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Every Turk I have ever come across in my entire life, or had the misfortune of working with has tried to rip me off, harm my job, family or wellbeing in some manner or another, not to mention step on my toes every possible chance. I am sorry I do not agree with your website. These are a ‘species’ capable of asking for 32 billion dollars from the one country with the balls enough to take on the scum of the earth. These so called ‘people’ want 32 billion dollars so we can put our forces on there bare ass desert land protect planet earth from possible nuclear devastation, and we cannot do it without paying them. Talk about greed. What so everyone can run around in a Mercedes and an X5. Give me a break, pal.

Yeah I cant wait until they are in charge.

Jesse (withheld)

Nov. 17, 2003




Your website not only offends the dignity of Armenians, but Jews as well. Have some decency.


Oct. 31, 2003



Dear Adam,

Thank you for writing. It would be helpful for you to be specific as to what bothered you, so that I could send you a proper response.

My purpose is not to offend anybody. My purpose is to find and tell the truth. If this is your purpose as well, all we need to concern ourselves with are the impartial and genuine facts. Heaven knows the dignity of the Turks has been repeatedly and severely compromised, through the telling of near-unilaterally presented propaganda for a century and longer. So let's straighten out whether we are genuinely interested in the truth, before we opine on matters of decency.



Nov. 1, 2003

From Natalie, with Love


I am an Armenian born in America. My parents were raised in America. I am proud to say that I am happy that we dont convert to "AMERICANS" we preserve our culture and RELIGION. Why should I? Afterall after I receive my degree I'm going to live in Armenia. I am very offended by your remarks. You made one good move, didn't expose your identity, because I guarantee you, you would have been tortured and killed. I hate turks, I will always hate turks, I will teach my children to teach their children to hate turks. I will get along with those that hate turks. And if you even start with it being the past, and not present day turks being part of the genocide I will shoot right back with they are the ones denying it today. I mean why wouldn't you want to accept it? Who would tell their children they massacred Armenians? It's like a parent raising their children with the teaching that killing people are ok. So that's why your ignorant and uneducated turks (dont even deserved to be capitalized) deny the genocide. If someone were to put you and I in a room all alone, I guarantee you, you wouldn't be out of there alive. I have so much VALID hatred towards you turks. Don't envy our race along with the Greeks. For your inhuman actions you turks shouldn't be living. It bothers me a lot knowing I breath the same air you turks do, I feel dirty. I encourage all ARMENIANS to hate turks because they are worthless people that are just a waste of space on the world. Get your facts right then make up a website trying to make yourself feel better. I mean honestly, unless you are being paid, what person would sit there and make that comprehensive website? How do you know Armenians fired the first shot? If you knew anything about the genocide you would know the Armenians knew nothing about it. It came out of no where, the turks (oh how I hate saying that stupid races name) started to kill all our politicals and intellectutals so the common people wouldn't know what was happening and why we were being taken to different places. I can go on and on about this and make a big website like you did. I hope all turkish people suffer a very tragic and brutal death and I also hope the same for you. Feel free to email me back at (withheld)@AOL.COM yes that is an Armenian word, I'm PROUDLY preserving my culture.
With much hate against you and your people,

Jan. 26, 2004



Dear Holdwater, the manner this website is formed is unprofessional, and is prepared in an immature manner. Your arguments are completely one sided, while you complain about "Armenian one sidedness". You are a hypocrite, and should open your eyes and see the whole picture for yourself. Many of the scholars you mention have actually looked at both sides, and there is no debate to the issue, the Armenian genocide happened. It is the Turkish Government and people like you who have to answer the Armenian's questions, which are completely disregarded and not answered by the Turkish Govrnenment and people making websites like yours. Maybe this routes from Turkey itself who has the highest number of prisoners for thought crimes... I feel sorry for you that you have not been educated about this subject properly, i suggest you look into the other side. I know this e-mail will probably be disregarded, and won't be changing any of the ways you think, but sad to say it really does not matter what you think, the Armenians are slowly getting the justice they rightfully deserve, and the Turkish government can not hide behind world powers any longer to back up their revisionism of an event that indubitably occured.

Rob T

Dec. 1, 2003



Dear Rob,

Thank you for your letter; I apologize for my delay in responding.

I'm sorry you found the TAT web site I prepared to be "unprofessional, and ...prepared in an immature manner." I did the best I could; regardless, it's only the facts we should need to be concerned with, and not the style.

