours was posted on another website's forum (which i dont remember where) saying that you are screwing the Turkish government by opening a fake anti genocide website and I admit that I send you an e mail without reading it that website properly.

Since you are in this genocide subject please give them the hell before it gets recognized.


Ufuk Kocer
April 2, 2008


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