However, I must disagree with you that the presented arguments are one sided. Quite the contrary, my purpose was to take the best of the genocidal evidence offered by the pro-Armenian perspective, and to not hide anything. This is in stark contrast to how the Armenian perspective is usually presented, where what we are being told is not as important as what we're not being told. My eyes were wide open when I researched this matter, and I have a crystal clear idea of what the "whole picture" is. If you are referring to the Armenian scholars that I have criticized, I strongly disagree that the scholars have "looked at both sides"; actually, what makes them false scholars is that many have looked at both sides, but only tell you the information which affirms the Armenian "Genocide," discounting the voluminous, impartial evidence that states otherwise. The duty of a true scholar is to neutrally look at all sides of the issue... and this is why those such as Vahakn Dadrian can better be described as prosecutors, instead of professors.


I get the feeling you did not look around my site carefully, as I imagine you got disgusted much too soon. As you charge me with hypocrisy, it would only have been hypocritical for me (while proclaiming the importance of truth), to avoid the "proof" from the Armenian perspective. In other words, I did not say to myself, oh, no. Here's something I cannot explain that points to actual genocide... I had better "hide" it. That's not what Balakian did (in "The Burning Tigris"), as one among many Armenian "scholars." For example, he only spoke of Armenian massacres of Turks in a paragraph or two, and only in cases after 1918... and only in the sense of justified action, that the Turks deserved what they got. Peternocchio Balakian is a more fitting name for such a would-be historian.

If you had carefully looked around the TAT site, you could see the Western (i.e., almost always pro-Armenian) evidence I used to back up my position... along with not covering up anything from the pro-Armenians. I don't understand why you would object, if you are also interested in the truth. It's not like I was opining from thin air.

Did you object because you cannot acknowledge genuinely objective sources? I believe the more pertinent question isn't whether I have an open mind... but whether you do.


...Armenians can typically use whatever "facts" that strike their fancy, with no regard to the truth.

Take a look at your own wild claim: "Turkey... has the highest number of prisoners for thought crimes." Really? Where did you come up with this information?

In other words, you have concrete evidence that Turkey is more Orwellian than, say, China or North Korea. That's interesting, because if we take the example of Freedom of Speech regarding the Armenian "Genocide," Taner Akcam was on Turkish television a couple of years ago, offering the Armenian standpoint as the good foot soldier he is... and Levon Marashlian has had a Turkish-written book on the subject for a good several years. On the other hand, a country we would take as more democratic, France, brought Bernard Lewis to trial a few years back, for daring to suggest there was no genocide.


I hope you will believe me in at least one thing: I don't care what the Turkish government says. (I don't know why you're bringing up the Turkish government... do you think I'm their representative? I suppose you do suspect that, as you've written, "Maybe this (site) routes from Turkey itself."  I hope you're not so brainwashed as to believe it's only the Turkish government that believes there was no genocide.) Furthermore, I don't care what anybody says, as I only have myself to answer to. Therefore, I make up my own mind, since I believe the truth supersedes all... including tribal loyalties. You see, we are all human beings. If we can put aside our ethnic orientations for a moment, we must ask ourselves: how else are we to be judged as humans, if we are not without honor, and principle?



Dec. 12, 2003


I found this quote on your site who ever you might be:

"(A quick disclaimer: When "Armenians," "Greeks," and others are criticized on this site, that of course does not mean ALL Armenians and Greeks follow tainted principles; such is the danger of generalizing, and let's not lose sight of the fact that those of the Orthodox belief are beautiful people, with more in common with the Turks than differences. Each individual must be evaluated for him or herself, and to do otherwise would be nothing less than racist. In the case of the Armenians, we can only wish they wouldn't be such a single-willed monolithic people all the time, and the ones of integrity should speak up when they encounter dishonorable facts and practices used all too freely by their own; silence can mean compliance.)"

LOL...this statement backfires right at you, when I read Samuel Weems comments about the Armenians. Calling the whole Armenian race as thiefes and deadbeats and classifying the whole race as liers or calling them other names is totally the opposite to the disclaimer that you have. Your site instead of portraying the truth creates racial hatred and creates racial generalizations, which is all against the ideas on which the United States was found on, if you live in this country. Including Samuel Weems in your site, makes your site nothing but a hate site towards Armenians. This is not a hate mail, I am just expressing my opinion and telling you that you can prove something without racial hate and discrimination. You show no real proof on your web site and only show some irrelevant quotes from racist people like Mr. Weems. Anyways, take care.


 Jan 7, 2004



Thanks for your letter, Levon.

The fact of the matter is, when I meet an Armenian, the first feelings that emerge are ones of warmth and brotherliness. There is certainly no hatred in my heart toward the Armenians... FAR from it. What I hate is the extreme, one-sided, distorted perspective the Armenians present. As Justin McCarthy wrote (to paraphrase): "Any civil war, including ours, will appear as a genocide when only one side of the story is told."

When I reviewed my own writings, I didn't like the way some statements were made of necessity, such as Armenians being guilty of a certain mode of behavior. Of course, not all Armenians think alike... this is why I added the disclaimer that caused you to LOL. Fine. However, whereas many individual Armenians may privately disagree with the typically hysterical and emotional history that is presented, I only know of ONE who has dared to PUBLICLY disagree. Silence connotes acceptance, and this is why Armenians behave as monolithic a people as a people can possibly be. Therefore, when I make general statements critical of Armenians, my conscience is clear.

And if you think Sam Weems hated the Armenians for making general statements, I would disagree. From his style, I believe he had nothing but Christian love for all fellow human beings. (Why would he have grown to hate Armenians, living in Arkansas? What he grew to hate was Armenian deception, the same as I.)

Such charges of "racism" or "hatred" are a smokescreen argumentative tactic. If you don't agree that my site portrays the truth... citing sources that are mostly Western (really, pro-Armenian) or even Armenian, with no reason to lie (while sources Armenians cite would have had plenty of reason for conflict-of-interest.... the missionaries, Bryce, Morgenthau and the like)... then I would advise you to scientifically examine what is being said. Instead of going after peoples' character, another time-honored Armenian tactic.

That is, if you are a genuine truth-seeker of honor, capable of independent thought... and not a "my people, right or wrong" Armeni-Lemming.



Jan. 14, 2004


A Reverend Protests

Hello Holdwater,

Why don't you do something productive with your life and tear down your web site, "Tall Armenian Tale." You are like Sisyphus who struggles and struggles to push the rock up the hill, only to have it fall down again. The Armenian Genocide is a historical fact. I know it. The Turks know it. Thousands of academic scholars know it. And I think that deep down in your heart, you know it also. It is only fear that prevents you from admitting it.

You claim that you are not obsessed with the Armenian Genocide, yet you devote countless hours, no doubt, researching it to find any possibility of doubt that can be brought to any aspect of it. This is not academic scholarship. It is neurosis. You claim that you don't hate Armenians, yet every other sentence you write is filled with lies and is hate-filled.

I am telling you this for your own good. You are obviously not a happy person, but a frustrated misanthrope who will be forever doomed to misery if you continue spreading your lies. Only the truth will set you free!

Free yourself and tear down your web site.


The Reverend Dr. Gary Shahinian
March 3, 2007

Well, the letters section of this page has surely been much neglected, but I decided to dust it off to make the above addition. I don't wish to embarrass Rev. Shahinian, but I thought it was important to demonstrate how the "trickle-down" theory of genocide hatred operates here.

After composing my reply, I ran a search to learn more about Rev. Shahinian, and my best guess is that he operates the Park Congregational Church in Worcester, Massachusetts. I have learned he is for Darwin ("[O]ne doesn't have to choose EITHER God OR evolution. A person of faith can believe in both"), so already he has my respect. Yet even a clergyman with the ability to inject rationality in his religious belief loses total reason when it comes to the "genocide." For example, I can see he participated in an April 24, 2006 genocide bash (as outlined in an April 25 forum entry entitled "News of the community of Worcester. Posted by Louise Kiffer"), where we are told there was "stronger" participation this year in their "fight for for the truth" (as "everywhere these Turks are virulent"), with a candlelight procession for "1.5 miles for 1.5 million Martyrs," escorted by the police force, and where 400-450 were finally seated in the church, to worship what may be called the genocide religion, listening, for example, to high school essays regarding "The Armenian Genocide, What It Means to Me."

Imagine the harm as such "genocide affirmation" keeps getting stamped into the minds of the hopelessly hoodwinked faithful, particularly in a church setting. This is a potent example of how the real hatred keeps getting perpetuated, again and again. The message that keeps getting reinforced in these minds is, woe is us! We are all poor, innocent victims, and the one thread causing our misery are these horrible Turkish people who must forever earn our contempt. Jesus would surely not have approved. My response to the reverend may be [Read Here].


Why a turk motherfucker killed Hrand Dink? Why we want to recognize (all the armenians in the world) the genocide
if there was no any one? are we assholes?
ms.holdwater, or mr. I don't know it very well...have you problems with alcohol?
you must see a video that show AZERI (or turk) soldiers destroying armenian crosses.
a lot of PHOTOS of victims of the genocide.
3)Be a fucked shit
4)LEARN HISTORY --> 1)Change

Greetings for the Gul Community

Erik Vardanyan, April 24, 2007


Ignorance is your way of life...your stupidity and ignorance will naturally end when you leave this earth - at least at that point your lies won't further damage any misguided people that you come across.

There's just no point in trying to give you a glimpse of the truth.  It
would require you to actually have an open mind and an open heart, instead of spitefully partaking in the activities you choose to - inciting hatred, racism, discrimination, and the denial of genocide against the Armenian people.

Your parents shouldn't be proud of you, because they have only raised a young Hitler or a young Talaat Pasha, unintentionally of course.  Your indecent pride only further tarnishes Turkish consciousness, and builds on the idea that humanity is much too weak and self-serving to deserve its existence.

Your new enemy,

Sictirci Pesevenk
April 25, 2007



"I hate turks"

I hate turks

You people are nothing but pigs, donkeys, dogs and homosexuals.

I yearn for the destruction of your piss pot country and long to take a shit on Ataturk.

I cannot wait for the day when we can tear down your mosques and shit in them.

I cannot wait to call Istanbul by its rightful name once more, Constantinople.

I fucking hate you, your people, your children and all who even begin to like you and I will teach my children and their children to hate you and your scum people.

I wish pain, destruction and death on your miserable stinking race.

Burn in hell you pig eating CUNT!

November 16, 2007


From a Turk Hating Muslim Caucasian

Hi !

in your website in this adress http://www.tallarmeniantale.com/media-movies.htm

you said Avarian Hero "Hadji Murad" is turk... Can you say me who are turks ?

First learn who are they ! and so write true things ! we are not turk , we are humen !


i am Caucasian Avar , yes we all Avars ! Our historical - political warlords like "imam shamil" - "hadji murad"... and others not turk ! they are Avars !

And the other way , turks are mongolian "yellow skin - slanting eyes" nation !

We the Avars are white caucasian people !

Turks say "...Avar empire was turk... huns were turk..." lie and lie... fuck your animal turks, fuck their "slanting" stories...

Huns... yes in Hunnic army , Huns appointed lots of mongol tribes to war , but commanders were everytime "Arian Huns"! Lots of Goth - visigoth - german tribes were in Hun armies , they were appointed too , but a german never says "huns are german..."

but turkish liars can say , because they want to feel like us - like a human...

but liar animals cant feel like human ! turks are turks and a turk can be only a liar dog !

So search "Caucasian Avars" & "Arian huns"... etc... learn who is Hadji Murad ! learn who are Avars ! hey guy , we are humen - not turk !

AVARS ARE AVARS ! WE ARE WHiTE CAUCASiAN PEOPLE ! damn your mongolian animals , turks want to create a history for their degenerate animal semihumankind !

"ANADOLU" will turn to "OLD ANATOLiA" - your mongol turks will turn their asian animal brothers side - to the mongolia !

and if you are a turk ! that time its for you !

Avar Abrek
May 7, 2008

Et tu, Brute?

I appreciated the letter above, much as its hateful tone took me by surprise; I confess I was wholly ignorant of the Avars, and I learned something new. As Mr. Abrek added insulting lines in Turkish at the end of his letter, I suspect he is a descendant of the 45,000 Avars (as one web source put it) who fled Russian persecution and who settled in the safe refuge of the Ottoman Empire. Perhaps he was exposed to enough ding-a-ling and chauvinistic Turks while he was growing up, which inflamed his nationalistic feelings. Yet the degree of his animosity is still startling, and by using the familiar "Mongol Turks" put-down, as well as his penchant for seeing Turks as less than human, no doubt Mr. Abrek could emerge as the apple of the eye of too many "Aryan" Armenians.





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